What to Put Pizza on in Oven for Perfect Baking

what to put pizza on in oven

If you want a perfectly baked pizza, you must know what to put the pizza on. Knowing the right way to bake pizza in the oven can be tedious, but we’re here to help you through it all. Starting with the thawing process, baking the pizza in the oven, and laying out the toppings – … Read more

Brooklyn Style Pizza: A Pizza That Stands Out

brooklyn style

Many generations have made pizza, one of our favorite casual foods. One of the people’s favorites is Brooklyn-style pizza, now sold at various outlets. So, what is Brooklyn-style pizza, and what’s the hype around it? Brooklyn-style pizza is a classic, New York-style pizza with a thinner and crispier crust and various toppings. The most common … Read more

Who Makes Kraus Faucets- Amazing Makers of an Amazing Brand!

Who Makes Kraus Faucets

Kraus faucets are some of the most highly recommended models available today, and there’s a good reason for that. Having one of the most solid reputations in the industry, it’s not uncommon to see homeowners and top-level restaurants installing Kraus faucets on their premises. But who makes Kraus faucets?   Masco Corporation, one of the world’s … Read more

Who Makes Delta Faucets?- All That You Need to Know

who makes delta faucets

Are you in the market for the new bathroom or kitchen fixtures? You might be considering Delta Faucets, which are known as one of the top brands of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures on the market today. The company produces everything from kitchen faucets to shower heads to bathtubs and more. But who makes Delta … Read more

Can You Eat Prosciutto With White Mold on It?

Can You Eat Mold on Cured Meat

Poker night is pizza night, and this time it was prosciutto. However, when I got prosciutto for pizza, there was white mold on it. I wonder if my prosciutto is bad. What causes this mold? Is it safe to eat white mold on prosciutto? The answer is yes. Eating prosciutto with molds on it is … Read more

Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio- All You Might Ask About It!

Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio

Our anniversary is near, and I plan to surprise my boyfriend with his favorite dish – venison summer sausage. I am all set with the ingredients and equipment; however, I am toning and froing with one – how much pork should I use?  So, what’s the correct calculation – “the venison summer sausage pork ratio?”  … Read more

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