How Incomplete Is Your Pizza Without Oregano?

Do You Put Oregano On Pizza

A classic Margherita pizza looks irresistible with basil leaves on top. But what about oregano? In most cases, we think of these two herbs as counterparts. So, how compatible is oregano with pizza? Do you have to put oregano on pizza? Oregano is mostly an optional seasoning for pizzas. It offers not only a unique … Read more

7 Super Two-Toppings Pizza You Must Try!

best two topping pizza

Hey! Are you in a party mood and going to order pizza? But before placing the order, you should know the best two-topping pizza combinations to please your palate. 7 best two-topping pizzas you must try are- Besides, some favorite toppings are spinach, tomato, jalapeno, etc. But it all depends on your taste buds. This … Read more

Differences Between Pizza Flour and Bread Flour

Pizza Flour Vs. Bread Flour

Various brands of pizza flour vary in protein content, water absorption rate, and grind size. A flour with a high protein content is ideal for use in a wood-fired oven, while one with a lower protein content is better suited for pizza baking in a conventional oven. You may wonder what the differences between bread … Read more

Can You Add Ketchup to Your Pizza? Check It Out

Ketchup on Pizza

If you want to be less stressed, eat some pizza – it tastes like paradise. Now, while making pizza, I always wonder if I can use ketchup instead of pizza sauce. Or if I can eat pizza with ketchup. After all, pizza sauce and ketchup have similar core ingredients – tomatoes. Can you use ketchup … Read more

Can Canola Oil Work Well for Pizza Doughs?

Canola Oil For Pizza Dough

Yeast, sugar, salt, and flour – you have all your ingredients for a pizza. But hardly anyone remembers about oil, which can make a major change to your dough. For some reason, adding oil has become optional. However, oil can easily become the star of your pizza by enhancing flavor and texture. Now, which oil … Read more

Camp Chef vs Lodge: Which One to Choose? The Battle Ends Today

Camp Chef Vs. Lodge

Camp Chef has made quite a name for manufacturing quality kitchen equipment on a budget. Meanwhile, the Lodge products are expensive, but the brand ensures top-notch quality. So, when camping, which product should you choose – Camp chef vs. Lodge. Camp Chef vs. Lodge – though both offer the same service, they have a few … Read more

How to Seal Mason Jars With Alcohol in Them

How to Seal Mason Jars With Alcohol in Them

Sometimes, we want to gift our friends and family members a holiday present. But end up not knowing what to give them. A common yet nice gift can be infused liquors. They are simple to create and decorate. This is exactly why I wanted to give one to my sister’s family. This leads me to … Read more

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