Pesto Pizza Toppings That Will Blow Your Mind

best pesto pizza toppings

Pesto pizza is, hands down, one of my favorite types of pizza to make at home. It’s quick and easy, and you can use many variations on the sauce and toppings, depending on your mood. With so many pesto pizza topping combinations to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. You could always … Read more

The Best Way to Preserve Tomato Sauce for Pizzas

how long does vacuum sealed tomato sauce last

A pantry without tomato sauce – you must be kidding! Tomato sauce is something that can’t be absent from the pantry. If you are a sauce lover, you will probably need gallons of sauce to survive. It won’t help you to save some cost. Perhaps vacuum sealing can solve your problem. What is it, you … Read more

Chicago Pizza: A Delicious Pie for You

chicago style pizza resembles a pie

When is a pizza not enough? Well, if it’s not thick enough! But Chicago has fulfilled our cravings by introducing a pizza that is easily a tavern pie. It’s so rich and big you can’t have enough, more like having a savory pie on a plate. So, does Chicago-style pizza resembles a pie? A Chicago-style … Read more

Does Oil Evaporate: Know Your Answer

Does Oil Evaporate

Yesterday, I was making the crispy in that hot, boggling oil when a question hit me hard. Does oil evaporate like water when you heat it? Oil usually does not evaporate like water. However, it may eventually evaporate due to high temperature and dry air. In addition, if you keep the heating oil wait long … Read more

What Makes A Pizza Oven Different From A Regular Oven? 

how is a pizza oven different from a regular oven

Last week, I cooked pepperoni pizza, and everyone loved it. Well, rather than using regular ovens, I used pizza ovens to make my pizza; therefore, one of my friends asked me, “how do pizza ovens differ from regular ovens?” Regular ovens have a temperature set at 450–500 degrees Fahrenheit, while pizza ovens typically reach temperatures … Read more

How to Define the Heavenly Aroma of Pizzas?

what does pizza smell like

Do you know what the most challenging thing to do is? – defining the smell of an alluring food like pizza! When we smell the fresh aroma of pizzas, homemade or delivery, we hardly think of describing it. All that matters is to grab a slice and indulge in the goodness. Have you ever wondered … Read more

Can You Use a Plastic Bag for Pizza Dough?

pizza dough plastic bag

How to make pizza-making more effective? Plastic bag it is! Take a bag out to make your pizzas, or store them for the long term for later use. Either way, you are getting your pizza in the most convenient method. You can’t imagine how much a plastic bag can do for your pizza, especially if … Read more

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