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I am Jeni Morgan. I’mthe person for all articles on Massoninyc.com – a blogger specializing in the field of food, cooking, restaurants, and sharing recipes for everyone.

Here, you will find interesting knowledge and experiences about cooking that you may have never known. Moreover, I will be the one to share with you cooking methods so that you can enjoy the perfect flavor of the food.

This site is more than just a place for me to share recipes. I also help you by sharing cooking tips. You will find answers to your questions. For example, “can you freeze papa murphy’s pizza?” or any other questions during the cooking process. To make it easier for you to find information, our experts will have separate categories for home cooking and restaurant cooking. 

Why can you trust me among thousands of different pieces of information on the internet? Because the information I share is not just my personal experience. I also consult and get opinions from my colleagues in the same field so that the information I share is extremely rich and completely factual.

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