Is Sushi Rice the Same as Arborio? – Finally Answered

Is Sushi Rice The Same As Arborio

Visiting my local supermarket, I often noticed sushi and arborio rice being kept in the same aisle. It made me wonder, is sushi rice the same as arborio rice? No, they are different in properties. Sushi rice is Japanese short grain rice, whereas arborio rice is a thicker, slightly oval-shaped rice. Sushi rice gets sticky … Read more

Is Ground Pork the Same as Breakfast Sausage

is ground pork the same as breakfast sausage

I am a heavy meat eater, and pork is one of my favorite types of meat. As unhealthy as it may be, I love eating ground pork for breakfast, whereas my wife loves sausages. But, one fine morning, she asked me, “is ground pork the same as breakfast sausage?” Ground pork and breakfast sausages are … Read more

How to Store Deer Summer Sausage to Enjoy Them Longer?

How To Store Deer Summer Sausage

Do you love deer summer sausage? Well, who doesn’t? But have you ever thought about how long you could enjoy the precious and delicious deer sausage? While making deer summer sausage has changed over time, the basic procedure remains the same. However, their storage has changed, thanks to technology, which allows you to enjoy them … Read more

Does Vinegar Stop Fermentation? – You Need to Know

Does Vinegar Stop Fermentation

If you ask me about pickles, I have all the answers ready. However, fermentation – it’s a whole new world to me! So, when I start fermenting for the first time, vinegar is the first thing that puts me on the fence. So, the obvious questions were – can I use vinegar? Does vinegar stop … Read more