Manitoba Flour in the Pizza Dough! Is It Possible?

manitoba flour pizza

Do you know that the most important part of a pizza is the crust, the quality of which is dependent on the pizza dough?  Well, to the extent of almost 80%, the quality of the dough determines whether your pizza will be perfect or not. Yes, if you make the best dough, your pizza will … Read more

Pizza Rossa- An Unusual Pizza Recipe for You

Pizza Rossa

Romans are famous for many things: the city, the language, and the pizza. However, Italy is not limited to a Margherita only; there have been a lot of new creations. For instance, pizza Rossa. The sauce-on-bread look may raise doubt about the taste and flavor of traditional pizza, but this unique pizza is rich, tasty, … Read more

How to Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like Delivery?

how to make frozen pizza taste like delivery

It’s almost midnight, and I love to enjoy pizza at this time.  And then I remember that I have a frozen pizza in the fridge, so I am planning on cooking my frozen pizza now. A question, however, crosses my mind: how to make frozen pizza taste like delivery? Well, making frozen pizza taste like … Read more

7 Baking Stone Substitutes – You Must Try!

baking stone alternative

Baking stone, by which you can make your pizza as crispy as you want. But what if you don’t have baking stones nearby? Thus, you must be aware of the best 7 substitutes for baking stones, all of which will definitely lead to better solutions. Here are the 7 best baking stone substitutes: Therefore, you … Read more

What Does Pizza Look Like in Italy? [Naple’s Perspective]

Every county has its unique recipe for cooking pizza. Hence the taste and appearance of a pizza vary in different countries. However, authentic pizza made in Italy looks different from what we usually eat. Surprised, huh? So what does pizza look like in Italy? The genuine Neapolitan Italian pizza seems much different. While most pizzas … Read more

10 Pizza Toppings for Kids [Nutritious and Healthy]

pizza toppings for kids

Pizza is one of those foods that kids can have as much as they want. It’s always fun to create pizza toppings that make it healthy too. Pizza toppings can be the difference between healthy and junk food, especially when it comes to kids’ meals.  For example, adding veggies to their favorite foods can be … Read more