Blue Mother F’er Drink Recipe: Things You Should Consider

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Are you looking for a relaxed and refreshing drink recipe this summer? Do you also like Vodka and add a hint of blue Curacao?

I promise you will love the Blue mother f’er drink recipe from the first try.

Let’s find out more about this beautiful drink recipe.

What is the Blue mother f’er drink recipe?

What is the Blue mother f'er drink recipe

As the name suggests, the Blue mother f’er drink recipe is a drink with a very eye-catching blue color.

The unique feature is that the color comes from a combination of delicious and quite famous wines such as rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Blue Curaçao.

Compared to a standard cocktail, this drink has a stronger concentration. But also because of that, it makes the drinker feel more passionate and excited.

Not only at house parties, but the Blue mother f’er drink recipe is also often present at celebrations, birthday parties, class meetings, and festivals.

How much time does it take to make this recipe at home? 

How much time does it take to make this recipe at home

Making a Blue mother f’er drink recipe is not difficult. You can ultimately create this delicious drink at home.

Double-checking the list of necessary ingredients and a recipe book is enough to complete your process.

I spent about 20 minutes reading the instructions and preparing some necessary tools.

It will be a little tricky at first. But it didn’t take long for me to memorize the formula and gain more experience. 

After only about 2-3 attempts of doing it myself, I noticed that my brewing speed dropped to less than half of what it was at the beginning.

That’s why I believe very quickly you will know about this Blue mother f’er drink recipe. 

A complete guide for mother f’er drink recipe 

A complete guide for mother f'er drink recipe 

Because everyone’s preferences and enjoyment are different, there are many ways to make a blue mother f’er drink recipe.

Here I will give you the two most basic recipes. They are:

According to the cocktail recipe

Since there are quite a few ingredients to prepare, this recipe requires a little more time. 


  • Wines include Vodka, gin, Tequila, rum, and Blue curaçao liqueur.
  • Key ingredients like lime juice, Agave nectar, Lime wedges, and ice cubes.

Steps to follow

  • After you have all the ingredients ready, next put them in the blender. Blend for 10 minutes or more if you require a highly smooth blend.
  • Finally, pour into glasses or mugs that already contain ice. How many milliliters will depend on the container’s capacity and the need to serve.
  • You can also garnish the finished product with a few slices of lemon or Lime wedges if desired.

With fruit and sweet taste

This way, the blue mother f’er drink recipe is the ideal choice for anyone who loves the sweetness of the fruit.


  1. Cranberries (also the main ingredient in lemonade pink 
  2. A cup of simple syrup is prepared in advance
  3. White water
  4. A little alcohol vodka (or rum, gin optional)
  5. Ice cubes

Steps to follow

First, prepare a pot to cook cranberries, syrup, and a little water. It needs to cook for about 5 more minutes on low heat. After the mixture has boiled, this helps the mixture to blend better.

Serve hot or cold, depending on your needs.

If you want to serve immediately after the mixture is cooked, pour them. Pour into the prepared glass. Then add a little of the prepared wine and stir.

Otherwise, if you like the coolness, let the mixture cool down or increase the amount of ice in the glass.

Can I change the ingredients to suit my taste?

Can I change the ingredients to suit my taste

The blue mother f’er drink recipe is the perfect choice for those who love alcoholic beverages.

However, there are still many people who think this water is not to their taste. So, can you change the ingredients in this recipe?

The short answer is yes.  This drink recipe tastes perfect and is a bit sweet. But if you find it still a bit bland for your taste, boldly add a little sugar to enhance the flavor. 

Don’t worry because adding sugar will not lose or adversely affect the taste. On the contrary, it also reduces the bitter taste of the ingredients available in the recipe.

Popular types of alcohol often used in the recipe include Tequila, Vodka, and rum.

No need for them all; you can choose your favorite wine to make this drink.

Who is Blue mother f’er drink suitable for?

Overall, anyone can enjoy this refreshing drink.

Even people with heart disease. However, I still recommend that users consult their doctor before use, especially when treated with drugs that increase or lower blood pressure.

In addition, if you follow a diet or are vegan, the Blue mother f’er drink recipe is still very suitable because the ingredients in the formula are gluten-free and all-natural.

Some people do not recommend this drink, pregnant or lactating women and young children.


Tips for enhancing taste and quality

The ingredients’ quality in the recipe significantly influences the taste and quality of the Blue mother f’er drink recipe.

  • Always choosing and using good quality ingredients is the most helpful way to help you enhance the taste of this drink recipe.
  • Drinks taste best when it suits your taste, so create your concoction from readily available ingredients or add some elements to the recipe.
  • For example, use different syrups in each brew to create a variety of flavors. Or by replacing alcohol with fruit to make a healthier drink 
  • Another addition to enhancing the taste is bottled fresh lemonade. It will reduce the bitterness more than using lemon.

Tips To Maintain

The most common preservation method for the Blue mother f’er drink recipe is to store it in the refrigerator.

This way, you can safely use it after twenty-four hours of refrigeration without worrying about its taste and texture changing.

However, there are a few caveats you need to consider when storing this drink recipe. Specifically as follows:

Storage conditions

  • Limit exposure to high temperatures or intense sunlight
  • To ensure flavor and texture remain unchanged, store in cool and dry places

Monitor and test regularly.

Anything has a shelf life, and the Blue mother f’er drink recipe is no exception.

Under certain conditions and influences, this drink formulation may spoil or even be accompanied by a strange odor.

Therefore, you should monitor and regularly check the quality of the drinks you are preserving. Better to note a specific time for a more detailed follow-up.

The best shelf life to enjoy

If you store it only in an airtight container, this recipe should last 3 days.

But if you store it in the refrigerator, the shelf life can be up to 5 days.

Notably, the freezing method also allows the Blue mother f’er drink recipe to not spoil for up to 3 months. Adding a few slices of freshly sliced ​​lemon will be very helpful in case you need to preserve it for a long time. 

Don’t leave it too long; use the Blue mother f’er drink recipe as soon as possible to avoid wasting its inherent fresh taste.


So, you know all about ingredients, how to make, tips to enhance the flavor, and notes on preserving Blue mother f’er drink recipe.

It can be seen that this is one of the great drinks with intoxicating taste, exciting and also very good for health.

Don’t hesitate to use it for your upcoming party or family gathering.