Brooklyn Style vs. Thin Crust: A Complete Guide to Differences

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When it comes to pizzas, people love to clash about which is better than the other. Brooklyn style vs thin crust is one of the most commonly asked questions.

For simpletons like me, such conversations were hard to follow at bars and restaurants. However, as I slowly learned about the differences, I could quickly identify my favorite among all the options.

Brooklyn pizzas have a thinner crust. Despite being thin, one will get a doughy taste in their mouth. In comparison, thin-crust pizzas have a cracker-like crust loaded with delicious toppings. A bite will include a crunchy bottom, creamy cheese, and tomato toppings.

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 Brooklyn Style Vs. Thin Crust

Now that you have gotten the essential hints about both types of pizzas. Let us elaborate a bit more in detail about it.

1. Brooklyn Style Pizza Crust

 Brooklyn Style Vs. Thin Crust

It is widely believed that Brooklyn style pizzas are an evolved version of New York style pizzas. 

Both have an identical tangy and sweet sauce with similar toppings, but the former is known for having a chewier crust. This means that Brooklyn-style pizzas are thicker than New York-style ones.

To break it down from a chef’s perspective, Brooklyn-style pizzas take the thick crust of regular pizzas and make them into a thinner version.

Thus, when people have this kind of pizza, they enjoy some bread and a lot of toppings.

Sizes of Brooklyn style pizzas will range between 18 to 45 inches. The bread has an extremely high gluten content and is mainly topped with extra-large Brooklyn style pepperonis and sausages.

Dry mozzarella is grated on the top before putting the pizza into the oven to create the creamy and stringy slices everyone prefers.

Domino’s and pizzerias in Brooklyn mainly produce Brooklyn style pies. While making the crust, some cornmeal is added so the dough can have a crispy touch after being baked.

This little feature is specific to all Brooklyn style pizzas and is often considered a trademark for them.

2. Thin Crust Pizzas

Thin Crust Pizzas

Unlike Brooklyn style pizzas, thin-crust pizzas have a much drier dough that gives the crust a cracker-like texture.

This means that once somebody bites into a slice of a thin-crust pizza, they will not be able to taste any dough or bread.

Chefs always stretch out the dough of thin-crust pizzas with their hands, earning them the name of hand-tossed pizzas. Once it forms an extremely thin sheet, toppings are spread out on the top.

Pepperonis, sausages, and grated cheese are usually the only items added along with sauce to keep the toppings lightweight. This prevents the extremely thin cracker crust from breaking due to the pressure of the toppings.

Thanks to the extremely low thickness of the crust, thin-crust pizzas require only 7 to 10 minutes to be baked. Pizzerias use specialized ovens to decrease this manufacturing time and produce more pizzas at once.

Different Types Of Thin Crust Pizzas

Different Types Of Thin Crust Pizzas

Thin crust pizzas come in many types, so that we will list some below!

1. Hacker-Free Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza originated in a bakery in Naples and has garnered popularity all over the world now. This thin crust pie has toppings that were inspired by the Italian flag.

The red color is created using tomatoes, white using large portions of grated mozzarella, and green from freshly steamed basil leaves.

Initially, Neapolitan pizzas required a wood-burning oven to create the right charred flavor. 

However, you can easily develop hacker-free ones by utilizing home ovens. This ends up giving them a slightly different taste from the rest.

2. New York Style Pizza

New York style pizzas are one of America’s most popular fast foods. The meal has graced the screens of many TV shows and YouTube channels, earning more and more love from people.

In contrast to the other thin crust pizzas on the list, New York style pizzas have a slightly thicker crust. This causes it to require around 15 – 20 minutes to bake.

The topping is identical to Brooklyn style pizza, as most pizzerias will use the same sauce to make both.

A unique feature of New York style pizzas is the addition of sugar and oil to pizza dough. Most come in humongous sizes, ranging around 40 inches at all times.

3. St Louis Style Pizza

St Louis pizzas are from Missouri and use a particular type of cheese – Provel processed cheese – for the topping.

The cracker-like crust is too thin; thus, when it is cut into triangular portions, the toppings exert pressure, causing the slice to break down. This is why St Louis style pizzas are only found in rectangular or square shapes.

Besides the cheese, the pizza uses a special sauce and includes some pepperoni. The thin crust also has a unique recipe that does not require yeasts to create rise. 

4. New Haven Style Pizza

New Haven style pizzas are baked using a method that makes them unique. Coal-fired ovens are lit and heated to a temperature of 650⁰ F before placing the pizza in for baking. The high temperature causes the crust to be crispy and charred, adding to the taste.

For the toppings, makers of the New Haven style pizza add a bucket load of tomato sauce, pecorino romano cheese, and some sprinkles of oregano.

A bite will mostly taste like tomatoes, earning the pizza the nickname tomato pie.

Which Is Healthier Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Thin Crust Pizza

Which Is Healthier Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Thin Crust Pizza

It may be surprising to many Brooklyn style pizza lovers, but the pizza is not very healthy. This is because this pizza has a high-fat content in its dough.

Furthermore, Brooklyn style pizza uses comparatively more cheese, thus further increasing the fat content.

Despite getting a lovely cheese pull, it is not the healthiest, especially for people with GERD and other health-related issues.

In contrast, thin crust pizza is comparatively healthier. It is due to the dough being thinner, thus making less fat content and sodium.

In addition, thin crust pizzas have lower calorie and carbohydrate counts. Overall making the pizza comparatively healthier.

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  • Is Brooklyn style pizza thin crust?

Yes, Brooklyn style pizza has a thin and slightly crispy crust stretched out by hand. This makes it a fan-favorite at Domino’s since consumers enjoy more toppings than the doughy crust on every bite.

  • What makes Brooklyn style pizza different?

Unlike most regular pizzas cut into 8 slices, Brooklyn style pizzas get separated into 6. To ensure that the thinly built crust does not break due to the toppings, each slice is cut into squares instead of triangles.

  • What are thin crust pizzas called?

Thin crust pizzas have no specific name as they are made and called differently from region to region. Bar pizza, Chicago style pizza, New York style pizza, tavern, New Haven style pizza, etc., are some common names allocated to the dish.

  • Is New York style pizza thick or thin?

New York style pizzas are very thin compared to most other doughy pizzas. The center is only around 0.25 inches, providing a very thin plating for the topping. This thickness increases to one inch on the circumference.

Final Words

If your friends start conversing about Brooklyn style vs. thin crust pizzas, you can now join the debate with your opinions. After reading all that we had to say, you must now know the difference between both properly. Which one do you like more?

On a bad day, order your favorite kind after picking the desired toppings combo. Enjoy the delicious goodness to the fullest for an instant mood uplift!