Can You Stop and Start Sous Vide on the Run?

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Sous viding of foods is on the hype now, and it is not hard to guess why. From creamy, rich, runny egg to moist, tender, juicy steak – no other utensil can make each bite this flavor-rich than the Sous vide.

While taste is a big factor, it is hard to invest a great amount of time in sous vide. That’s why many home cooks ask it – can you stop and start sous vide?  

The answer is yes!  You can pause the device and again run it at your convenient hour. In between the stop and restart process, you have to keep the food cold by either storing it in the refrigerator or tossing ice cubes in cold water. Besides, make sure the temperature remains below 40°F.

However, we have outlined a detailed guideline on this. Let’s readout. 

Can You Stop And Start Sous Vide?

Can You Stop And Start Sous Vide

There was a time when we used to see sous vide on cooking shows or in chef’s hands. But now, this vacuum-sealing cooker has taken the kitchen industry by storm with its high efficacy. 

Even home cooks prefer to have this gadget as it allows you to un-attend cooking like – set it & forget. This advanced device is a slow cooker; it takes 48-72 hours to cook different items. 

During this long period, you may get into an emergency where you need to pause the device. Although it is safe to do unattended cooking, many still prefer not to do so. 

That’s why many asked –can you stop and start sous vide? The answer is yes, you can. With some easy steps, you can stop and restart the device at a suitable time. 

However, you should place the food in a cold chamber between the time you pause and restart. For this, you can either use a refrigerator or ice cube or simply empty the cooking pot and fill it up with ice cubes and cold water.

Whatever the procedure you adopt, make sure the temperature remains below 40°F. Because harmful bacteria grow well if the temp remains in this range of 40-140°F. 

Now you may ask – how do I save sous vide for later? 

For this, you have to chill the food first, remove the bag and leave it to dry. After That, refrigerate the bags. With this process, you can reuse each bag around 3-to 7 times.

Food-grade vacuum sealing bags, such as Stasher Platinum Silicone Storage bags, are safe to store, cook, and reuse. Moreover, they provide a leakproof wrap around the foods. 

Reasons For Pausing

Reasons For Pausing

You may have fallen into the following situation where you need to turn the sous vide off. Let’s get acquainted with them and see which one matches your pausing.

  • Lengthy Cooking

Those evenly cooked, tender, and juicy meat falling from bones require a lengthy cooking process. While this is a requirement, it is also the most common reason to stop the machine. 

  • Culinary Technique

Whether it is for steak or meat, you need to seal them in a closed silicon-grade plastic bag. Submerge the bags properly into the water. Then, use the sous vide immersion circulator to heat the water & circulate it precisely all over for even cooking. 

No other cooking machine involves such techniques and is good enough to provide perfect cooking from edge to edge. However, as there is no indicator to notify you whether it gets cooked or not, you pause it, check and take action accordingly.

So, the technique is another reason you need to stop the tool.

  • Outdoor Planning

It often happens when you need to go outside urgently. It could be seeing a friend or family members or picking up your child from school. It is another crucial reason to stop sous vide. 

  • Power Outage

It is an awful yet unavailable thing that contributes to stopping the device. If you haven’t faced it yet, you are lucky!


Do you know panic can pause your cooking?

Sometimes people fail to assume whether the steak or meat is cooked or not. On top of that, they fear getting the meat overcooked. It is one of the reasons to switch off the sous vide. 

Does Pausing Sous Vide Affect Your Food?

I love this great gadget: the sous vide. Do you know why? – the gadget is open to variation and convenience. It provides you with the opportunity of controllable cooking. It will not affect the taste and flavor of foods if you do it in the right way. 

So, do you know the correct process to stop and start the sous vide? If not, then continue reading our article. 

How To Stop and Start Sous Vide Safely?

How To Stop and Start Sous Vide Safely

Sous vide is a very convenient and user-friendly device. You will see the run/ stop button in the control panel. All you have to do is press the button to stop it completely. 

But, our main concern centered around food safety. You need to refrigerate it as soon as you turn the device off. 

You can either cool down the container by filling it with an ice cube or simply lift out the vacuum-sealed container from the container. And refrigerate it at 40 ° F or below immediately. When you are all set to restart the cooking, press the run/start button again. That’s it. 

However, can you sous vide something twice?  The answer is yes, you can!  Sometimes we sous-vide meat and store it in the refrigerator. You can reheat it at the same temperature whenever you want to enjoy the hot, flavor-rich meats. 

All you need to be concerned about is reseal the food while reheating. 


  • Can you sous vide and then refrigerate?

It is fine to sous vide the foods and then leaves them in the refrigerator. On the one hand, this action prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and also preserves the quality of foods. Also, you can reheat the meal in sous vide later before serving. 

  • Is it safe to use sous vide nonstop?

Sous viding itself is a lengthy process. The gadget is designed to provide service for 48 to 72 hours or even more. Once you set the temperature, it will not go beyond your set point, preventing overcooking of foods. 

Therefore, it is safe to use the sous vide for long. However, it is not advisable to use any electronic device non-stop, no matter how safe it may claim. 

  • Can You Sear Later After Sous Vide?

Yes! You can. You need to chill the item for a while, then sear it as a rule of thumb. In the case of meat, searing time depends on the thickness of the meat slice. 

However, you should turn off the device before the meat gets evenly cooked if you want to sear it long. Otherwise, it’s okay to sear shortly just after sous viding. This sort of activity enhances the flavor of the foods. 

  • Can you leave food in Sous vide after cooking?

You can do it since the temperature will not go beyond your set point.  But, you should not leave it for longer. It starts breaking down the fiber; you may not enjoy the juicy, tender meat you intended.

Parting Words

Sous viding is not a fancy thing anymore. Instead, it’s a household name for its unique, easily scalable cooking technique.

Moreover, the textures and flavors you can enjoy in sous vide are rarely found in other cookers. The only hassle that comes with long cooking is that you may need to pause midway. However, can you stop and start sous vide on the run?

Yes, you can. Remember to keep the food cold by either storing it in the refrigerator or tossing ice cubes in cold water between cooking, pausing, and recooking. Also, make sure the temperature remains below 40°F.

Have a happy sous viding and enjoy each bite taste like melting in your mouth.

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