The Best Way to Preserve Tomato Sauce for Pizzas

how long does vacuum sealed tomato sauce last

A pantry without tomato sauce – you must be kidding! Tomato sauce is something that can’t be absent from the pantry. If you are a sauce lover, you will probably need gallons of sauce to survive. It won’t help you to save some cost. Perhaps vacuum sealing can solve your problem. What is it, you … Read more

Do You Know Why Is Sushi Ginger Pink? Answer Reviled

One Friday evening, my friend forced me to a sushi parlor with a resolute resolution – making me a die-hard sushi lover like him. Well, I won’t deny the famous Japanese delicacy took me in the transport of delight; however, one thing that fascinated me most was the gorgeous pink pickled ginger sitting beautifully beside … Read more

What Is Fermento?- Everything You Need to Know

Fermento is one of the most-used ingredients in fermenting semi-dry summer sausages. It accelerates the growth of the starter culture and acidifies the sausage safely and quickly.  However, things will sound confusing to you if you don’t know ‘What is fermento?’. In the simplest words, fermento is the starter of the fermentation process of semi-dry … Read more

Smoking Store Bought Sausage- What to Know?

Smoking store-bought sausages are great for making delicious dinner. But are you tired of always going to restaurants to enjoy a simple dish made of smoked sausage? Take a rest; you can smoke your store-bought sausages on your own. If you are looking for advice and tips for Smoking Store-Bought Sausages at home, then we … Read more

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Salami Last?

When you have a big amount of salami left and the expiration date is not so far, you may start overthinking about the lifespan of salami. In such a situation, you may seek for the answer to the question -‘how long does vacuum-sealed salami last?’. An unopened package of vacuum-sealed salami lasts for 6 weeks … Read more

Chorizo vs Pepperoni: Which Is Better?

As there goes, a saying, “You have to live life to its full chorizo,” some people swear by chorizo while others swear by pepperoni. So, which is better? Chorizo vs pepperoni: this debate can be hard to answer because they are both great options. Pepperoni is a sausage made from pork. Chorizo, contrarily, is made … Read more

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Sausage Right at Home?

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the meaty, salty, well-seasoned, and juicy sausage?  Of course, everyone does. It provides a great complement to our breakfast. However, price matters!  Here comes the most vital question remaining, everyone’s tip of the tongue – is it cheaper to make your own sausage?   The clear-cut answer is A BIG YES! … Read more