How Do You Order Your Toppings in a Serial for Pizzas?

Why does This Pizza Toppings Ordering Work

We love throwing our favorite toppings on the pizza crust, but is it enough? Making pizzas isn’t over with a baking oven and Italian pizza ingredients. It depends on how to bake it – precisely put, the arrangement. Now, the correct layering of your pizza depends on multiple factors. So, what is the order of … Read more

Pizza Tartufo: Another Italian Classic for You

pizza tartufo

The classic Margherita might feel common to the tastebuds, and you will crave something new. Why not try another Italian delicacy? We are talking about Pizza Tartufo. The star of this pizza is the truffle. This fungus offers a new flavor that is very natural and earthy. This pizza is super delicious and creamy, along … Read more

Using a Pizza Cutter for Pizzas After Baking

Can You Use A Pizza Cutter On A Pizza Stone

Patience is essential. However, when your oven dings announcing a baked pizza, you can’t think of anything else than to cut and serve the freshly baked pizza on a pizza stone. But pause; can you use a pizza cutter on a pizza stone? Pizza cutters can work on any surface, even stone, but you should … Read more

How to Define Calzones as a Dish? – Detail Explanation

Are Calzones Sandwiches

Pizza pocket – does pizza have a pocket? Well, let me introduce calzones – a pizza folded in half, making a pocket of pizza. However, the delicious Italian treat calzone is not a pizza. In fact, we often struggle to determine its category and fail to explain what we are eating. So, if they are … Read more

High Fat Mozzarella Cheese: Make Sense or Just a Myth?

high fat mozzarella cheese

Pizza is a classic favorite for people of all ages. It’s perfect to have at dinner or lunch or as a snack. However, it’s often considered unhealthy since different kinds of cheese have a considerable amount of harmful saturated fat. Among several kinds of cheese, we often love to consume mozzarella. So does high-fat mozzarella … Read more

Provolina Pizza: Everything You Need to Learn

provolina pizza

The world loves Italian-style pizza. It may look simple but tastes excellent. There are various Italian pizzas, including Margherita pizza, Provolina pizza, Diavola pizza, etc. So, what is a Provolina pizza? A Provolina pizza is the same as pizzas like Marinara pizza, Diavola pizza, and Margherita pizza. It has the same base ingredients: dough, basil … Read more