Chorizo vs Pepperoni: Which Is Better?

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As there goes, a saying, “You have to live life to its full chorizo,” some people swear by chorizo while others swear by pepperoni. So, which is better?

Chorizo vs pepperoni: this debate can be hard to answer because they are both great options.

Pepperoni is a sausage made from pork. Chorizo, contrarily, is made from beef. Pepperoni has a sweeter taste than chorizo. Chorizo can be spicy, while pepperoni is not as spicy. Pepperoni has a more potent flavor than chorizo. Lastly, chorizo is pre-cooked and frozen, while pepperoni is cooked raw.

Whether you are a fan of chorizo, salami, or pepperoni, you must try these meaty Italian sausages. However, that’s not all. Let’s read more about the best chorizo and pepperoni brands and the key differences between chorizo, salami, and pepperoni.

Chorizo Vs. Pepperoni

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Chorizo Vs. Pepperoni

A simple rule of thumb to differentiate chorizo from pepperoni would be to remember this – Chorizo is made from cured pork, while pepperoni is smoked Italian sausage. Let’s see some differences between chorizo and pepperoni below.

1. Nutrition

While both types of sausage have the same nutritional profile, the contrast between chorizo and pepperoni may not be so stark. Pepperoni is higher in saturated fats, while chorizo is lower in cholesterol.

Both are high in potassium, zinc, and magnesium, but pepperoni is higher in sodium. Pepperoni and chorizo are rich in vitamin D and folate.

2. Taste

Salami and pepperoni are both Italian-influenced sausages with an enticing aroma and a spiciness that can rival chorizo. Both are great toppings for pizza, but their difference comes down to personal preference.

Pepperoni is preferred in the USA, while chorizo is famous in Mexico. While pepperoni is the more popular choice in the United States, both sausages are delicious on pizza.

3. Availability 

Pepperoni is available throughout the globe, and almost everyone’s had it at least once. Chorizo is more widely available in Mexico, while pepperoni is primarily made in the United States. While both types are recognizable as a type of sausage, their flavors are pretty different.

Some recipes call for raw chorizo, while others call for cooked chorizo. If you want to get the most taste out of your chorizo, make sure you buy the right type.

4. Meat Preparation

The most significant difference between pepperoni and chorizo is the meat mixture. Pepperoni contains more pork, but chorizo is smoked, which is more common in America.

Pepperoni can also be eaten raw, but you should make sure you read the label. Although there are differences between chorizo and pepperoni, the Spanish version is similar to pepperoni. Both use pork and spices to make chorizo.

What Are The Best Chorizo For Cooking?

Before discussing chorizo vs pepperoni, let’s see more about some of the best chorizo brands below.




Chorizo Autentico by Palacios 

  • Has a robust, full flavor that will tantalize your taste buds
  • Made with fresh ingredients, so it’s always a quality product
  • made with 100% authentic chorizo from Spain that’s perfect for every meal.
  • A bit moist

Mild Palacios Chorizo 

  • Pork sausage made with a blend of fresh and cured pork, making it soft and juicy
  • Has a mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of dishes
  • Perfect for those looking for a tasty, easy-to-use sausage
  • Can be hard to cut into
  • A bit on the drier side

Iberia Chorizo Spanish Style Sausage 

  • Great for use in tacos, enchiladas, and more
  • From Spain’s famed Iberian chorizo producers
  • Tender and juicy Iberia chorizo sausage with a Spanish flair
  • Expensive
  • Contains Soy Protein

Duke’s Chorizo & Lime Smoked Shorty Sausages 

  • Smokey, tangy, spicy, and deliciously rich
  • Cholesterol free, suitable for heart health
  • Made with premium ingredients and flavoring
  • Harsh smell
  • Prone to catch mold if not appropriately refrigerated

Chorizos El Miño 

  • 99% lean and delicious
  • Smoked for extra flavor
  • Hand-cut and authentic Mexican
  • Less juicy
  • A bit dry

What Are the Substitutes For Chorizo?

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If you can’t eat chorizo, there are plenty of substitutes for the Spanish sausage. 

  • Textured Vegetable Protein

One popular vegetarian substitute is TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein). This product is derived from dried soy flour and has trace amounts of fat. It’s also high in fiber and iron. TVP is available in cubes or slices and can be added to soups, taco salads, and pizzas. Another option is to saute quinoa in olive oil.

  • Soyrizo

Another vegetarian chorizo option is soyrizo, which is made from soy. This version is typically made with textured soy protein and seasoned with spices like paprika and pepper.

Vegan chorizo is sometimes made by breaking up tofu and flavored with maple syrup, paprika, or vinegar.

  • Kielbasa

Another meat alternative to Spanish chorizo is kielbasa, made from pork. Although it lacks the distinct smoky flavor of chorizo, it can still be used in equal amounts in any recipe.

To further enhance your dishes, use smoked andouille as a substitute. If you can’t find any of these options, you should use bacon. However, it is essential to make sure that you reduce the smokiness of the substitute sausages.

  • Spanish Chorizo

Spanish chorizo is a spicy, dry pork sausage made from pig meat. Spanish chorizo has a characteristic point of smokiness, so substituting it with smoked bacon is not a good idea.

  • Ground Pork

Ground pork is an excellent substitute for those sensitive to spicy foods. It is easily available in grocery stores and can be used in omelets and quesadillas. Moreover, you can use smoked paprika instead of chorizo to add an extra smoky flavor to your dishes. You can even add chili flakes or paprika to the ground pork.

  • Pepperoni

Another great substitute is pepperoni. This sausage can be incorporated into many Mexican dishes, from risottos to paellas. Pepperoni is often mistaken for Italian meat, but it’s not – it’s the second most popular pork sausage in Mexican markets.

It contains fennel seeds, garlic, and extra peppery Chile pepper. When substituted for chorizo, pepperoni is a great choice.

  • Different Types of Sausages

You can also use other types of sausage. Italian sausages, Polish kielbasa, andouille, and others can also be substituted. You can also season other sausages with chili powder.

Which is Better, Pepperoni Or Chorizo?

Which is Better, Pepperoni Or Chorizo

If you’re in the market for a new sausage, you might be wondering which is better: pepperoni or chorizo? Here’s the scoop. Both sausages are great additions to your pizza. Whether you prefer chorizo or pepperoni, you’ll find some important factors below to determine which is better.

  • Spice Level

If you love spicy foods, chorizo is a great substitute. It has a higher spice level than plain sausages and is chewy and spicy.

  • Freshness

Spanish chorizo is smoked, and Mexican chorizo is fresh and can be purchased in a jar. If you don’t like dried sausages, you can try pepperoni. Both kinds are suitable for specific dishes and occasions, but be careful of which exact type your recipe requires.

  • Texture Differences 

Despite their similar nutritional profiles, the two sausages differ slightly in calorie content. While pepperoni is the most popular type of Italian sausage, chorizo is a better option because it has more protein and carbs.

It also has less saturated fat than pepperoni, another benefit of chorizo. Chorizo is also lower in fat despite its calorie content, making it a healthier choice.

Chorizo is lower in fat and sodium than pepperoni but higher in Vitamins. It has twice as much Vitamin B12 as pepperoni. On the other hand, pepperoni has a higher concentration of Vitamin B1 than chorizo.

However, chorizo is a little more heart-healthy. It also contains more Vitamins E, folate, and potassium. The main difference between the two is the type of meat they are made from.

Chorizo Vs. Pepperoni: Who Wins?

If you’re trying to decide between the two, try both. Both are tasty, but which is better? For the most part, pepperoni is the more popular choice. Chorizo, on the other hand, is more flavorful.

What is the Difference Between Salami and Chorizo?

What is the Difference Between Salami and Chorizo

Chorizo is spicier than salami. It is typically made from pork fat and coarsely chopped pork. It is flavored with pimento, which is either sweet or spicy. On the other hand, Salami usually uses white peppers and has no recognizable smokey taste.

The bottom line is that salami and chorizo are similar. Chorizo is generally more expensive, while salami is more common in American restaurants.

If you’re a bit more health-conscious, go for chorizo. And if you care more for flavors or chorizo isn’t available in your area, go for salami.

Final Word

In conclusion, while chorizo and pepperoni are delicious, they each have the unique qualities that make them perfect for certain dishes. It comes down to personal preference while comparing chorizo vs pepperoni regarding which one you should choose for your next meal.

So whether you’re looking for a spicy kick or a more subtle flavor, chorizo or pepperoni is the perfect option! Till the next time, happy dining!

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