Dextrose Substitute: What Can You Use Instead?

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If you are into baking, then dextrose is not an unfamiliar word for you. It is often used instead of sugar. You can use dextrose or corn syrup combined with other sugars to create a sweeter result in baked goods. It is not the same sweet as sugar, but it can impact the sweetness of food.

However, it is not as much as available as sugar. Also, many people do not like the idea of using dextrose to make a sweet dish. In that case, you need something to use instead of dextrose. So, in this article, we will talk about the dextrose substitute or the things you can use instead of it.

What Is Dextrose And What Is It Used For?

What Is Dextrose And What Is It Used For

Dextrose is a simple sugar type with a similar chemical composition to blood sugar. Although dextrose can have some health benefits, it can also lead to several potential negative symptoms, as it is commonly found in processed and prepackaged foods.

It is a sweetener often used in baked products and can also be found in food products and cornstarch. It is also used in medicine. It’s absorbed in injectable treatments that may be mixed with other medications or used to raise a person’s glucose levels. The body can readily utilize dextrose for energy since it is a simple sugar.

Simple sugars may easily elevate blood sugar levels and are generally devoid of nutritious value. Glucose, carbohydrate, and galactose are examples of other simple sugars. Processed food, white pasta, and honey are examples of simple sugar-based foodstuffs.

Dextrose can be used as a sweetener, but it can not always completely fulfill the purpose of sugar. It is 70% sweeter than sugar, so it is a healthy alternative to sugar. While fermenting sausages or similar foods, you can use dextrose to increase the production of beneficial bacteria.

Can I Substitute Sugar For Dextrose?

Can I Substitute Sugar For Dextrose

You can substitute sugar for dextrose. The sweetest substitute for dextrose is sugar. However, it depends on which item you are making with it, as sugar contains more sweetness than dextrose, which is about 20% less. So, if you are using dextrose in tea instead of sugar, you might need to add more dextrose than you needed to with sugar.

So, baking with dextrose requires adjusting the quantities of dry and wet ingredients to find the right balance. You will discover that the new component absorbs more liquid than sugar, so you will need to adjust the quantities of dry and wet ingredients to balance things out.

What Can You Use As Dextrose Substitute?

dextrose substitute

When you cook from a new recipe, all the ingredients might not always be available. In that case, you will need a substitute for that ingredient.

Dextrose is such an ingredient that you might need in many foods. But what to do when there is no dextrose left?

Well, there are some substitutes that you can use instead of dextrose. And they are-

1. Lactose

Lactose, a disaccharide, is a sugar with the chemical formula C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁ and is made up of galactose and glucose subunits. Lactose is found in milk in amounts ranging from 2–8%.

You might wonder if it will be fine to use milk products to make meat fermenting foods. Well, there is not much milk in there, as the amount is about two percent. It is due to the fact that lactose is not receptive to yeast fermentation; it is often used to sweeten flavorings but is not usually added to food directly.

So, lactose will keep the strong flavors pungent without influencing the food by mixing the milk flavor. You can use Lactaid Fast Act Lactose as a substitute for Dextrose.

2. Maltose

Basically, maltose is also a disaccharide like lactose that is formed by joining two glucose units. It is also known as malt sugar. You might find it in different foods like – sweet potato honey and also in a variety of manufactured foodstuffs like sausage, bread, processed meat, beer, corn, breakfast cereals, etc.

As a dextrose substitute, maltose can be used since it lowers the PH level in sausages, which will lead to a reduction in bacteria growth. Also, it tolerates both cold and warm temperatures, which makes it an easy and convenient ingredient to use.

Maltose is used in candy production because it is less sweet than ordinary sugar. In addition to cereal, certain fruits, sweet potatoes, and other foods, maltose or malt sugar is also found in several beverages and medications.

You can try using King Arthur’s Malted Powder instead of dextrose when baking any sweet items.

3. Sucrose

Sucrose is the regular sugar we consume through food and beverages. However, it is very much sweeter than dextrose, thus called the sweetest alternative of Dextrose.

Sucrose is not only present in regular sugar but can also be found in honey, fruits, sugar cane, etc. It gives an improved flavor to fermented foods alternative to dextrose. The PH level is kept low and balanced by using sucrose.

You can find sucrose in any daily shop close to your home. So, as it is always available and affordable, it makes the most convenient dextrose substitute. Also, you can buy Lab-Grade Sucrose from amazon.

4. Fermento 

Fermento is the final of the dextrose alternatives. It is mainly used for semi-cured sausages, which are particularly drying. The starter culture is crucial for the fermentation process. Additionally, it supplies the sugar that contributes to the flavor and scent and enhances the taste.

You may find that fermento will cure quickly when used in place of dextrose. In addition, as a starting culture element, fermento aids in producing lactic acid and bacteria required for the fermentation of meat.

When the meat is in good condition, the germs affect the color and flavor. Lactic acid present in fermento aids in the safe ingestion of food. Fermento produces lactic acid in meat like the glucose present in sugar. It makes the sausage and other processed and fermented meats more favorable to your health.

You can use Fermento Original Blend as a substitute for dextrose.

Can I Use Corn Syrup Instead Of Dextrose?

Can I Use Corn Syrup Instead Of Dextrose

Corn syrup is derived from corn starch, and the proportion of glucose and maltotriose in it varies depending on the fabrication processes. Corn syrup is used to smooth the texture of meals, provide dimension, prevent sugar crystallizing, and add more fragrance.

You can use corn syrup instead of dextrose. But, remember that the sweetening power of dextrose is around three-quarters of sugar. So, to make corn syrup a direct substitute for dextrose, multiply the quantity of sugar in the formula by 0.7 to get the proportion of dextrose required.

You can use Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Light Corn Syrup as a dextrose substitute.

Is Dextrose The Same As Sugar?

Is Dextrose The Same As Sugar

Dextrose can be used as a substitute for sugar and vice versa, but it is not the same as sugar. However, they both are indeed sugar types, and they both taste sweet. But when you use the term sugar, it refers to all types of sugar, but when you use dextrose, it only refers to a specific type of sugar. 

The difference between dextrose and sugar lies in the sweetness level in taste and also in the source they are made and found.

Sugar can be found in sweet fruits, honey, and sugar cane. On the other hand, dextrose is usually made from cornstarch. 

Dextrose has a texture similar to refined confectioners sugar and is less sweet than processed sugar. It is the same as glucose which tastes nearly the same as sugar, although it is less sweet and healthier. That is why people who have diabetes use glucose or dextrose in their food instead of direct sugar. Doctors even recommend that dextrose can be consumed instead of sugar.

Why Is Dextrose Used In Sausage Making?

Why Is Dextrose Used In Sausage Making

Dextrose is an important component in the production and fermentation of sausages. It’s a better alternative to sugar since it keeps the pH balanced and creates lactic acid. As a healthier alternative to sugar, dextrose is an essential ingredient in meat fermentation. Supplying sweeteners to sausages during fermentation stimulates beneficial bacteria to multiply.

It can be about 70% sweeter in taste than the normal sugar you keep in the pantry. It is nutrition for the lactic acid microbes that aid in fermentation, imparting a tangy taste to sausages and other processed meats. This is why you should use less of it while preparing sausages.

Final Words 

As you have found out about the dextrose substitutes, do not let the lack of ingredients like dextrose stop you from experimenting in your kitchen. Because, from now on, whatever dextrose alternatives you choose from the list mentioned above, none will disappoint you with their taste or the flavors as long as you know the right proportion. 

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