Do You Have to Refrigerate Soda After Opening?

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Refrigerating soda may sound needless to you. You might think soda stays good even after opening it. But you must know the truth whether or not it is genuinely the case.

So, do you have to refrigerate soda after opening or not?

Yes, you have to refrigerate soda after opening. Because if you don’t it will start losing its flavor. Moreover, if you don’t the bacteria could grow into soda bottles or cans. Hence, keeping the leftover soda in your fridge is significant. This way, you could drink it later again.

There is more you need to know about why do you have to refrigerate drinks after opening. So stay with me till the end.

Why Do You Have to Refrigerate Drinks after Opening?

Why Do You Have to Refrigerate Drinks after Opening

An unopened drink is watertight with no viruses or bacteria in the liquid. As soon it is opened, several germs could get in.

And, more germs come from contact with your mouth if you drink from the container. Viruses and Bacteria need three things to multiply: something to eat, moisture, and warmth.

Well, let us see a short preview concerning which yeast and bacteria affect which kind of soda-

Bacteria or Yeast Name/TypeSoda Type
Zygosaccharomyces bailiiSoda with tea,  fruit juice, or coke.
Lactic Bacteria, for example, Leuconostoc and Lactobacillusmilk soda or Carbonated fruit 
Acetic acid bacteria plus mold Flat plus noncarbonated soda.

How long can soda be left out unopened?

Unopened soft drinks will usually stay at best quality for about 6 to 9 months when stored at room temperature if properly stored. However, they would usually remain safe to drink after that.

Does soda go bad after opened?

Finishing the soda immediately once you open it, if it is in a tin, is best. You could store opened bottles for a few days since they are easily sealable.

Briefly, as long as you could seal the remains, they could last a couple of days without losing much of their quality and with some fizz.

How long does Coke last after opening?

You can transfer Coke to a small container to get into less contact with air if you have already opened the lid.

Seal the glass of Coke with aluminium foil to hold its fizz in as well as refrigerate it. The Coke will hold the flavor as well as  carbonation till four days.

How long does sprite last after opening?

When you open a can or bottle of sprite, it is finest to refrigerate the residual content. 

You should consume it within four days before the drink loses its specific flavor. Unopened sprite stores fine in the fridge and would be suitable for 6-9 months.

How can you understand that Your Soda went Bad? 

How can you understand that Your Soda went Bad 

After taking the soda out of the refrigerator, you may wonder- have it gone bad? Fine, we have solutions to this problem. 

There are 3 methods to know whether otherwiser not your soda is excellent and safe to drink- 

1. Fizziness 

The first symbol of bad soda is not being sufficiently fizzy. If you open the bottle, it does not make a “Tss” sound. You have to stopover since the soda has converted flat. 

Moreover, another mark of flat soda has no bubbles. Furthermore, flat soda could be considered ruined also.  

2. Changing Color 

Even if the soda is not fizzy, it could be drinkable. Though, if the color is different, you should reconsider consuming it. Since the color change means the soda is not of its finest quality. 

So, pour soda in to a clear glass. See the colour. The colour will appear slightly darker. You will moreover see that there are several remnants in the glass. 

3. Off Flavor plus Taste 

Finally, to be sure, you cannot drink soda that has a bad odor.

More precisely, spoiled soda would give a bad smell plus taste. This smell plus taste are alike to that of most perished food items. Thus, there is no way that the soda did not survive. 

What can you do If Soda goes Bad?

What can you do If Soda goes Bad

You should undoubtedly throw the soda out if the soda goes spoiled. There is no cause to drink spoiled soda. 

In its place, there are more causes why you must throw it away. The most significant cause for not drinking expire soda is- it is not suitable for you.

Since there are tons of side affects of expired food, drinking perished soda too much may reason several problems. 

However, expired drinks or soda are not always bad. So, you must check the odor to make sure whether it is spoiled.

If you take a sip of bad soda, it should not do any harm. Therefore, there’s nothing to concern about in that circumstances. 

However, it is fine to avoid consuming soda that odors awful. So, we recommend sipping the opened beverage within two days of freezing. By this method, you could drink fresh soda as well as stay safe!

How could you keep soda fresh after opening?

How could you keep soda fresh after opening

When you want to store soda, the objective is to retain the drink from going flat. Here are a few instructions to help you do just that:

1. Store soda from Heat

Soda does not perform too fine in high temperatures or even warmer temperatures. That is why soda cooled in the refrigerator could be so interesting whereas warm soda does not taste good.

High temperature inspires gas to leak from the jug, thus making soda flat like water. The cooler the drink, the faster the gas would melt in the liquid, which aids to hold the fizz in the soda or  drink.

The finest place to store soda is in a cool plus dry pantry, otherwise in the refrigerator. The cool atmosphere will keep the drink at top refreshness.

2. Seal It

Place the lid back on when you serve your soda. If you purchase your soda in cans, pour the residual content into a jug and place a cap on the jug.

Instead, when you open the can, you might seal it using the aluminium foil to save the leftover content. You can use the rubber band to grip the foil, then store it in the refrigerator until you are prepared to use it again.

3. Squeeze this

By dropping the volume of space in the opened soda jug; you could slow down the rate of carbon dioxide leaking from the bottle.

To do this, mildly squeeze the bottle as you place the cap back. The less space in the bottle, the less carbon dioxide would leave the bottle.

Less volume means more gas could be stuck in the jug, which aids in holding the fizz longer even afterward opening the bottle.

4. Transfer toward Smaller Bottle

Another trick is to store drink or soda in a smaller sealable bottle. It has the similar effect as the squeeze technique—it decreases the volume in the jug, lowering the quantity of gas left in the bottle. 


  • Can bacteria grow in soda?

Ultimately flavor and carbonation will drop. For the finest quality, drink unopened diet sodas within three months; the date expires; regular sodas within nine months. After opening, sodas might be safely stored in the pantry, otherwise refrigerated.

  • How long can soda be left out?

If the jug is unsealed plus the soda is open to the air, at room temperature after 24 hours it grows any damaging mold spores. And anywhere between three to twelve days before it produces colonies.

  • What occurs if you do not refrigerate soda?

The drink would not go bad if you did not refrigerate it after opening. Even if you leave it out for longer than a few days, the soda would still be safe to drink.

  • Do soft drinks kill bacteria?

Soft drinks, particularly global brands, are low-risk drinks (the carbonation kills bacteria) but should not be replaced by water. Beer is also safe as the water constituent is boiled throughout production.

  • Does soda go bad in room temperature?

Non-diet sodas comprise sugar which bacteria could thrive on, however not until the soda becomes flat. If the soda remains carbonated, it would be ok without refrigeration.


Sodas have a remarkably lengthy shelf-life.

Even though your favorite pop would likely not go bad, the more time you retain it, the more it loses its crisp and fizz. It is best to drink your soda as quickly as possible for the highest freshness.

And you can stop worrying about do you have to refrigerate soda after opening.