Does Apple Juice Make You Poop?

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As we all know, apple juice has always been one of the most delicious and nutritious drinks. This drink contains many nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to our health. 

However, some users claim that apple juice causes their digestive system problems; they need to use the toilet when the pain constantly appears when they drink. Is this problem just accidental or a side effect of apple juice? The following article will help you about the 

Threat of Constipation

Constipation is not currently classified as a disease, but it is a symptom that can affect everyone. 

It is often accompanied by severe abdominal pain due to days of being unable to go to the bathroom. Most of us have probably experienced this symptom at some point. It is so annoying that it can cause you to stop all activities. 

Also, for some people, constipation is a chronic symptom. Signs that you can recognize when you have symptoms of constipation are:

  • Difficulty passing
  • hard and lumpy stools
  • Less than three times a week
  • stomach, feeling of a blockage in the place of your bowels. Rectal
  • discomfort, you can’t pass all that stool
  • Need to use foods and laxatives

The consequences of constipation are hazardous. In the short term, you will not be able to feel those adverse effects. But in the long run, bad things will certainly happen to your health as the condition increases. These conditions can include:

  • Swollen veins in the anus
  • Skin tearing that can’t be expelled
  • Intestine protruding from the anus

It is from a reversible symptom to a severe illness. And we can completely prevent that by many different methods. 

The main method many people choose to be safe for health is using a combination of plants in their diet. The most popular drink is apple juice.

Does Apple Juice Make You Nauseous?

For some people, coconut (Why Is Coconut Water Pink) is a drink they find difficult to enjoy. They believe that taste is the leading cause of nausea. But not with apple juice. Its sour taste and scent do not make you feel uncomfortable. At that time, sickness will not happen to all users.

However, its juice has a pungent smell with some special apples. 

At that time, some users may have difficulty enjoying this drink. It can also make them nauseous after using apple juice. 

So, if you have a sensitive taste for drinks with unique flavors, you should try them slowly and feel them.

Does Apple Juice Make You Poop?

Yes, it does. Apple juice is a natural laxative that we can all use. 

It is cheap, and you can buy them at any supermarket. Apple juice contains many valuable vitamins and nutrients that help stimulate the digestive system. The sour taste of apples will promote the intestinal microflora to work. 

As a result, your stools will not be lumpy. It can be moved out quickly without the use of laxatives.

In addition, you can use apple juice daily without any health problems. It is perfect for all ages and users. The number of nutrients in apples will improve poor digestion and intestinal-related symptoms.

Why does apple juice make you pee?

“Why does apple juice make you pee?” It is a question that many users have the same question today. Urinating after drinking apple juice is a normal phenomenon. It is not a sign of this drink’s disease or side effects. There are 6 reasons for this phenomenon:

It contains a healthy amount of fiber

Fiber is the main ingredient in plants. It works to help balance the digestive system between a variety of nutrients loaded into the body. And apples contain a very high amount of fiber. With 100g of raw apples, there are 2.4 grams of fiber. As for apple juice, this number includes only about 0.2 grams. So, if you want more fiber in your body, fresh apples will be a better choice for you. 

Keeping you hydrated 

Hydrated is a concept that refers to your body having enough water to support vital activities and metabolism? Stabilizing the body’s water is the best way to get rid of constipation. In apples, it contains up to 85% water, higher than most other fruits such as (How long does prune juice take to work), carrots, and many others.

This amount of water includes many different types of nutrients. From there, your body will always ensure a certain amount of water even if you do not use water.

Contains Sorbitol 

Sorbitol is a type of carbohydrate. It is also known as sugar alcohol which is substituted for many other ingredients in food. This substance has a laxative effect, markedly reducing constipation after only a few uses. Above all, it is found in apples, a familiar fruit of people worldwide.

High Fructose

People with a sensitive intestinal system should not use too much apple because this juice contains a very high fructose content, the highest of all fruits.

Rich in antioxidants

Apples are rich in antioxidants such as catechins, phloridzin, and quercetin. These substances have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and reducing cholesterol and lipid oxidation.

Vitamin supply

Apple is a fruit rich in vitamin C. In 100g of apple, there is about 4.6mg of vitamin C. It is relatively high for a common sour fruit. 

When you have enough vitamin C in your intestines, it will draw water into them to help soften stools, effectively reducing constipation.

In addition, apples contain many other vitamins, such as vitamin K and vitamin B. These vitamins are perfect for health. Calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, and magnesium are minerals found in apple juice.

Side effects of drinking apple juice

For regular users, you should not use too much apple juice. It can cause digestive problems. 

The most typical is diarrhea. At the same time, bloating also manifests in using this juice too much. 

Your body doesn’t have the necessary enzymes to digest foods like apples. 

Therefore, carbohydrates are not fully absorbed, causing bloating and belching.

Besides, if you have diabetes or are overweight, you should consider using juice. The sugar content in this food is very high, which can worsen the condition.

How Much Apple Juice Should You Drink?

Before you learn about how many ml of apple juice you should drink per day, you need to consider the origin of apples. 

Because it is a ready-to-eat food, the requirements for safety are very high. After you have determined the origin and safety of apples, it is time to consider how much apple juice is enough.

With this drink, most doctors and nutritionists recommend one serving of apple juice daily. Drinking too much will make apple juice counterproductive. At that time, digestive system problems will appear, affecting the user’s health.

How to Make Apple Juice at Home

Making apple juice at home is very simple. After only about 3 steps, you can ultimately create yourself a delicious glass of juice.

  • Step 1: Wash the apples and cut them into pieces
  • Step 2: Put the apple pieces in a blender with clean water.
  • Step 3: Puree the apple pieces and pour them into a cup. Then you can start enjoying them.

In addition to using traditional apple juice, you can change the style of your drink by mixing it with some other foods. 

It turns out to be a hearty and delicious breakfast with sandwiches. This combination will be based on individual taste. There are no regulations on combining apple juice with other foods.


Hopefully, the article will help you to understand more about juice. This drink has a perfect laxative effect. It contains many nutrients and vitamins that are useful for the digestive system, helping soften stools effectively. 

At that time, users can get rid of constipation quickly. However, you should not use this drink too much because it can create side effects affecting the user’s health.