Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed Pizza

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The days when people used the fat dough for a pizza base have gone. Now is the era of crispy, thin pizzas that enthusiasts can eat without continuously nibbling.

Domino’s, one of the giant players in the pizza game, is likely to spring to our minds immediately when we crave a hot, cheesy pie.

But a question arises when you attempt to order: which is better between Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. hand tossed?

The difference between these two types of pizza is that while hand-tossed features a chewier, thicker crust, the crust of Brooklyn style is crispier and thinner. Whether which one is better depends on your preference.

This article will delve into how these two kinds compare and what sets them apart. Keep reading to determine which one is for you.

What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza?

What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza

What is Brooklyn style pizza? Brooklyn style has evolved and developed from the New York style, which carries a hand-tossed ultimate shape of dough garnished with full-day, grated mozzarella and lightly topped with a tomato-based sauce.

People make the crust with high-gluten bread, while there’s even rumor that it tastes like water used.

Brooklyn style features a similar size range with this style – around 18-45 inches. Also, they share the same toppings, eating manners, and people have to hand toss to produce a perfect dough for them. The key difference is how much mozzarella to use and the crispiness.

Enthusiasts often talk about Brooklyn pizzas as a closely-related modern version of the original Italia type. But sometimes, they also refer to them as a combination of Domino’s hand-tossed and the regular New York style.

A typical pizza of this style does no good for old-aged people’s health because of the high-fat content. Experts advise that people with various health issues should be mindful when consuming products high in fat.

Yet, eating in restraints is highly advisable for those with normal health conditions. Research suggested that consuming pizzas in moderation will aid in eliminating some tiny throat-causing agents.

Generally, pizza fanatics fall in love with Brooklyn pie due to its cheese composition, various toppings, and unique dough form.

What Is A Hand Tossed Pizza?

People prepare a hand-tossed pizza’s crust by tossing the dough into the air and catching it. The handmade is one of the most popular classic pizza styles.

Because it employs manual labor in place of machines, many people prefer this type as they think it’s an authentically-made product.

Indeed, the concept of crust going through the air many times (by tossing) barely makes a difference. However, anything handmade seems to appeal to eaters who are into an authentic pizza style, particularly dough-making.

You can find various modifications of hand-tossed pizzas, yet Domino’s gains ground over most competitors. They promise not to make you mistake the hand-tossed with a crispy, thin-crust, or pan pizza that they also offer.

The restaurant makes the crust manually using delicious, fresh ingredients. The manual method helps them manage the dough better.

Overall, there are not many dissimilarities between the making and style of Domino’s Brooklyn style and handmade pizzas. However, you’ll notice some important points distinguishing them from each other if you dig deeper.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed

Are you ready to let the battle begin? First, we’ll bring to the table a side-by-side reference table to give you a general idea of the significant differences.

Criteria Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza
Taste Dominant cheese tasteSeasoned with fresh garlic More prominent pepperoni tasteThin, crispy crust
Toppings Lean on the cheese side Have less cheese and more pepperoni
Size A large-sized hand-tossed pie is slightly larger with around eight slices. A large-sized Brooklyn pie is slightly smaller with six slices.
Healthy This type has a thicker crust and more cheese, giving way to the latter regarding healthiness. This type has less cheese and a thinner crust, so it’s undoubtedly healthier.
Preparation People toss it into the air by hand. Hand-stretched and kneaded

Now, you’ll have an insight into the detailed differences between these two delicious dishes.

The Crust

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed Pizza

The restaurant uses nearly similar ingredients to make the dough for both types of pizzas, but the result is different. A Brooklyn pie features a thinner, chewy crust with a nice taste.

Meanwhile, a handmade pie carries a thicker crust, mildly softer inside and crispier outside. This unique feature makes the crust’s texture so much more absorbing.

It all boils down to your personal preference. Sometimes you might feel like craving the thick crust of a handmade pizza, and sometimes you might lean toward a thin crust Brooklyn-style pie.

Different types cater to different people and taste buds; thus, it’s hard to tell which crust is better. Due to the difference in thickness, the volume of dough used is also different. You’ll need a vast amount to make a large-sized hand-tossed food item because of the thicker crust.

In contrast, you don’t need much dough when cooking the latter. Even if it’s a large-sized pie, a small amount will work.

The secret is that you’ll stretch the pizza dough as long as possible before it tears apart. After that, you can shape it by hand and adjust the thinness you want.

The Brooklyn dough is closer to the crispy thin crust category than the handmade dough. The most significant point distinguishing this type from the thin crust is that its crust is chewy, whereas the thin base pizza delivers a cracker-like texture.

Domino’s thin crust is too thin for some eaters, feeling like you’re eating nothing and not having that satisfying filling. Thus, it’s a good idea to cook a large-sized Brooklyn pie with a small dough.

Concerning Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. pan pizzas, the first one carries a floppy, thin-crust, while the latter features the thickest base. We prefer the former’s typical New York-style vibe.

The Sauce

There’s a minor difference in the sauce used for the two types of pizza. For a Brooklyn-style pizza, you only use the amount needed.

You don’t need extra sauce because the sauce itself is vibrant and tangy, so you’ll taste it fully, even in small amounts.

Meanwhile, the latter can go well with extra sauce since the crust is thick and sturdy. More sauce will add to the overall taste of your food, blending perfectly with the toppings’ flavor.

That’s only a minute difference. Generally, first-time eaters will suppose they use the same dressing, and it’s hard to identify any difference in the taste or quality.

Texture And Taste

There’s no considerable difference between Domino’s handmade and Brooklyn-style pizza concerning taste. They call for similar ingredients, so it’s no surprise the taste and flavor are pretty much the same.

What distinguishes them from each other is the texture since they require a different amount of dough, as said. A hand-tossed pie delivers a deep doughy taste, which is tremendously subdued in the latter’s crust.

Domino’s Brooklyn pizza also gives a different texture and taste from a thin crust one. It’s slightly crispier and can easily break if you crack the crust.

Due to the thin base, its toppings also need some adjustments. However, the beauty is that it’s not soggy – an amazing characteristic.

On the other hand, a handmade dish delivers an airy yet crispy texture with thick dough, lending itself nicely to the sauce.

Besides, another thing contributing to the different textures of the crusts is the presence of cornmeal on the dough. This addition makes your food crispier.

Both pizzas offer a fantastic taste and won’t become soggy fast. They don’t call for oil during cooking, so you don’t have to worry about grease on their crusts. These bases will stay crispy for an extended time.

Sizes Available

You can refer to Domino’s website information, but we’ll still answer for our lovely readers.

The two types of pizza share a large size in common. However, it’s the smallest size of the Brooklyn style but the largest one for a handmade pizza.

Since the former somehow still stay loyal to the New York original root, it is slightly smaller and only comes in six wide pieces. Meanwhile, the hand-tossed dish offers a full box of eight slices.

In particular, the prior type offers two sizes: extra-large (16 inches) and large (14 inches). Besides, its friend has three available sizes: large (14 inches), medium (12 inches), and small (ten inches).

Toppings Options

People add an equal amount of topping to these two pizzas. Nonetheless, there’s a minute difference in the cheese, and the topping content is slightly different.

When ordering a hand-tossed pie, you are free to pick among tons of toppings as per your demand, including vegetables, pineapples, meat, and a lot more. It’s all up to your preference.

Of course, it’s the same for a Brooklyn pizza since the toppings added depend on your choice. We mean it’s possible to select the toppings according to how you wish your food to taste.

However, while this type uses mozzarella and provolone for its toppings, the latter does not lean on cheese pretty much and stays loyal to the traditional mozzarella.


Due to different available sizes, the two pizzas come at different prices, though their large sizes have a similar price. Look at this comparing table to know how much you have to pay for each size of either pizza:

Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza

Large $10.99
Medium $8.99
Small $6.99

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza

Extra large $12.99
Large $10.99

The same price point goes for the two types of pizza, meaning that there’s no significant difference in price. But, again, the first one includes eight slices, whereas the latter only offers six pieces in one box.

What Differentiates Them From The Other?

What Differentiates Them From The Other?

People have to hand-stretch the dough to produce a slightly thinner Brooklyn-style item, unlike the handmade product. Also, its pieces are wider, while the crust delivers more crunchiness than the latter.

This unique aspect is thanks to the hand-stretched dough and the fact that its base has less moisture. You can find the same feature in a classic New York option.

Everything is literally handmade, from kneading, stretching to putting on a pan. The baking process also feels so unique and authentic. Particularly, a distinctive point of a Brooklyn-style pizza is the dominant taste of pepperoni.

Besides, a hand-tossed item comes with plenty of cheese, which you won’t with a Brooklyn order.

Simply put, for those who are more into less dough, the close version of the NY style is an excellent choice. The thin crust with additional cornmeal will bring you well-liked crispiness.

Which Gives A Better Taste?

It’s never easy to compare two things with regard to taste since this criterion leans toward personal preferences rather than fixed standards.

Everybody has different taste buds, and we need to respect all those choices. We’ll give you a general idea of how each of these pizzas tastes, so you can decide for yourself.

The prominent taste of the NY-like style primarily comes from pepperoni and tomato sauce. Particularly, the sauce lends your pizza a mildly warm taste.

Yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel any cheesy flavor in the food. There is cheese but not as much as on a handmade item. The amount is just necessary enough.

Meanwhile, Domino’s handmade pizza also comes with the sauce balancing its flavor but somehow overpowers the taste of the cheese.

The restaurant seasons the pie with quality garlic oil, incorporating the taste and aroma of garlic into it. As you might know, bread, cheese, and garlic were born flawlessly for each other.

We don’t mean to call the hand-tossed winner on this ground, but the quality garlic oil is a brilliant ingredient that lifts the overall taste of the pizza. But, again, it’s up to your personal preference.

Which Is Healthier?

We can give a straight answer easily in this section. Out of the two, Domino’s Brooklyn pizza is the way to go if you’re seeking a healthy option for your meal.

Although we’re discussing junk food, and pizza is rarely healthy (like a boring, bland broccoli floret), particularly for those on a diet, this type is still healthier than the latter.

It carries a thinner base, which means moderate consumption of sodium, starch, and gluten. Also, it comes with fewer cheese toppings, leading to less consumption of cholesterol, whatnot, carbs, and fat. Thus, we consider it a healthier pick based on general nutritional terms.

When Should You Order Either?

Both items will satisfy you if you’re exceedingly hungry and have a large appetite. Here’s when the difference appears. You’re ordering for a group of people, and they’re all fans of pepperoni.

In this case, the NY-like style is your top consideration. In contrast, if the crowd seems to crave more cheese, you know the right way to go – hand-tossed pizzas.

What’s more, as you’re at a party full of New Yorkers, serve them with a Brooklyn-style menu without hesitation. You’ll remind these travelers of a familiar taste they’re used to back home because this type, in essence, mimics New York’s classic pizza.

Even when it doesn’t hit the spot precisely, Brooklyn-style pizzas come very close and will never be a disappointing selection.

Nonetheless, if what is to your liking is not pepperoni but cheese, go for the hand-tossed option. Generally, both pizzas will treat you right regarding sleepovers and parties.


Now is the time to walk through some commonly encountered questions relating to Domino’s pizza.

How Should Brooklyn Style Pizza Be Served & Eaten?

Unlike thick-base items like a New York’s, Brooklyn’s pizzas come in eight to sixteen slices depending on the customer’s demand. Usually, the restaurant will cut their Brooklyn pie into squares due to its thin crust.

When a steamy, hot recipe is ready for delivery or takeaway, the takeaway box will steam your food, decreasing crustiness. As this type is famous for its thinness, reduced crustiness will cause it to be floppy.

You can’t eat a thin, floppy, largely-cut slice of pizza in one go without disintegrating. Thus, the square cuts will help reduce the possibility of breaking, which tends to happen more frequently to triangle cuts.

When discussing how to eat this food, many people choose the traditional eating method, where you fold a slice into a suitable size for your mouth hole.

The one-way eating ensures that you’re mixing the toppings properly and combining all nutrients at once.

Indeed, it is weird if you eat your food with a knife and fork in a typical Brooklyn pizzeria. But in other shops, it doesn’t matter. We recommend watching how others eat their food and doing the same.

How Does A Thin Crust Pizza Compare With Domino’s Brooklyn Style?

Generally, both have a thinner crust than the handmade pizza, yet that of the thin crust is way thinner than a NY-like style option.

You may find the thin crust too thin for a pizza base (some even call it a cracker). However, it still retains a small amount of dough, making it a bit crunchy and soft.

Concerning taste, it’s a bit tricky to identify the difference since they both use robust tomato-based sauce.

Nevertheless, these two pizzas deliver a pleasing blend of sweet and salty tastes and are a perfect choice for those preferring less doughy pizza.

How Many Calories Does Domino’s Pizza Have?

A slice of the large-sized Domino’s hand-tossed pepperoni pizza contains approximately 280 calories.

Suppose you usually have two slices for a quick lunch, then you’re consuming 560 calories for each meal. It’s only an approximation and can vary higher, so ensure proper portion control.

Indeed, it’s a bit challenging to search for nutritional information on the Brooklyn-style pizza since the restaurant doesn’t specify it clearly. But generally, a large-sized pepperoni pie counts 290 calories for each slice.

Undoubtedly, it’s not healthy. But there’s rarely a fast-food company that will offer you something healthy.

Should you wish to stick to a healthier route, we suggest you make your pizza at home since you can have entire control over the volume of cholesterol, sodium, fat, and calories in the food by putting in more veggie toppings.


Whenever a debate about the best pizzas arises, Domino’s usually tends to stay ahead of other opponents. They’ve replicated various types of pizza but never disappointed customers with fresh, unique versions.

So, let’s head back to the contest one last time to see which Domino’s pizza is the winner. We are a big fan of the Brooklyn-style item since it’s slightly crispier, meatier, and healthier than the latter.

However, it all boils down to personal preferences, so if you’re a sucker for something cheesy, chewy, and soft, feel free to consider the hand-tossed item the winner of this battle.

We have to say that either of them is undoubtedly finger-licking and will satisfy your hunger pangs in one bite!