Goodfella Pizza – Is This Famous Pizzeria That Good?

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We’re all suckers for pizza and so familiar with those big names, like Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s pizza, or Johnny’s pizza. Today, we’re going to introduce to you a restaurant that many of you may have heard of but never tried before – Goodfella pizza.

Let us spill the beans a little bit about why we would like to recommend this pizza brand. Their food is excellent! We love it all, from the signature tomato sauce to the fresh dough baked on Italian stone.

Food aside, there is a lot of interesting info about them and their development strategy. Now, let’s see if this guy is a good option for pizza lovers to stick to.

Business Overview

Goodfella Pizza

Goodfellas “wood oven” pizza is a patented take-out/sit-down restaurant that majors in the sale and preparation of wood oven salad, pizza, and Italian foods made with specialty sauces and supplemented by beverages and garnish.

The beauty is that the restaurant offers Neapolitan pizzas – a dish originating from Southern Italy. Only a couple of eateries in Canada provide authentic Neapolitan-style food.

Many Canadian tourists have visited Italy and are nuts about the southern dishes and pizza here.

The final result is a hot pizza with a thin crust that is incomparable with any product available on today’s market. It is soft, crispy, light, and the flour contains low degrees of gluten, preventing indigestion and making the feeder feel great.

Particularly, their counter-service style offers customers a carefree, relaxed meal, be it a wine-filled night or a short lunch.

One of the key selling points of Goodfella is a fresh Canadian concept with guaranteed authenticity. The excellent features include 90-sec cooking time, healthy alternatives to North American food, and fresh basil and mozzarella.

They compliment their pizza with quality desserts, espresso, and a lovely atmosphere generated by an old-world yet trendy decor and beautiful southern Italian melodies.

Generally, the menu features traditional Neapolitan pies with fresh salads, desserts, Italian-style side dishes, soft drinks, and beer or wine.

What Are Advantages of Goodfella Pizza?

The Goodfellas theme opens up opportunities to run an eatery that provides distinctive Neapolitan Italian southern dishes and pizza, a scarcity in Canada.

The primary advantages of the restaurant include:

  • An appealing concept

They know that the fast-casual sector is a fast-growing segment in the fast-food industry, so they quickly develop a pizzeria chain following that concept.

Particularly, customers are increasingly craving a Neapolitan dining experience. That’s what Goodfella is always ready to supply.

  • Store construction & design

Goodfellas construction team designs and creates the layout to lend well to product presentation, maintenance, and effective customer flow.

This team deals with the complexity of building and zoning permits as well as the entire building process, leaving the company to concentrate on operation.

  • Training

The Franchise offers a tremendously intensive training course compared to the entire industry.

The management team and operators can go through a training program of four weeks to learn the essential skills to work as a successful partner of Goodfellas.

  • Corporate integrity

Goodfella pizza is a professionally operated and owned company whose operators are professionals with proven track records.

It’s currently among the largest Canadian foodservice and industry players, accounting for roughly 6.4% of this nation’s total employment.

  • Target market

The company aims to appeal to a large customer base. While consumers frequent Goodfellas for all kinds of restaurants in either the business or residential community, their concept primarily suits the demographic of between 20 and 60-year-old urban, educated residents.

The service style, ambiance, and menu of this pizzeria were born to particularly attract customers with a hectic and quick lifestyle and desires to enjoy healthy, quality, and quick food.

This concept appeals to high- and middle-income eaters with a nice blend of family and single households.

  • Market segmentation

In fact, the casual dining eatery segment accounts for roughly 15 percent of the entire restaurant market.

Historically, food giants dominated this market, but the dining style market share has changed according to dining style.

The casual dining segment is now the fastest growing one in the fast-food industry, rising at an average of 5-7% annually.

How Can Goodfella Pizza Manage To Win Competition?

Of course, consumers want great food, great value for money, a pleasing, unique experience, and fun. These factors are what invite a second or more return in the future.

How can Goodfella stay one step ahead of other competitors and meet all these demands of the target customers? Here are the prime elements:

Contemporary, Creative, Extensive Menu Item Offerings

The eater offers a casual dining selection for an affluent demographic looking for pro-quality dishes and a charming dining experience.

You can rarely find the experience here like any pizzeria in your city. Their fire-oven can roast a thin-crust pizza within 90 seconds. The toppings are special and delicious, and all of them deliver a habit-forming, top-notch taste.

We consider this eatery unique on the market since they feature a well-liked concept for both the whole GTA and Streetsville patrons.

Apart from offering fresh alternatives to many burger and sandwich outlets that sell quick meals, they also provide alternatives to the ordinary North American pie.

You can surely enjoy a modern, comfortable atmosphere with fresh, delicious recipes at a value-for-money price once you spend an evening here.

The themed concept also helps the restaurant attract many consumers, including single diners in for quick meals, families getting together, and couples sipping red wine.

So far, customers all love their quality products, making them a heavy-traffic destination.

Pro Quality Products & Services

Virtually, they prepare all menu recipes daily using fresh, high-quality ingredients and following proprietary, innovative recipes.

The purchasing team is responsible for fresh cooking materials. They work extensively with the suppliers to make new product samples and deliver the best recipes to end-users.

Pasta and pizza products have to undergo the patented Kangen alkaline water system to consistently exceed or meet the expectations of a single customer in all aspects of a dining experience.

Concerning customer service, management believes its eatery-level staff selection, recruitment, training, and performance-based incentive programs enable the company to captivate and retain skilled, qualified staff who are always willing to provide excellent performances in customer care.

Exceptional Value

So far, the pizzeria has gained superb recognition for providing extraordinary value with huge food portions and reasonable price points.

As mentioned, their employee selection and recruitment criteria are pretty rigorous in the food industry.

They’re doing a really great job in contributing to the culture that highlights customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

We strongly recommend spending an evening in Goodfellas. It’ll romance you with the exclusive Goodfella pizza, gourmet wine, and a sexy, stunning ambiance.

More than just a pizzeria, Goodfellas is a superior dining experience to enjoy with family and friends. Make sure to give it a try; you won’t regret it!