How Big is a Large Pizza from Papa John’s?

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It is undeniable that Pizza is one of the most loved snacks today. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more and more pizza chains and establishments. Papa John’s is one of the largest and most popular pizza chains. As proof, they are the fourth-largest pizza chain in the US and globally.

If you are planning to order one right now, it is essential to determine the size of a pizza. So, how big is a large pizza from Papa John’s?

Pizza from Papa John’s has small pizza (8-10 inches), medium pizza (12 inches), large pizza (14 inches), and Extra-large pizzas (16-18 inches).

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Papa John’s Pizza Overview

how big is a large pizza from Papa John's
Papa John’s is one of the largest and most popular pizza chains. (Photo)

Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the United States. Like Dominoes and Pizza Hut, they focus on providing high-quality pizzas.

In addition, they are also highly appreciated for their attractive and extensive menu. Their menu includes cheese sticks, breadsticks, chicken strips, appetizers, and soft drinks. All are made from high-quality ingredients and safe recipes.

In short, Papa John’s is an excellent pizza brand to enjoy high-quality pizza.

Their average price for a meal ranges from $4 to $38, including pizza, other food, & drinks. Yet, pizza prices vary widely, depending on their size and toppings.

How Big is a Large Pizza from Papa John’s ?

Papa John’s pizzas come in four sizes, including 10″, 12″, 14″, and 16”.

  • Small pizza of Papa John’s (8-10 inches) from 20 to 25.5 cm in diameter, with 6 slices.
  • Medium pizza of Papa John’s (12 inches), 30.5 cm in diameter, 8 slices
  • Large pizza of Papa John’s (14 inches), 35.5 cm in diameter, 10 slices
  • Extra-large pizzas of Papa John’s (16-18 inches), 40.5 – 46 cm, 12 slices

How to Determine How Much Pizza You Need

You can serve pizza for many different occasions, such as parties, birthdays, meetings. You can even have it as lunch.

Yet, you may have a hard time determining how much pizza you need. So, you should consider the following factors to determine how much pizza to order:

  • The number of people
  • The number of  adults and children
  • Besides pizza, what other dishes are there?
  • Will you be willing to keep the leftover pizza?

Once you have answered these questions, it’s time to consider the size and number of slices:

  • The small pizza includes six slices and has a dimension of eight and ten inches
  • The medium  pizza includes eight slices and has a dimension of twelve inches
  • The large pizza includes ten slices has a dimension of fourteen inches
  • The extra-large pizza includes twelve slices and has a dimension of eighteen inches


It is hard to estimate how many slices each person can eat. In general, you should prepare an average of two slices for each child and three for an adult.

If someone has a higher preference for pizza, it’s best to add a slice for each person. If you are ordering a smaller pizza, you should also charge an extra serving per person.


On average, a large pizza will feed two to four people for lunch. Yet, for dinner, in addition to other snacks, you may need to prepare two to five pizzas.

So, it is wise to use an online pizza calculator to determine how many pizzas you will need for a large crowd of 10 to more than 50 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get free pizza from Papa John’s on my birthday?

You will receive 10 Papa Rewards bonus points on your birthday. Once you already have bonus points, you can get a free large pizza, provided that you put the additional 10 towards the 20 needed.

2. Why is pizza bad for health?

Pizza is one of the culprits that are dangerous for the heart. That’s because they contain saturated fat, which can clog your arteries and put you at risk for many diseases, including heart disease.

3. How much is an extra-large pizza at Papa John’s?

An extra-large pizza at Papa John’s ranges from $14 to $19.

The Bottom Line: How Big is a Large Pizza from Papa John’s ?

By providing high-quality pizza at reasonable prices, in 2006, Papa John’s entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the pizza chain with the highest customer satisfaction rating. Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information about Papa John’s pizza.