How Big Is A Large Pizza? Should You Choose 2 Medium Pies Or 1 Large Pie?

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Many people love pizza, and it is a real international dish. Modern pizzerias offer different sizes of similar products, as well as different toppings.

Everyone can choose what they like. In some pizzerias, you can even independently assemble the filling of a tasty pizza for yourself and your friends.

The variety of pizzas sometimes dazzles the eyes, and customers do not know where to stop. It’s hard to believe, but it’s more profitable to order a large pie than two small pies.

The size of a large pizza varies from 16 inches to 18 inches. You can cut this pie into 12 slices to serve six people.

Now, we will explain why you should choose one big pie instead of two medium ones by mathematical method.

How Big Is A Large Pizza?

A Large Pizza Has 12 Slices (Link)

A large pizza is often more cost-effective than a small one. There is a simple explanation for this. First, you need to calculate the area of the pie.

The formula determines it: R2 * Pi. Ever since school times, everyone knows the number Pi = 3.14. You may know this knowledge!

The sizes of the large pizza vary from 16 inches to 18 inches. So, you can cut it into 6, 8, 10, or 12 equal pieces. The area formula below will tell you how big a large pizza is.

Is It Better To Get 2 Medium Pizzas Or 1 Large?

Doubt that a large circle of delicacies will be cheaper than a small one? Then you can use elementary mathematical knowledge and make sure that this statement is reliable. Of course, we do not take into account the discounts and promotions carried out by pizzerias.

It would seem that the answer is obvious: two at 12 inches are more profitable than one at 16 inches. But is everything as simple as it seems at first glance? Let’s figure it out.

Surface Area

There are many sizes of pizza. As a rule, people order the sizes of this dish from 12 to 18 inches.

The cost of products of different sizes also varies. That is why, when ordering a dish to your home, it is difficult to understand which diameter will be more profitable for purchase and how not to overpay extra funds.

A calculator has been created specifically for these purposes, which helps to make the correct choice. You need to enter the size of the selected dish and the cost of a 12 inch or 16 inch pie.

Have you ever wondered what size will be more profitable to order? The diameter of 12 inches and the diameter of 16 inches are very different.

Therefore, the consumer should understand that buying two 12 inch pizzas is much more profitable than one of 16″. However, everything is not so simple here.

Let’s figure out what kind of filling you will order. In any case, two small pizzas will have more toppings. If you calculate the thickness of the dough and the area of ​​the pizzas, the area on which the delicious filling will lie increases.

You have two options: take one 16 inch pie or take two 12 inch pizzas. If the price is the same, logic tells you that you need to take two medium pizzas.

If you add math, it turns out that a 16 inch pie is bigger. Let’s calculate how much pizza will be in both cases. Look here:

We have the formula for the area of a circle: πr2

  • 2 * (3.14 * (12/2) ^ 2) = 226.08 square inches. These are two 12 inch pizzas.
  • 3.14 * (16/2) ^ 2 = 200.96 square inches. This result is the area of one pie of 16 inches.

However, suppose your favorite pizzeria sells an 18 inch pizza? We will do the following calculation:

  • 3.14*(18/2)^2 = 254.34 square inches

The above results show that you should choose one 18-inch pie instead of two 12 inch pizzas.


How Big Is A Large Pizza

What if we take the weight as a starting point, not the amount of filling? The weight of a medium pie is about 0.7 pounds, while one large pie weighs about 2 pounds.

It shows that two 12 inch pizzas are also not as heavy as a 16 inch pie. After all, it turns out that one large one is more profitable than two medium ones.

Final Thoughts: How Big Is A Large Pizza?

With a little math, you can know exactly: “how big is a large pizza?“. Ordering a large portion of a tasty ruddy pie is often more profitable than a small one and even a few medium ones.

Now, you can easily order for home parties. However, there are a few differences between the products of different brands.

On our website, there are articles on all brands and many culinary topics. Hopefully, you will find your favorite topics here.

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