What Makes A Pizza Oven Different From A Regular Oven? 

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Last week, I cooked pepperoni pizza, and everyone loved it.

Well, rather than using regular ovens, I used pizza ovens to make my pizza; therefore, one of my friends asked me, “how do pizza ovens differ from regular ovens?

Regular ovens have a temperature set at 450–500 degrees Fahrenheit, while pizza ovens typically reach temperatures of up to 700–900. So, compared to a regular oven, a pizza oven cooks in 60–120 seconds. Further, pizza ovens provide melty toppings, crisp crusts, and enhanced flavors.

However, this information isn’t insufficient to compare a pizza oven to a regular one. So, read the article in its entirety for more information.

How Is A Pizza Oven Different From A Regular Oven?

The following are the ways that pizza ovens and regular ovens differ from one another.

ParametersPizza OvenRegular Oven
Temperaturebetween 700 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit.Between 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
The durationis between 60 and 120 seconds.Between 8 to 15 minutes.
Heat Distributiontwo heat sources are used; from behind and bottom of the pizza stone.Only the bottom of the oven.

Let’s discuss the differences between a pizza oven and a regular oven.

1. Flavor

how is a pizza oven different from a regular oven

Want to give your pizza a new flavor?

So, instead of a conventional oven, use a wood-fired pizza oven to add additional flavor to your pizza. The crust becomes crispy, and the toppings get that beautiful caramelized edge with a delightful smoky flavor.

2. Texture

Compared to standard ones, pizza ovens produce perfectly even heat leading to crispy and melty pizza. Furthermore, your pizza will be exceptionally crunchy if cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven with zero sogginesses.

3. Temperature and Time

In a pizza oven, you can cook at 700 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit within 60 and 120 seconds. The even and consistent heat around the pizza leads to a perfectly baked pizza.

You can, however, cook your pizza in a regular oven for 8–15 minutes at 450–500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, not having a high temperature may not give you the crispy crust and perfectly baked toppings.

Does A Pizza Oven Make Pizza Tasty?

Well, a pizza oven can make pizza tastier than a regular oven.

Due to the two heat processes most ovens use, your pizza will cook more quickly and become more crispy and melty. Additionally, a pizza oven properly cooks the raw toppings of pizza. 

Pizza will therefore be better tasting as a result. So, if you can cook your pizza in a pizza oven, don’t go for a regular oven.

Why Does The Pizza Oven Need To Be So Hot?

Why Does The Pizza Oven Need To Be So Hot

Well, commercial pizza ovens reach temperatures of 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and wood-fired ovens reach temperatures of 850 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You might then wonder why the pizza oven needs to be so hot.

The pizza oven’s hot temperature causes the pizza’s base to become so crispy and the topping to become so melty, resulting in a delicious pizza. Additionally, the temperature speeds up the cooking process.

If you run a restaurant, you probably understand how busy your staff needs to be. As a result, the restaurant requires an oven that can prepare your pizza in 1 to 2 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

Or, if you’re constantly pressed for time, you might invest in a pizza oven. So that you can quickly prepare pizza whenever you want.

Why Does A Pizza Oven Need A Chimney?

Pizza ovens require a chimney to vent, which may be beneficial in several ways. Including:

  • Keeps the fire burning efficiently.
  • Eliminates smoke from the oven that might contaminate your pizza.
  • Avoids fumigating the house.
  • gives off a smoky flavor.

Pros And Cons Of Pizza Oven

Using a pizza oven has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Pizza can be prepared quickly, keeping it fresh and preserving more of its nutritional value. 
  • Make the pizza base crisp and the topping completely melty by using a pizza oven than a regular one.
  • Your pizza will have a smoky aroma if cooked in a wood-fired oven.
  • The value of a home may increase if it has a pizza oven.


  • Pizza ovens are too expensive to buy.
  • There is a chance of burning pizza if you are not used to a pizza oven.
  • Pizza ovens usually only offer a small amount of room.
  • If you have a wood-fired pizza oven, it must connect ventilation and chimney ducts, necessitating inspection and cleaning of both.

Is A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Worth It?

Is A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Worth It

Instead of using gas or electricity, wood-fired pizza allows the heat from burning wood. Bricks are frequently used in the production of wood-fired pizza, giving them a traditional appearance.

However, a wood-fired pizza oven will give your pizza a smoky flavor. You might question whether investing in a wood-fired pizza oven is worthwhile.

In just two minutes, a wood-fired pizza oven can cook your pizza to a temperature of 750 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, a wood-fired pizza oven makes your pizza crust crisp and topping melty.

Brick Oven vs. Grill Oven for Pizza

Let’s discuss the differences between a brick oven vs. a grill oven.

Brick oven

Grill oven

  • A brick pizza oven uses burning wood to create heat to cook pizza.
  • The highest temperature of a brick oven is around 750 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Brick ovens usually take 1 hour to heat up fully. 
  • A grill oven is used for cooking food quickly over direct heat at a High temperature to prepare delectable meals such as BBQ. 
  • The highest temperature of a grill oven is around 550 degrees Fahrenheit or 288 degrees Celsius. 
  • Grill oven takes 10 minutes to heat up.

Is A Pizza Oven Better Than A Pizza Stone?

The pizza oven and stone produce crispy pizza rather than soggy pizza.    

However, a pizza stone in a regular oven will reach the highest temperature, 550 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas pizza ovens typically reach temperatures of 700 to 900 degrees. In addition, the pizza oven makes your pizza in 1 to 2 minutes instead of the pizza stone’s nearly 8 to 10 minutes.

Pizza ovens are, therefore, unquestionably more time-efficient than regular ones.

What Can You Cook In A Pizza Oven?

Well, you can cook almost everything in a pizza oven. Including-

  1. Roasted vegetables
  2. Baked or grilled fish
  3. Smoked and BBQ meats
  4. Roasted potatoes
  5. Bread
  6. Stew, and many more.

However, remember that only pizza requires a very high temperature to produce crispiness and meltiness; baking, cooking, and roasting require a lower temperature to cook. Consequently, when preparing other dishes in place of those, be sure the temperature is not set at a high level.

The Top 5 Pizza Ovens

Several great pizza oven options are available to provide you with the best service possible. Here are the best 5 of them in 2022.

Pizza Oven


Ooni Karo 12 Multi-Fuel

  • Can reach 500 degrees Celsius or 900 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes.
  • Can bake your pizza in 60 seconds.
  • offers two fuel options: gas and wood.
  • convenient and flexible.

Ooni Koda 12 

  • provides a gas-fueled system that reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes.
  • can cook your 12-inch pizza in only 60 seconds.
  • lightweight but patented insulation is highly effective.

Breville smart oven pizzaiolo

  • Best for indoor use.
  • reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit and cook your pizza within 2 minutes.

Kalamazoo pizza oven

  • takes 20 minutes to reach an internal temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Has both gas and charcoal models.

Presto pizzazz plus rotating oven 

  • an electric-based pizza oven.
  • Controllable heat at top and bottom.


  • How does a pizza oven work?

First, the heat produced by an energy source – gas, electricity, or wood burning—heats the oven’s internal mass to the desired temperature. Thus, the pizza cooks on a hot surface.

  • Can I use a regular oven for pizza?

Since a pizza oven is inexpensive, you can use a regular oven to make pizza. But, to make the perfect pizza crust in your oven, make sure to use a pizza stone. However, in addition to making your pizza crispy, a pizza stone can also save you time. 

  • What Are The Benefits Of A Pizza Oven?

It can cook your pizza’s toppings to a melted state and the crust to a crisp at a higher temperature than a pizza oven. Additionally, it only takes a few seconds to cook, which makes it convenient for you.

Sum Up  

Hey, have you cleared up the confusion about “How do pizza ovens differ from regular ovens?

A pizza oven can provide high heat far greater than a regular oven, resulting in a perfectly baked pizza.

Therefore, if you want to buy a pizza oven for your indoor space, you can. If the other options tempt you, you can pick one of those instead.

Well, if you can afford the price, I’d advise you to buy it because it will save you time. Especially if you intend to use it in your restaurant, a pizza oven is definitely going to be a good investment.