How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

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Apple is a practical fruit that you can use in a variety of ways. If you are a big fan of this fruit, you might wonder: ‘how long do apples last in the fridge?’

Apples can be stored in the refrigerator for one to two months. And once you open the package in the fridge, it will last about two weeks.

You may also extend their life by carefully storing them. The following article will give you more information. Let’s dive into our storing guides!

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

You can store apples in the refrigerator for two weeks. It is best to store them in plastic bags within the fridge’s crisper drawer to keep them fresh.

Should I Store Apple In The Fridge?

The answer is yes. It would be best to keep your fruits in the refrigerator. Have you observed how people occasionally store apples in-store in fridges? It keeps these fruits fresher for a more extended period.

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

The NY Apple Association believes that fridges are the ideal location for keeping these fruits.

They prefer cold weather. Moreover, those stored in the refrigerator can last up to ten times more than those observed at room temp.

People keep them at room temperature for roughly a week, but those stored in the fridge can last about two weeks.

Apples will thrive at temperatures from 30 – 40 degrees F. The optimum humidity should be under 95%. Therefore, your fruits will be in the best condition in the drawer inside the fridge, which is always the coolest in the refrigerator.

Some fridges even enable you to manage the humidity quantity in the drawer. If this is the case, raise it to the maximum level possible to provide the perfect environment.

Please put them in the fridge whenever you arrive home from the local supermarket. Cooling is not usually important if you intend to utilize and eat these fruits in the first days.

How Long Can Apple Last?

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

Although putting these fruits in the fridge is an excellent way to maintain them fresh, you may leave a couple out in a bowl for decoration or as a fast snack.

Nevertheless, remember that apples will only remain their finest quality for about seven days when kept at room temperature.

Unless you reside in a more excellent area, the apple may begin to rot in the first four or five days. If you store the apple in the refrigerator, though, they may last anywhere from several weeks to two months.

That’s why buying or picking apples in quantity can save you money over time and ensure that you have a bountiful supply whenever you need it.

How To Store Apples In The Fridge?

Therefore, now you understand that storing apples in your fridge is the most excellent way to maintain them healthy, you have to learn the way to keep them properly.

You should not just toss the apple into the refrigerator and wish the best. Even though you can accomplish this, some helpful hints and techniques help your fruits last more than you can ever think.

The following factors can help your fruits last longer.

  • These fruits keep ripening even after harvesting. This ripening will increase at room temp and your apples will rot quickly. Seek those that aren’t very ripe for extended life.

Worry not; the toughness of them will reveal this. They are probably not totally rotted if there aren’t any mushy waxiness or patches.

  • When touching these fruits, be careful. Because of a quicker leaking of ethylene, if one fruit in a batch becomes damaged or decay, it would cause the entire batch to rot.
  • You should not store them alongside vegetables. These fruits release ethylene gas, leading other vegetables and fruits to mature earlier than they should. It may quickly deteriorate all of the veggies and fruits, especially ethylene-sensitive foods like cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Avoid meals that have a strong scent. These fruits are more prone to absorbing smells from specific dishes. Foods like stinky cheeses fall under this category.
  • Smaller fruits with thicker peel will last longer. In addition, sour apples survive longer than the sweet ones; therefore, you should consider them if you search for a somewhat long-term fruit.
  • Carefully wrap each fruit. Although this method is time-consuming, it’s a sure-fire technique to extend the life of the apple. Because damaged apples decay faster, wrap each one individually to prevent them from deteriorating all at once if one gets terrible. A plastic produce bag or a moist paper towel can be responsible for wrapping every apple.
  • Maintain a dry environment for the apples as well as other fruits. Moisture can shorten your apple’s lifetime, which is a good thing. Just before you eat an apple, rinse it.
  • Keep your apple refrigerated. It is just something we wish to keep up with again! In comparison to the remainder of your fridge, when its door opens and shuts often, it is better that you store them in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer.


We have collected some helpful questions about this field. We hope they are beneficial to you and save you a great deal of time searching on Google.

How To Use Apple When It Is Going To Go Bad?

You may use various popular apple-based recipes to keep your apples from going bad. Creating a classic apple pie is an excellent option if you enjoy apple pies.

It would be an excellent dessert for a picnic, or you may also serve this recipe as a weekend snack for the whole family to enjoy. The apple crisp is yet another delicious apple treat to consider.

It is a pretty easy recipe that only requires slicing some apples, buttering a pan. Then, put a combination of oats, brown sugar, soft butter, flour, and a pinch of cinnamon on top.

You need to bake it for around 25 minutes at 350 degrees F. To make sure that you obtain the most excellent outcomes, it is a good idea to take care of things.

Simply slicing the apples and baking them for several minutes may be satisfying. You may serve them as an essential side dish by adding a little cinnamon and butter.

How To Store Slices Of Apple?

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

Have you ever chopped an apple and watched it turn brown right before your eyes? It might be aggravating, but there’s a solution that’s putting them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

When you chop an apple, oxygen penetrates its interior core, causing it to become brown. It causes an enzyme to be released, which causes the apple to oxidize and turn brown.

Rub the slices with lime juice to avoid this. Because the oxidation process has been hindered, the browning phase has taken much longer.

Wrap these slices securely in a plastic food bag or aluminum foil after brushing them with lime juice. After that, store the slices in your refrigerator in a sealed jar or zippered plastic bag.

What Is The Ideal Humidity And Temperature For Storing Apples?

As previously stated, the optimal temperature for storing these fruits is between 31 and 35 degrees F. They prefer subzero conditions, so the cooler, the better!

Many experts even suggest storing your fruits in a separate refrigerator that is not accessed very often since it will keep your fruits fresh for an extended period by maintaining a constant low temperature.

Many supermarket shops mist apples daily; we know it may surprise you. It increases humidity to keep them fresher for a more extended period.

You are unlikely to have mist equipment on hand, but many other methods add moisture to your refrigerated fruits.

Get a moist cloth and place it over the fruits as an example. Though these fruits should not be too hydrated, this method will provide them with a small amount of moisture without drenching them.

Putting them in a plastic bag is yet another example. As a result, the dampness will be trapped within.

However, because the apple generates ethylene gas, you must puncture some holes to prevent the gas from being trapped. The fruits will rot considerably faster if the gas is kept inside.

The Bottom Line

It’s crucial to understand the time apples last in the fridge. You must utilize this knowledge to prolong the lifetime of your fruits.

Keep in mind that suitable storage is essential and that after the apple has gotten a bit ripe, you must take a look to see whether they are rotten or not.

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