How Long To Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate? Easy Tips

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A cup of hot chocolate is always a simple, nutritious, and energetic drink for you every morning. It is pretty famous for students, students, and busy working people. Although hot chocolate is delicious and straightforward, not everyone can adjust the cooking time accordingly.

That’s why, in today’s article, we will explain how long to microwave milk for hot chocolate. Here are a few recipes to help you make this fantastic drink.

Milk For Hot Chocolate Recipes

Milk For Hot Chocolate Recipes

Whether adults or children, they all love to admire the rich taste that milk for hot chocolate brings. You can buy it at a beverage store or make your own home if you like. Below, we will cover the essentials to make your hot chocolate at home. 


  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla to create a flavor for milk
  • One cup of fresh milk (sugared or unsweetened)
  • Two tablespoons of chocolate powder 
  • Salt (a little salt to balance the taste of chocolate)
  • Two tablespoons of sugar (can increase or decrease the amount of sugar according to your taste)

Steps to follow

There are many ways for you to follow. However, we look forward to guiding the best way and creating high efficiency for people to enjoy. A common mistake is that we often heat milk and stir in chocolate. But with that method, the mixture is easy to clump and difficult to dissolve.

So, a better recipe is to

  •  Pour chocolate, salt, and powdered sugar into a glass. Stir the ingredients together.
  •  Slowly add the milk to the mixture. One thing is for sure: chocolate will appear sticky because the milk is not hot enough. However, do not worry too much about this.
  • After pouring milk into the glass, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute or more, depending on the power and oven temperature.
  • When the time is up, stir continuously to combine the ingredients. The chocolate no longer clumps at this point because the microwave temperature is enough to melt them.
  • Spray a layer of fresh cream or put 1 fruit of your choice (if available) on top of the milk and add vanilla to the scent mixture. 

  Tips and tricks

  • Use natural or powdered chocolate bars. 
  • Mixing containers always prefer to choose large glasses for easier stirring but still suitable for the oven.
  • Sprinkle with potato chips, cocoa powder, chocolate, or crumbs to make the drink more attractive
  • Instead of just drinking in the traditional style, we should cover the surface of the milk with cream and enjoy the unique flavor that ice cream and chocolate milk bring.
  • A little vanilla will add an aroma to the drink.

Is it necessary to boil milk?

It’s unnecessary because you’ll have to re-cook the mixture in the microwave. But if you prefer to be safe, warm the milk on the stove with low heat and moderate heat because cooking on high heat, milk loses many essential nutrients. 

How Long To Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate?

How Long To Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate

When you cook hot chocolate in the microwave at the right temperature with a power of 500-1000 watts, the average cooking time takes 1-2 minutes. You complete it earlier or later than the number we give because that depends on many other objective factors. 

With the experience of many different temperature settings, it only takes up to 3 minutes to own a great drink like this. 

Compared to drinks and cakes like apple pie then, hot chocolate has the fastest cooking time.  

Factors affecting the time

Amount of milk

 If the amount of chocolate milk needs to be cooked more than the above ingredients, the cooking time will be longer. When you need to prepare milk for family members, you can divide the servings into kilograms and cook it in one go for less time than cooking in another large glass. 

Milk at 0°F

 If you store milk in the refrigerator, let it come to room temperature before cooking. Indeed, you must admit that the cooking time when milk is at 0°F is more extended than when milk is at an average temperature

Oven temperature

It is the most critical factor that affects the cooking time of chocolate milk in the microwave. The higher the temperature, the shorter the cooking time, but you have to check often so that the milk doesn’t overheat, leading to burning. 

Usually, the cooking temperature is between 500-1500 watts. The 1500 watt mark corresponds to 60s (we do not recommend setting the oven temperature to that). 

Only set to 1000 watts or less and as low as 500. It will take you up to 3 minutes if you apply the temperature we recommend above.

What is the best hot chocolate?

What is the best hot chocolate

Each person will have different feelings. Therefore, there is no such thing as the best hot chocolate, only which taste suits you better. 

If chocolate gives you so much flavor that you get bored quickly, you need to reduce the amount of milk, sugar, and cream. 

Also, try using water or coconut milk when you hate the chocolate milk version. You’ll need coconut milk, chocolate, and almond milk to transform the traditional recipe. 

It’s not precisely that chocolate is delicious when eaten the usual way. It will also be delicious as a drink. There are many cooking liquids to drink, and you can experience and feel their taste. 


You can use filtered water when you don’t have milk at home or cannot tolerate lactose. But of course, the taste is lighter than milk. If you like the richness that comes from real chocolate, then stop using the powdered version.

How to check if milk is overheated? 

How to check if milk is overheated

 Surely we cannot touch the glass directly with our hands or feel it with our lips. 

The reason is that you have not determined the exact current temperature of the hot chocolate, so it can be boiling and burn you. 

The best way to solve this problem is to use a thermometer. First, rinse and clean the thermometer carefully. Then insert the thermometer into the mixture. 

The number displayed on the screen is the exact temperature of the drink. 

When cooking milk, we usually set it above 110°F. This level is enough to cause minor burns for adults and severe effects for children. 

Although setting the high heat of the microwave oven shortens the cooking time. However, hot chocolate milk appears overheated. The telltale signs are as follows:

  •  The milk is burnt and sticks to the base.
  •  . Protein film fins on the surface of the milk.

To avoid a bad case, you need to remove the milk after 30 seconds from the start. Instead of using about 1-2 minutes of continuous cooking, we interrupt the process after 30 seconds until the mixture is dissolved and the milk is hot enough for you. We guarantee that the milk will never overheat if you apply this method.

Distinguishing hot chocolate from cocoa

There are many types of milk available today. 

But we often confuse chocolate milk with hot cocoa. It is the most controversial issue in recent times. With hot chocolate, the makeup ingredients include chocolate and cocoa powder mixture. The cocoa version has only cocoa, and its flavor and color are always lighter than chocolate when used in the same proportions. 

Is it good to heat milk in the microwave?

The milk ingredient used to make hot chocolate is the most susceptible to spoilage symptoms. Do not pasteurize milk; store it by refrigeration or use chilled pasteurized milk. Thus, your family’s health will be more assured when you drink warmed milk.

In addition, if you set the high temperature in the microwave to cook the milk quickly, the condition of burning and sticking to the base will appear. When chocolate contains many nutrients or is full of energy, it becomes meaningless and affects health. So, do not be absent-minded, but focus on monitoring the cooking process so that no regrets will happen.


Hot chocolate is an energy drink after each meal. If you’ve never tried it and always wondered about the cooking time, we believe you’ve added about how long to microwave milk for hot chocolate and recipes after today’s article. 

There is nothing better than when we receive positive feedback from you. 

I hope the knowledge provided brings many valuable things to your life. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will try to solve it in the shortest time.

Thank you for reading