How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza? When To Order Small-sized Ones?

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If you’re planning a pizza party or just having pizza for your family dinner, you may wonder how many slices are in a 10 inch pizza! A regular 10 inch pizza should offer you six slices – ideal for serving a group of three people.

Sounds interesting? Stay tuned for more fun facts related to this small-sized pie!

How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza
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How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza?

To begin with, you should be aware that 10 inch pizzas belong to a small size, which is between 8 and 10 inches in diameter. Usually, a 10 inch pie is 78 square inches and yields about six good slices, but not always.

There are also some restaurants serving 10 inches pizzas with eight or even ten slices. Of course, their slices are much smaller than average.

How Many People Can A 10-Inch Pizza Feed?

It’s best to serve a group of at most three people with a 10 inch pizza. It means each diner can enjoy two slices – a perfect portion if there are also some side dishes.

In case your group consists of six people, you can consider serving them with this small-sized pizza. Yet, it’s a must to prepare extra food for your menu. You can combine breadsticks, broccoli, salad, pasta, or wings.

How Many Calories Is In A 10 Inch Pizza?

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It will be ideal to ask the restaurant the calories information before ordering since the number of calories a 10 inch pizza contains varies significantly, depending on the toppings and the brand. But generally, an entire 10 inch pizza can provide approximately 1,000 calories.

How Much Does A 10 Inch Pizza Weigh?

To make a 10 inch pie, a pizza chef should prepare the correct weight of dough according to the following formula:

3.14 x 25 = 78.5 square inches x 0.08849 (ounces per square inch) = 6.946 (7-ounces)

How Much Bigger Is A 12 Inch Pizza Than A 10 Inch Pizza?

It’s no secret that even a small change in the diameter of the pie also affects its entire size. With an area of 78 square inches, a 10 inch pizza will be smaller than a 12 inch pizza, which is 113 square inches. These little pies are also 75 inches smaller than 14 inch ones.

When Should You Order A 10 Inch Pizza?

You’ve probably read somewhere that it’s always best to buy a large-sized pizza rather than two medium or small ones. It’s time to change your thinking!  Let’s see when and why you should order a 10-inch one!

As mentioned earlier, this small-sized pizza can feed three people at most, but it’s best if you intend to serve one adult and two children or two adults and one child.

If one of your family members has a different taste from others, which size of pizza should you order? Well, there’s nothing better than ordering a 10 inch one with that specific topping for him/ her to enjoy!

What if your group wants to try a new pizza restaurant and wonder which topping will taste the best? Just pick your favorite ONES, but in 10-inch size.

They’re perfect if you love to explore different flavors and find the best one. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving any leftovers in case it doesn’t suit your taste!

How Does Pizza Type Affect the Quantity You Need?

We all know that pizza size is the most influencing factor that affects the quantity when ordering. But it isn’t as simple as that. Another factor that people often skip is the type of pizza itself!

Pizza comes in different flavors and styles. Some are more filling than others, which means that the diners will eat fewer slices. For example, those with thicker crusts or filled with toppings can easily satisfy your guests with just two slices.

For that reason, you had better order a little less than usual if you intend to pick a dense pizza type like Sicilian or deep-fish. Otherwise, you should go for more pizzas when you desire thin-crust or less filling pizza types – to make up for the increased consumption.

The Bottom Lines: How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza?

The world of pizza is diverse and fascinating, so choosing the correct size is quite important when ordering.

We hope you’ve got a full-depth answer to your initial question. It’s time to look at the menu and pick your favorite one! Enjoy your meal!