How Many Slices Are In A 16 Inch Pizza?

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A 16 inch pizza is an excellent meal for a group of family and friends. However, it’s essential to know how many pieces you will receive after ordering, especially when preparing a large group meal. So, how many slices are in a 16 inch pizza?

The number of slices in a pizza size can vary, depending on the establishment.

You will get 12 pieces in a 16 inch pie in most cases. However, alternative cutting methods can produce somewhere between 17 and 24 pieces.

The article will share details on this topic. Let’s check it out!

How many slices are in a 16 inch pizza
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Pizza Size Variations

A standard pie usually has eight pieces, suitable for four people. Usually, it is a 12-inch pie, assuming each person consumes two slices.

A smaller pie, 8 to 10 inches, is usually divided into six pieces, suitable for children. To avoid waste, you should split a standard slice in half for your child. Once he finishes it off, it is time to give him the other half.

Another popular size is fourteen inches, which usually comes with ten slices. It is the perfect pick for relaxing nights at home or gaming nights.

Next up, extra-large pizza sizes at 16 to 18 inches, typically serving 12 slices. It is an excellent choice for a workgroup celebrating a minor victory at the end of the day.

Do not forget that the number of pieces will vary from dealer to dealer. Therefore, we recommend confirming by phone when you proceed to order. The good news is that pizzerias are happy to accommodate customers’ special requests.

For example, if a large cheese one typically comes in 8 slices at your local pizzeria, they’ll be more than happy to cut it into more pieces to suit your use. You’ll appreciate this when ordering for a group of kids, as they can eat smaller pieces with ease.

Tips For Ordering Pizza For Both Small and Large Groups

Ordering food can be a challenge for anyone. However, there is nothing worse than ordering too little pizza because it will ruin your party.

However, you also don’t want to have too many slices leftover after the party because they can’t stay in the fridge for too long. So, consider the following factors to determine how many pizzas you need before ordering.

How Many Adults and Children?

In addition to knowing the number of guests at your party, determining the number of adults and children is essential. In most cases, children tend to eat less than adults.

Determine Appetite Level

On average, an adult can eat three pieces of pie. However, this number can vary greatly depending on individual taste. Some people just want a slice, while others can consume more than half a pie.

So, it is essential to pay attention to the eating habits of your friends. In addition, the level of hunger also dramatically affects a person’s ability to eat.

How many slices are in a 16 inch pizza
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Allergies, Preferences, and Diet Requirements.

Before ordering, you also need to think about the coating. It is best to note the group’s preferences so that you can order enough of everything. On the other hand, you also need to determine if anyone has allergies or follows a diet.

Most restaurants that provide pizza are doing very well in serving allergy cases. What’s more, they always have side dishes to add to your meal, such as eggplant parmesan, antipasto, or fresh mozzarella!

Consider the Occasion

On average, a large pie can serve two to four people for lunch. However, it is best to order two to five pies for dinner for the same number of people.

So, you should use the online pizza calculator. It can help you determine how much pizza you will need for a crowd of 10 to more than 50 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many calories are in a 16 inch pie?

In general, there are about 500 calories in one slice.

2. How many people is a 16 inch pie suitable for?

The number of people this pie feeds varies depending on the number of pies each person consumes. In general, a 16-inch pie feeds about six people, assuming each person eats about two slices.


The world of pizza is very diverse! So, choosing the right size is essential before ordering. Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to the question: “how many slices are in a 16 inch pizza?” Bon Appetit!

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