How Many Tablespoons Are in 1/4 Cup? Let’s Explore!

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Most measurements can break down into tablespoons, cups in the United States into teaspoons, tablespoons, cups in the United States, and many other places.

Knowing how many tablespoons are in 1/4 cup will make the conversion of measured liquids as easy as pie. It will be helpful to you when you only have a teaspoon without a quarter cup to measure.

A quick answer for those in a hurry, 1/4 c is equal to 4 Tb. We will dig deeper into these units and convert between them in the rest of the article.

What is “Tablespoons”?

  • Tablespoons: T, Tb, Tbs, and tbsp
  • Teaspoons: tsp
  • Cup: c

There are three commonly used measurements in the kitchen: tsp, tbsp, and cups. We often use this measurement next to pounds.

For example, you would use pounds to measure a whole chicken instead of tbsp. On the other hand, to measure small amounts of herbs, you’ll need to use tbsp instead of pounds.

So, beginners need to learn the different measurements commonly used in the kitchen.

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How to Convert c To tbsp?

Formula: Value in Tb = Value in c × 16

1 c is equivalent to 6 Tbs. To convert any value in c to Tb with a simple measurement, multiply the value in c by 1/16. So, 1/4 c is equal to 4 Tb.

How to Convert tbsp to tsp?

How to Convert tbsp to tsp?

Formula: Value in Tablespoon = 3 x Value in teaspoons

One tablespoon equals three teaspoons. Knowing these equivalents is a great way to simplify cooking in the kitchen. So, if you don’t have a tablespoon, you can simply apply three teaspoons as an alternative.

How to Convert tbsp to ml?

One tablespoon is equivalent to 15 ml. As a result, a typical 250 ml serving of liquid is equivalent to 16 to 17 Tb and 1 c.

Difference Between Tb and tsp

Many people confuse these two units of measurement with each other. In fact, they have many differences.

Tbsp   Tsb
For eating or has a significant part in cooking. For stirring sugar in tea or coffee.
To measure ingredients in large quantities. To measure ingredients in smaller amounts while cooking.
Tbsp Tsp

How many Tbs are in a cup? Quick-Reference Conversions

We know you’re not always sane enough to do the math. Do not worry! That’s why we provide a quick-reference conversion table.

Tb tsp c
1 3 1/16
2 6 1/8
3 9 3/16
4 12 1/4
5 15 5/16
6 18 3/8
7 21 7/16
8 24 1/2
9 27 9/16
10 30 5/8

Different C and tbsp Sizes

When it comes to all the different variations of Tb and c, switching between them can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we wanted to make this table available to you.

C mL Metric Tbs (15ml) US Tbs (14.79ml)        UK imperial Tbs (17.76ml)
South African 250 16.67 16.91 14.08
Canadian 250 16.67 16.91 14.08
Australian 250 16.67 16.91 14.08
UK Imperial (old recipes) 284.13 18.94 19.22 16
UK Metric 250 16.67 16.91 14.08
US Legal (nutrition) 240 16 16.23 13.51
US Customary (recipes) 236.59 15.77 16 13.32

Frequently Asked Questions

# How many ounces in 1 c?

Click here to understand ounces better.

c  fluid ounces
1/4 2
1/3 2 2/3
1/2 4
2/3 5 1/3
3/4 6

# How many Tbs are in 2/3 cup of butter?

According to the US measurement system, there are about 11 Tbs in 2/3 cup of butter.

# What do T, Tb, Tbs, and tbsp stand for?

All of them are standard abbreviations for “tablespoon.”


Hopefully, by now, you’ve got the answer to ” How many tablespoons are in 1/4 cup ?.” Remember these formulas to make your kitchen work simpler.

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