Do You Know How Much Celery Salt Equals One Stalk?

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I usually cook various foods using celery salt to see the changes in flavor compared to regular salt. But last week, the vegetable aisle at my local grocery store was on sale, and I ended up getting a bunch of celery for myself. While using both celery salt and celery stalk in the same dish made me wonder, how much celery salt equals one stalk?

There isn’t any accurate way to know how much celery salt equals one stalk. However, an approximate estimate is that a tablespoon of celery salt equals ¼ of a celery stalk. The measurement of celery salt and one stalk varies in size and recipe. But you may not use salt or celery using celery salt.

If you want to know more about it in detail, continue reading the article.

How Much Celery Salt Equals One Stalk?

how much celery salt equals one stalk

Celery salt is a mixture of ground celery seeds and salt – an excellent seasoning for your salad or meat.

However, when using celery and celery salt, how do you know in which amount you put the ingredients? How much celery salt will you add for one stalk, or how many stalks for celery salt?

The answer to this question is not as simple as one might assume. Several factors, such as the freshness of the stalk, the size, or the recipe you use, may alter the measurement. However, in general terms, four tablespoons of celery salt equal one stalk. Or you can say one tablespoon of celery salt for one-fourth of the stalk.

Even though there’s a measurement, we strongly suggest you taste the dish while cooking and add stalks or salt accordingly. The amount of celery salt or stalk required varies from dish to dish.

Another reason to taste the dish while cooking is because if the stalk is stale or old, six tablespoons of celery salt may equal one stalk.

On the contrary, if the stalk is fresh and of high quality, the celery salt required to match the stalk may be 2.

Here are some celery salts you can try.

How Much Salt Is In A Stalk Of Celery?

How Much Salt Is In A Stalk Of Celery

Again, it is complicated to estimate the accurate numbers because how much salt a stalk has also varied depending on several factors. Such as the age of the celery stalk, the freshness of it, how you prepare it, and lastly, what type of celery it was.

But usually, most celery or celery stalks available in grocery stores contain about 0.5 to 0.7 grams of salt. And a chopped piece of celery contains anywhere from 1 gram to 1.5 grams of salt.

However, the measurement of how much salt the stalk has may be different if the stalk was pickled beforehand.

Are Celery Salt And Celery Stalk Substitutes?

Despite both celery salt and celery stalk sounding similar, they cannot be used as substitutes when it comes to cooking. Celery salt is a mineral derived from celery. It can be used as a seasoning or added flavoring. It is made by grounding dried celery seeds and mixing them with coarse ground salt.

On the other hand, the celery stalk is the lower portion of celery. Despite containing salt, it cannot be used as a seasoning; celery stalk is mainly used as the main ingredient or side dish.

Can You Substitute Regular Salt With Celery Salt?

Can You Substitute Regular Salt With Celery Salt

Yes, for sure you can. If you like the subtle taste of celery and want it in every dish, you can, of course, substitute regular salt with celery salt. As both the salt have the same primary component, the measurement will remain the same when cooking.

Celery salt adds an extra kick to your dish that regular salt does not. It is similar to adding onions and carrots to a curry. The overall flavors of the dish will enhance.

Not just as a seasoning, celery salt can also be used as a garnish. You can sprinkle it over your salad, garlic bread, etc., to further improve the taste of your food.

However, celery salt cannot be a substitute for regular salt for every possible dish. It is because some recipes are very taste-specific. For those dishes, we suggest using regular salt instead of celery salt.

Lastly, here is a chart measuring celery and regular salt’s nutritional components.

ComponentsCelery SaltRegular Salt
Sodium.376.3mg.2325 mg.

Can You Substitute Regular Salt With Celery Stalk?

You can’t substitute regular salt with celery stalk.  Although celery stalk contains some salt, it cannot be considered a substitute for regular salt. The stalk does not contain enough salt to be effective while cooking.

However, adding a stalk to your dish will make it slightly salty because the salt inside the celery stalk is released. So remember to season a dish lightly if you plan to add a celery stalk to it afterward.

Does Celery Salt Taste Like Celery?

Celery salt is made from dried and ground celery seed, with an approximately 2:1 ratio. So, it’s obvious you will get a little celery flavor in celery salt.

The primary taste you will get putting celery salt in your mouth is saltiness – well, it’s salt. However, the flavor of celery will empower the saltiness in your tongue after a while with a peppery-bitter taste.

In addition, the grassy flavor adds an earthy backdrop to your dish and mouth, keeping a perfect balance of taste and flavor.

Celery Seed Vs. Celery Salt

Well, celery seed and celery salt – both have the same primary ingredients – celery seeds. Celery salt is made from dried celery seeds. However, several factors made them different.

ComponentCelery SeedCelery Salt
IngredientsCelery seed.Celery seed and salt.
TasteEarthy, bitter flavor.Salty, peppery, bitter taste.
UseSalad, brine, tomato-based soups, etc.Salad, marinade, some beverages, etc.

Benefits Of Using Celery Salt

By now, you already know that celery salt can be a great alternative or substitute to regular salt. Not only do they offer the perfect salty taste with a distinct flavor, but they also come with great health benefits.

As they are low in sodium, unlike regular salt, they don’t impact much on your blood pressure. In addition, they also support managing several issues like-

  • Insomnia.
  • Cold.
  • Arthritis.
  • Fight cancer.
  • Control cholesterol.

But remember, just because it has multiple benefits does not mean you can have as much as you want. Anything in excess is harmful; the same goes for celery salt.


  • What can I substitute for celery stalks?

Several other ingredients can be a perfect replacement for celery stalks. Such as carrots which are an amazing choice as a vegetable, in general, have a very subtle taste. You can add it to your dish without losing much flavor. Other ingredients include fennel, leek, cucumbers, etc.

  • What is considered 1 celery stalk?

As per the USDA, a “stalk” means a head and a single piece of a whole bunch. So, in terms of celery, 1 stalk means the lower portion of one whole celery.

  • How do you substitute celery salt?

There are a few things you can do to substitute celery salt. These include adding the plain old regular salt, or if you are looking for something with a lot of flavors, we recommend onion salt. It has a similar taste and is easy to use when cooking.

Bottom Line

So, how much celery salt is equal to one celery stalk, after all? The answer, in short, is that it is tricky to determine its exact value. Not all celery stalk is the same. Some are higher, whereas others are heavier. It may cause variation in salt levels too.

But to give you an idea in a general sense, 3-4 spoons of celery salt is equal to one celery stalk. And one celery stalk contains 0.7 grams of salt.