How Much Water Do You Add to Sausage Mix? You Should Need to Know

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“All time is sausage time” – making and eating sausage doesn’t see any time or day – the sheer ecstasy you can enjoy forever. However, making sausage can be challenging if you don’t know all the roads and crossroads.

It contains a variety of tasks – preparing the meat, weighing the ingredients, adding water, and mixing all thoroughly. However, the question arises here – how much water do you add to sausage mix?

When you add water to your sausage mix, there are many factors to consider. These include – the type of sausage, the moisture in the meat, and the desired texture.

Typically, per pound of meat, you would add 1 oz. of water. However, you should adjust it according to your recipe.

But, there’s much more to know about using a sausage mix, preparing your sausage, how much water do you put in sausage before stuffing, etc.

So let’s jump right into it so you can make the best out of your sausage seasonings!

How Much Water Do You Add to Sausage Mix?

how much water do you add to sausage mix

Adding liquids to sausage recipes helps to make the process of grinding and casing meat easier. These ingredients also add moisture to the meat. Whether you are making your sausage by hand or using a food processor, you should always mix the meat thoroughly.

Here are a few factors you need to remember whenever you start wondering how much water to add to the sausage mix.

1. Check Consistency 

The right consistency of the meat should be sticky enough to pull on your gloves. Adding liquids to your sausage recipe is entirely up to you, but the more water you add, the juicier it will be.

2. Add Salt To Taste

The meat needs salt. Salt contributes to the flavor, firmness, and binding of sausages. It also prevents water loss during cooking. Sausages usually contain 1.5 to 2% salt, but those that are higher will be too salty.

The metric system calls for 2 grams of salt per 100 grams of meat. Make sure that you measure the water for your sausage properly, because who wants a bad sausage mixture?

3. Make It Cold!

While room temperature water will improve the meat’s texture, cold water will maintain a cooler temperature while allowing it to move more quickly through the meat grinder and stuffer tube.

The colder the water, the less likely the meat will spread while being processed. If the meat is too hot, it will spread throughout the stuffing and end up in the sausage. So, it’s always recommendable to use 8 ounces of water for every 5 pounds of meat.

Why Do You Put Ice Water in Your Sausage?

Why Do You Put Ice Water in Your Sausage

When you start researching how much water do you add to sausage, it’s only natural to wonder, why do people put ice water in a sausage? This simple method adds flavor and moisture to sausage. It is also useful for cooking bratwurst, smoked sausage, and other sausages, so check out the pointers below.

  • Adding liquid to your meat will make the meat easier to mix. If you use liquid, make sure to make the liquid ice cold before adding it to the sausage meat.
  • Warm sausage causes the casing to break. This causes the meat to separate from the fat. This separation is referred to as “smearing.” Adding water helps cool the temperature.
  • Another reason why you should add liquids to sausage is to make it easier to grind or case. Adding liquid will also make it softer and less crumbly.
  • Sausage made with liquids has more flavor and less unwanted ingredients. When you make your own sausage, you can control the amount of ingredients you use and adjust them according to your taste. And, while you’re at it, take the time to record the recipe and the measurements.
  • Water also helps the seasonings to penetrate the meat. Ice water helps the meat retain its fat, which is vital for flavor and texture while keeping the meat structure intact and moist. 

So, if you are making sausages, always keep water in the mixture! The sausage-making process will be faster if you use cold water.

Tips for Adding Water to the Sausage Mixture

Tips for Adding Water to the Sausage Mixture

There are several different ways to add water to the sausage mixture, and each method will require a bit more effort. If you’re unsure of how to do it, use the following tips to ensure a successful result.

1. Adding Water To The Sausage Mix

The reason to add water to the sausage mix is to allow the protein to hold on to the fat in the meat. To measure the water perfectly, get yourself measuring cups and remain assured about your sausage turning out perfectly.

The more water you add, the more fat you can add to the sausage. If you add water to the sausage mix, the meat will hold more of the fat and the sausage will be moisturized and tastier.

2. Adding Water To The Skins

Adding water to the skins of sausage is an interesting way to add flavor and moisture to the finished product. You can use a professional meat smasher for the best water retention of your meat.

The sausage with 20 percent fat and 10 percent pork skins scored higher than the ones with eight percent of fat, a sign that they were both well cooked and stuffed with a tasty filling. 

This suggests that adding water to the skins of the sausage was a successful method for reaching the best recipe for the pork.

3. Cooking Time

Adding water is a common way to adjust the cooking time of the sausage mix. If you want to boil your sausage, add less water. 

If your intentions are to fry them, add a bit more to retain moisture. In general, you should use 1 cup of water to 5 pounds of sausage meat.

You can also experiment with different amounts of liquid. Adding water to sausage meat may not alter its flavor, but reducing it might. A low-sodium broth can replace water, too. Water is also a good way to prevent flavor loss. You can use Pacific Foods Organic Free Range Low-Sodium Chicken Broth to add perfect flavor.

4. Adding Water To The Stuffer

If you’re making your own sausages, adding water to the stuffer is crucial. It’s also a good idea to put ice cubes in the stuffer body to keep it cold. If you’re looking for one of the best sausage stuffers on the market, click here.

After you’re done adding salt to the stuffing, put in the meat mixture and add a little water at a time until the sausage stuffer has the proper consistency.

How To Prepare Sausage Mix?

How To Prepare Sausage Mix

Like most cooks, you probably season your sausage with whatever’s on hand. But is that enough water? And what about all those other spices? How do you mix sausage seasonings?

So, by now, you’re probably stuck wondering, should you add water when making sausage? The answer – yes! Even if you’re dealing with dry meat, water is necessary as a binding agent. 

Let’s see how to properly use your sausage seasoning for the best sausage in town.

1. Prepare The Meat

To prepare the meat with sausage seasoning:

  • Cut it into squares of one to two inches.
  • Place the meat in a large pan.
  • Sprinkle with dry ingredients, then mix in wet ingredients. 

2. Mix The Spices

You can mix your own spices with your seasoning mix. After mixing the spices with your sausage mix, we’re ready for the next step. You can use LEM Backwoods Cured Sausage Seasoning for a tangy blast of flavor in your mouth.

3. Add Water

Many recipes call for adding water to sausage seasoning. Adding water to the sausage makes the mixture sturdier and helps the sausage grinder work less hard. 

The easiest ratio is 1 oz of water per pound of meat or 10% of the total weight. 

You can also add water using ice cubes. This helps keep the meat cold, which will help the sausage flavor come through. But if water isn’t an option for you, there are other options to lubricate your meat – chicken stock, liquor, etc.

4. Cook The Sausage

The first step when making your sausage is to grind your meat. If you have a grinder, make sure it is clean and cold. Once you ground your meat, mix your spices and seasonings lightly by hand or with your electric mixer

If you have a food processor, set it to 50 rotations and grind until a uniform texture is achieved. Once the sausage is grinding, taste it and add as much salt or pepper as you like.

What Can You Use In The Sausage Mix Instead Of water?

What Can You Use In The Sausage Mix Instead Of water

Many often ask if they can use anything else other than water in sausage making. The answer is – yes; you can.

you can use any liquid of your choice that will help the sausage stick together.

Sausage making is all about your creativity; and by putting other savory options instead of water add exhibition of flavor in your sausage.

You have several options that you can use instead of water. These include-


  • Should you add water when making sausage?

Yes, you should add a little bit of liquid when you’re making and forming your sausage. However, most parts of it should be added to the mix before you start forming the sausage. 

  • How much water do you put in Italian sausage?

As with other sausages, you should be mixing 1 cup of water per 5 pounds of meat. However, if your recipe calls for different measurements, start pouring and mixing until you get the right consistency.

  • Should I add water to my sausage seasoning mix?

Yes – if your seasoning mix instructions ask you to use water, ensure to add a little bit more as sausage can dry out if you intend on preserving it. 

Final Word

Sausage making is all about how you mix all the ingredients. However, the consistency mostly depends on how much water do you add to sausage mix. 

Adding the right amount of water is crucial in sausage making. This will help to create a balanced flavor, but it will also help keep the mixture moist and prevent it from clumping.

Usually it’s 1 oz. per pound of meat; you can add water accordingly to your sausage seasoning. Besides, you can try various other liquid to add more flavor.

So go ahead and experiment with flavors in your sausages!

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