How to Cook Frozen Pizza Without Oven but With 7 Super Appliances

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Open the oven, put the frozen pizza, and beep – your pizza is ready. Frozen pizza cooked in the oven is a super food saving your time and life. However, not everyone has an oven to use for frozen pizzas.

But does that mean you can’t eat them? Not actually. It means it’s time to know how to cook frozen pizza without an oven.

You can cook frozen pizza without an oven using these 6 devices-

  • a microwave
  • gas or electric stove,
  • electric skillet or griddle,
  • convection toaster oven,
  • toaster oven,
  • outdoor grill,
  • Air fryer.

Each method is simple and easy. However, each demands a particular time and temperature to cook a frozen pizza.

So let’s check out which cooking instrument you have and what else you would need to bake your frozen pizza.

How to Cook Frozen Pizza Without Oven Using 6 Appliances?

how to cook frozen pizza without oven

Is it necessary to have an oven to bake frozen pizzas lying in your refrigerator?

Well, not exactly. An oven is indeed an effortless and hassle-free way to deal with frozen pizzas. However, it’s not the only way to cook them.

There are 7 cooking tools that you can use to cook chilled pizza. And do you know what’s best – you may have most appliances at your home. So, there’s no need to buy any new goodies.

Before we learn how to bake frozen pizzas in these 7 ways, let’s take a quick look at them, their temperature, and duration charts.

Microwave450° F3-5 minutes
Gas or Electric Stove High HeatUntil the cheese starts to melt
Outdoor Grill400° F15 minutes
Preheated Toaster Oven400° F12-15 minutes
Convection Toaster Oven415° F12-18 minutes
Electric Skillet.Medium heat.Until the crust gets crispy and the cheese melts.
Air Fryer.360° F.4-7 minutes.

Now, let’s learn the process of baking frozen pizzas using these 7 methods.

1. Microwave


These days, most people own a microwave, and if you’re one of them, cooking a frozen pizza would be super easy.

Some microwaves have an additional button titled “Pizza.” So, you won’t have to set any time manually if your device has this extra option.

Let’s go through the simple steps of cooking frozen pizza in the microwave.

  1. Take out your pizza and place it nicely on a plate designed for use inside a microwave. Ensure to use a larger size plate than your pizza. This way, the heat will adequately spread.
  2. Carefully put the plate with pizza inside your microwave and close its door.
  3. If the device has that extra “Pizza” button, then directly press it, or if it doesn’t have the option, set the time for cooking manually.

Generally, it doesn’t take over 5 minutes to cook a frozen pizza, but the wisest thing to do is to check the pizza box directions. It will tell you the cooking time, and you need to set the timer as it says.

Also, you can cook it with less time, check how far it is cooked, and cook it again for a few minutes. All you need to do is make sure the cheese has bubbled and gets slightly brown.

[Note: Don’t exceed the time limit given on the Pizza direction box to get a nicely cooked pizza].

2. Gas or Electric Stove

Gas or Electric Stove

You may not have an oven, but it’s unusual not to have a gas or electric stove. And lucky you- you can cook frozen pizzas using it.

However, you will need a frying pan: but every kitchen has one. So, here are the easy steps to get your frozen pizza cooked well using a gas stove.

  1. Put a frying pan over the stove. Make sure to use a bigger pan than your pizza’s size.
  2. Put a little edible oil on it and brush the oil well on the entire pan surface.
  3. Put your pizza inside the pan and use a pan cover to cover it. It will ensure the heat reaches the top of the pizza.
  4. Cook it at medium heat and check if the cheese has begun to melt. Also, check the crust carefully. You don’t want your pizza top to get less cook and the bottom to overcook.
  5. If you find the crust is crispy, but the cheese still needs to melt more, lower the heat and cook until the cheese is dissolved correctly.

3. Outdoor Grill

It may surprise some, but you can use your outdoor grill for cooking your frozen pizza. Just follow these effortless steps and get your job done in 40 minutes.

  1. Preheat the grill for 8-10 minutes on the standard to 400F.
  2. Get your frozen pizza, place it in the center of your grill, and cook it for 15 minutes.
  3. Rotate the pizza and cook its other side for 15 minutes.
  4. Your frozen pizza is ready if the pizza is perfectly crispy with melty cheese and juicy toppings.

4. Toaster Oven                           

Toaster Oven 

In most households, you will see a toaster oven beatifying the kitchen top. Well, it’s cheaper than many appliances. The good part is you can use it for cooking your frozen pizza. It will take some time, but the process is super simple to follow.

Here’s what you need to do to cook frozen pizza in a toaster oven.

  1. Preheat the toaster oven to 400 hundred degrees or set the preheating temperature to the temperature the pizza box suggests.
  2. Remove the wrap from your frozen pizza and place it over the toaster’s rack.
  3. Place the rack inside the toaster oven and make sure it fits precisely.
  4. Cook the pizza for 12-15 minutes or for the halftime of the suggested time according to the pizza box directions. You will find the back part of the pizza is darker than the front part.
  5. Now rotate the rack to 180 degrees and cook it for another 20-25 minutes or more or less.
  6. Keep looking at the pizza and when you see the crust has become brown and the cheese is softened, take the hot-fresh cooked frozen pizza out of the toaster oven.

5. Convection Toaster Oven

You may have never tried cooking a frozen pizza in a convection toaster oven, thinking it would not do a good job. However, to your surprise, this can handle cooking a frozen pizza outstandingly. Here’s how to use it for the task.

  1. If it has the automatic temperature setting system, set its temperature to 425 degrees, and it will adjust to 400°F on its own.
  2. Put the frozen pizza over a pan and place it in the middle of the convection toaster’s rack.
  3. Cook it for 12-18 minutes, and don’t forget to check its condition through the glass window.
  4. When you see the brown crust and melting cheese, it’s time to bring out your pizza from the oven.

6. Electric Skillet

Some people prefer to cook with an electric skillet, so they don’t have a stove, microwave, or gas grill. If you are one of them, you can use the electric skillet to cook a frozen pizza by following these steps.

  1. Place the preserved pizza in your electric skillet and cover it with a glass cover.
  2. Set the heat to medium and check the crust and cheese condition.
  3. Stop cooking when the crust gets crispy, and the cheese melts completely.

7. Air Fryer

The air fryer has become a healthier option than the typical oil frying method. Here is a step-by-step guide if you are wondering how to cook frozen pizza using an air fryer.

  1. Start by setting your air fryer’s temperature to 360° F.
  2. Then lightly spray in oil – olive oil or any other oil of your choice so that the pizza does not stick to the pan.
  3. Put it in the air fryer and cook it for 4 minutes.
  4. If the pizza seems like it needs more cooking, bake it for an additional 2 minutes.

There you go, you have yourself an air fryer-cooked frozen pizza.


  • Can you cook a pizza without an oven?

The oven is not mandatory for cooking pizza. It’s, of course, one of the best options to make it, but you can also cook pizza over a gas stove, electric grill, microwave, etc. The methods and temperature will vary, but all the other options for baking a pizza are simple.

  • How long do you put a frozen pizza in the microwave?

Here are the suggested microwave-cooking times for a frozen pizza, depending on the size.

The 8-9 inches pizza would take 4 to 6 minutes.

A 10-11 inch pizza requires 5-7 minutes to get cooked well.

The bake time for an 11-12 Inches pizza is 7-11 minutes.

A frozen pizza slice will take 1-2 minutes only.

The mini pizza requires 3-5 minutes.

  • How do you make frozen pizza crispy in the microwave?

There’s an effortless, zero-cost way to get your frozen pizza crispy in the microwave. All you have to do is put a glass filled with water inside it and keep it while the frozen pizza is baking inside your microwave. It will absorb moisture from the pizza crust and thus will make it crispy and delicate.

Final Words

Frozen pizzas are the rescuer for those who don’t have enough time to make a pizza. Just unwrap it, put it in the oven, bake, and relish.

But what if you don’t have an oven? In that case, you need to know how to cook frozen pizza without an oven.

7 kitchen appliances can help you cook your frozen pizzas – microwave, gas or electric grill, outdoor grill, toaster oven, convection toaster oven, electric skillet, or air fryer. Remember, each method requires a specific time and temperature for perfect pizza cooking. But once you know all the information, cooking frozen pizzas using these 7 appliances is super easy.