How to Fix an Undercooked Apple Pie? – Easy Tips

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Name a dessert without which your Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete – it’s apple pie! However, the dinner delight may be a miserable mishap if your apple pie turns out undercooked. 

That’s what happened to me last Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and I found my apple pie was undercooked. I called one of my friends, a pie proficient, and asked how to fix an undercooked apple pie.

Well, to fix an undercooked apple pie, the simplest solution is recooking the pie. Usually, if you use large chunks of apple, they create air spaces, leading to an undercooked apple pie. Other issues can be the oven’s upper rod or lower rod that is not working or the wrong temperature setting.

Keep reading to learn the process of fixing an undercooked apple pie.

How to Fix an Undercooked Apple Pie?

How to Fix an Undercooked Apple Pie

The American icon, apple pie, is everyone’s favorite. You just can’t think of a dessert table without this delicious delicacy. The sweet and tart taste, the buttery crust, and the alluring aroma of apple pies are more than able to fill your mouth with water and heart with desire.

However, if the pie turns out to be undercooked, your heart definitely will fill with sorrow. You must be thinking  – what can I do with an undercooked pie? Don’t be sad; you can fix the undercooked apple pie with a simple solution.

Trust me; it’s really simple. Just follow my steps.

  1. First, wrap the pie with aluminum foil paper
  2. Now, put it in your oven.
  3. Next, rebake the pie at a temperature of 425° F.
  4. Let it get baked for 15 minutes or until you find it well cooked.
  5. Finally, check if it’s cooked right the second time before letting it cool.

Done; your apple pie is all ready to go – perfectly cooked.

How to Stop Your Pies From Getting Undercooked

How to Stop Your Pies From Getting Undercooked

It’s true that fixing an apple is super-simple work. However, several reasons can lead to this unfortunate result. So, the best way to deal with an undercooked apple pie is to know the causes and prevent it from the beginning.

If you carefully avoid these issues, your pie should be well cooked the next time. Here are some tips on how to save your pies from getting undercooked.

1. Air Spaces

When the apple pieces of the pie are pretty large, they leave some spaces that disrupt the heat circulation. So, you get an apple pie with a hardened top but improperly cooked filling.

To avoid this, you must cut apples into tiny thin pieces.

2. Stewing

If you make apple pies, you may have sometimes found it stewing. In this case, the taste is ruined. It mainly happens for melting butter inside the crust since there is no way for the butter to get evaporated. Well, one instigating issue is maybe you have baked it at the wrong temperature.

So what can you do?

Avoid high temperatures. Instead, preheat your oven to 425 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit first. Then, after 30 minutes, bake the pie at 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit until you see bubbles and golden brown color on it.

3. Sogginess

A soggy pie is the nightmare you can expect. Usually, high temperature leads to this tragedy. But can I rebake a soggy pie?

Yes, you can. However, the best way is to create a layer on the pan so that the dripping water from the filling can’t make the bottom soggy.

The next thing is to avoid hot baking dough at any cost. Let the dough cool properly first, and then begin to bake.

Lastly, preheat the oven because your apple pie will get high heat.

4. Mushiness

Your apple pies get mushy only because you use overripe apples. Since the overripe apples have much juice in them, the pie gets mushy.

Hence you need to use an apple that is not overripe, and you can understand it by checking its juice content. We suggest cutting the apple at the very last moment.

5. Dryness

This is an issue most pie makers face. Alongside being undercooked, the crust is dry. Well, this happens because the crust gets dry when you make the dough gummy by overworking.

It will never happen again if you use chilled ingredients. For example, use chilled butter, flour, and water, then you can work while relaxing. Even if you mistakenly overwork the dough, the crust will not get dry.

How to Know If an Apple Pie is Undercooked?

How to Know If an Apple Pie is Undercooked

It’s essential to understand whether your apple pie is undercooked or overcooked. If you can tell in what situation your pie is, you will be able to fix it right. But how to know if your apple pie is undercooked?

Well, you can determine the improperly cooked apple pie in 3 ways.

1. Color

If you bake them in an oven with glass doors, it would be better to find out earlier. All you have to do is check. Look at your pie through the glass door of your oven. Focus on the top of the apple pie. If you see the top is not brown or even golden brown, the pie is undercooked.

2. Sticky Bottom

Besides, sometimes the top crust looks good, but the bottom crust looks gummy when you take it out. It means the pie is not cooked properly. In such a case, the ideal thing you can do is rebake it.

3. Unmushy Apple

Also, check the conditions of the apples inside using a fork. If the apples are not softened, they need more cooking.

How to Know If My Apple Pie is Overcooked

Understanding if your pie is overcooked far easier than understanding an undercooked one. You can tell just by taking a glance at its appearance.

The first symptom of a burning apple pie is bubbling filling. Yes, you will see the filling is getting bubbly around the pie edges.

Another sign is watching your pies slowly separate from their crust. There will be dark spots over a massive area on top, and the top middle crust will begin to break.

When you face such situations, you have an overcooked pie. All you can do is stop baking the pie immediately.

How to Fix an Overcooked Apple Pie

I like pies a lot, so I often make them, but sometimes I accidentally overcook apple pies. Once I used to panic like everyone else, but after learning some effortless tricks, I no longer worry if my pie is burnt. But what I learned are the three ways to fix an overcooked pie.

The first way you can use if the top of the pie is burnt a little is scrapping. Take a hold grater and scrap off the burnt spots.

However, what to do if you have entirely overcooked the top of your apple pie? You can rescue your pie by cutting away the burnt part and replacing it with pre-made dough. Then, bake it for more than 15 minutes to get the perfect pie you want to make.

Its burned edges are the last sign to tell you that your pie is overcooked. In such a situation, cut off the overcooked edges, and with the help of a whip cream pipe, add any flavor cream you like around the edges.

However, it will not only create a beautiful appearance; it will also make the pie tastier.

Some Pies and Their Proper Temperatures and Cooking Durations

Cooking duration play a significant role in giving your food the right texture, taste, and color. Hence, cooking various pies at their required temperatures and time is best.

This table below will help you know at which temperature and how long you should cook different pies.

Main Pie IngredientTemperature to CookDuration of Cooking
Blueberry425° F35 – 45 minutes
Pineapple350° F50 – 60 minutes
Pumpkin450° F20 minutes
Mango350° F1 hour 15 minutes
Apple.375° F.20 minutes.


  • Can you fix the undercooked pie?

It’s possible to fix undercooked pies. Suppose you undercooked your fruit pie. To fix it, you can rebake it for some minutes by putting it over the bottom rack. But rebaking would be the worst if it’s a custard one.

  • Can you put undercooked pie back in the oven?

Putting apple pie in the oven for reheating or recooking is the best thing to do. So, stop worrying about getting dropped texture, color, or taste because that will not happen with the apple pie in the oven.

  • Can you recook an apple pie?

There is no issue with recooking an apple pie. Since there is no meat inside, you can reheat apple pies more than twice with less temperature.

Just ensure the right ingredients, a suitable pan, and the correct temperature.

Final Words

If apple pies are your favorite, an undercooked pie is something you won’t want. So, you must know how to fix an undercooked apple pie.

It’s simple. Wrap the pie in foil, preheat your oven to 425 degrees, put it down to 350-375 degrees, and bake the pie again. If you do as I told you, you can fix any fruit pie, whether it’s a pumpkin, apple, or pineapple pie. However, the best results will come for apple pies only.

But remember to check if there is something else that is causing your apple pie to be undercooked or not. Sometimes, issues such as voltage, oven pole not working, or even too low temperature can cause an undercooked pie.

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