How to Fix Cheesecake Mistakes?

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Errors in the kitchen are inevitable but they can truly hurt your morale. After all, every cooking enthusiast hopes to create a masterpiece. Fortunately, these errors can be fixed. In this post, you will learn how to fix cheesecake mistakes.

But first, what is a cheesecake? Well, just like its name suggests, this is a cake whose main ingredient is soft cheese and is rested on a biscuit base. The delicate nature of the key ingredients can easily trigger mistakes. Apart from the ingredients, mistakes while baking are also a result of our undoing. That said, which are some of the common mistakes while baking cheesecakes and how can they be resolved?

How to Fix Cheesecake Mistakes

How to Fix Cheesecake Mistakes

Even with the inevitability of mistakes and the complexity of the ingredients, it is important that you equip yourself with knowledge on how to make things right. This way, you can always anticipate errors and find solutions before it is too late. Below are causes of mistakes and solutions.

1. How to fix a cracked cheesecake

A cracked cake can portray you as incompetent. The simple trick to fix this error is to cover the crack. There are various toppings that you can use to cover the crack and this will depend on your taste. But you can also prevent your cheesecake from cracking.

The best way to prevent cracks is to avoid overmixing the ingredients.

Overmixed ingredients create air spaces which cause the cake to rise while warm and collapse when cool. Also, use a knife to create space around the edges as soon as you have removed the cake from the oven. Finally, avoid overbaking to ensure the cake remains wobble at the middle.

2. Cheesecake sinking

Cheesecake sinking

Even as you plan to enjoy your cake, you want it to be appealing and not sunken.

The trick to fixing this mistake is disguising the sunken middle using icing and toppings.

But you can easily avoid this mistake. Firstly, avoid opening the oven doors during the baking process. This causes cold air to dilute the oven temperature hence messing the ingredients.

Moreover, preheat the oven to ensure the baking process begins as soon as the batter is ready. This way, you will prevent the cake from becoming dense. Furthermore, avoid using excess baking powder prevent the cake from the cake rising when hot and collapsing after cooling.

3. Wrinkled edges

Baking is all about creating the perfect product. But if the edges of your cheesecake are wrinkled, the final product won’t be so satisfactory. You can still recoup the appealing nature of your cake by using icing to disguise the edges. This error is mostly caused by temperature in the oven.

The best way to avoid such an error is by ensuring the appropriate temperature in your oven.

To check the temperature, you might consider investing in an oven thermometer. More to that, ensure that you preheat your oven for at least 20 minutes. Thereafter, place the cake in the middle of the oven to allow free circulation of air. Be sure to also keep time to prevent overbaking. A timer will come in handy to help keep time.

4. Cheesecake breaking

Cheesecake breaking

The fact that your cake has not come out with an appealing form does not mean it isn’t delicious. If your cake breaks, you can serve it as dessert. There are many ways you can transform your broken cake into a unique dessert. You should consider experimenting. But since you do not want a broken cake, here is how to avoid such a scenario.

Ensure the baking tin is properly lubricated but using a little grease like butter and flour.

Additionally, after you have removed the cake from the oven, do not transfer it immediately to the cooling rack. Allow it too sit for a short time. The instant change in temperatures can cause the tin to break. Nonetheless, do not let the cake sit in the baking tin for too long. Excess heat can make it dense and heavy hence causing breakage.

5. Crumbled cake

If your cake does not hold out on its own, it doesn’t mean you need to dispose it. You can simply crush the large pieces to form crumbs which you can use as a topping for your pudding. Fortunately, you can prevent your cake from crumbling using these tips.

Avoid using too much flour as it may cause the ingredients not to hold together well. More to that, use the recommended amount and type of fat.

If you are using a recipe that requires you to use margarine, do not use butter to substitute. Overbaking can also cause the cake to crumble. To avoid overbaking, set your timer a few minutes short of the recommended baking time. This will allow you to monitor the baking process and note any signs of crumbling early enough.


Baking a cheesecake is not more of skill but accuracy. Even with the best recipe, it is important that you apply caution in every step of the process. However, if mistakes occur, you need to know how to fix cheesecake mistakes.. But it is best that you prevent the occurrence of mistakes.

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