How to Seal Mason Jars With Alcohol in Them

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Sometimes, we want to gift our friends and family members a holiday present. But end up not knowing what to give them. A common yet nice gift can be infused liquors. They are simple to create and decorate.

This is exactly why I wanted to give one to my sister’s family. This leads me to the question – how to seal mason jars with alcohol in them?

Sealing mason jars with alcohol in them is simple and takes only a few steps to follow. It all takes putting required things, infusing, and storing. Other than that, proper cleaning and sealing are also required to ensure the jar is not affected by bacteria. It’s a short yet detailed process.

Hence we have explained things in steps and shared several essential pieces of information you need. So, keep reading to learn how to store alcohol in a mason jar.

How to Seal Mason Jars With Alcohol in Them

How to Seal Mason Jars With Alcohol in Them

Mason jars are a good option for storing alcohol because they can keep the liquid away from the air, you can put alcoholic drinks inside them, such as wine, whiskey, etc.

Although the mason jar has an airtight seal, you should avoid storing them at places where light and air come all day long. Pick a dark place instead. You don’t want the taste and smell of the alcohol to fade away by any chance.

Before we jump into the steps, let us tell you which liquors you can keep in a mason jar.

What Type Of Alcohol Can Be Sealed In Mason Jars?

Alcoholic liquors such as whiskey, vodka, rum, etc., are excellent choices. Try to avoid complicated liquors like mezcal since they don’t easily work.

Here are some types of Alcohol you can store inside a mason jar.

●   Beer

●   Whiskey

●   Rum

●  Vodka

●  Brandy

●  Gin

●  Vermouth

●  Wine and

●  Cognac

How to Seal Mason Jars

How to Seal Mason Jars

There are two effortless ways you can follow to seal your mason jar. One of the ways to seal mason jars is by sealing them with wax, and another is with warm water.

Now, let us see how you can fill and seal a mason jar with alcohol.

Seal With Wax

Sealing a mason jar with wax is not rocket science. However, you need careful handling while sealing the jar to make it inaccessible for air.

To do the task, you will need some materials.

Are you ready with all the materials? Let’s seal the jar then.

  1. Put the wax sealer dish over a small table so you can put the candle beneath the dish.
  2. Next, you will have to light up the candle and put it exactly beneath the middle part of the dish.
  3. Let the wax get heated.
  4. Now, pour alcohol inside the mason jar and wrap the lid with filament tape.
  5. Press it upside down into the wax.
  6. Let it take the heat for a while, and then turn it back straight.
  7. Finally, spin the lid tight while pressing to ensure it’s properly sealed.

Done! You have a perfectly sealed alcohol-filled mason jar all ready.

Seal With Warm Water

You can also try sealing with warm water. This is the commonly followed method to seal mason jars. The process is super simple. The best part is you need only 2 items to do the job.

  • A pot
  • Warm water.

So, are you ready to seal the mason jar with warm water? Follow the steps.

  1. The first job is to fill the pot with water. You need to fill water in an amount that covers the whole jar except for the cap.
  2. Heat water over a stove. Make sure you don’t let the water boil.
  3. When the temperature is quite high, carefully place the mason jar into the warm water with its load-tightened well.
  4. Now, wait a few minutes and let it cool to get strongly sealed.
  5. Finally,  make sure that the mason jar is filled with a sufficient amount of alcohol and is at room temperature.

Your mason jar is sealed.

How to Infuse Alcohol in Mason Jars

A crucial part of keeping flavorful alcohol in mason jar is infusion. The task is not difficult, however, a bit tricky.

  1. First, pick the liquor you want to infuse into the mason jar.
  2. While selecting flavors to add to your liquor, try to be tricky. Check which flavors are generally used with the liquor you are using. If it’s a rum, you must go for tropical flavors such as guava, pineapple, mango, etc. If it’s vodka, you can go with any flavor because this liquor is famous for taking on any flavor amalgams.
  3. After picking your desired flavor and liquor, it’s time to begin the infusion.
  4. Now you can either use herbs and spices or fresh fruits to infuse. If you have chosen fruits, there are no limitations to adding them. But if you want to go with herbs and spices, do not add them a lot. A little amount is the best because they can add strong flavors with a small amount. For example, if you want to seal alcohol with cinnamon or ginger, add only a bit, or it will get overwhelming.
  5. Now put whatever ingredients you have chosen and seal the mason jar with an airtight cap.
  6. Avoid storing it at places where light and heat can come. Find a dark place and store it there.
  7. Strain it only when the liquor is infused.
  8. Once sufficient time has passed, and the alcohol has infused properly, you can store it in a different container after straining it properly.
  9. To strain the liquor, get a filter and a jar that has a wide mouth.
  10. Put the filter over the open jar mouth and pour the infused liquor.
  11. After the liquor is properly placed in the new jar, carefully put the fruits, herbs, or spices over a cheesecloth from the sieve. This way, you can remove sediments.
  12. Next, make sure to clean the last jar you used to infuse.
  13. When it’s cleaned and dried, pour back the liquor and close the jar mouth accurately with the airtight cap.
  14. Leave it in a cool place, and it should last you for a good amount of time.

Tips: Mason jars that come in quarter size will provide you the best results since they can be sealed effortlessly and are available anytime, anywhere.

How Long Do You Need to Infuse?

How Long Do You Need to Infuse

The time to infuse varies depending on the fruit and liquor you choose. Don’t worry if you don’t know how long you should take for different Infusion ingredients.

Listen carefully! If you are infusing Jalapeno or many other spices and herbs with tequila, you shouldn’t let it Infuse for more than 24 hours. Besides, it’s better to allow them for Infusion for only 10-12 hours if you have heart issues.

If you want to combine strawberry with vodka, it should be ready within a week. Try to let the infusion continue for at least six days. Because after testing, we find out that the longer you keep strawberries with vodka, the better they will taste.

Generally, experts suggest letting it Infuse for a day or two with other infusion ingredients. Then check the smell when opening the jar. 

If the smell is already strong, start the straining process, and if you find it smelling less, store it for another day or two and repeat this until the flavor blasts.

Some think the infusing process is tough or takes time, but now you know how simple it is to store alcohol in your mason jar.

Here is a list of alcohols and how long it takes for them to infuse.

TequilaHerbs & spices – 12 to 24 hours·        
Fruits- 3 to 5 days
VodkaHerbs & spices – 3 days·      
Fruits – 7 Days
ScotchHerbs, spices, and fruits- 3 to 6 days
GinHerbs & spices- 5 to 7 days·         Fruits – 3 to 4 weeks
WhiskeyHerbs, spices, and fruits – 3 to 6 days
Rum.Herbs & spices – 24 to 48 hours·  
Fruits – 3 to 5 days.

How Long Will Alcohol Last in a Mason Jar? 

Generally, alcohol is kept in mason jars for an extended period because it is said, the longer you store alcohol, the better it will taste. But you have to take the proper steps. If you follow the steps we mentioned, you can make your alcohol last for over three years.

Are Mason Jars Pressure Safe? 

Yes, mason jars are pretty pressure safe. These glass jars with metal caps are allowed for pressure canning.

However, you must keep one thing in mind: while putting the jar under pressure, the temperature should not change rapidly because rapid temperature changes can damage the jar and cause it to break.

Is It Possible to Ferment in a Mason Jar? 

Is It Possible to Ferment in a Mason Jar 

A Mason jar is a top pick as a fermentation vessel. There are various reasons why people choose it over other vessels to ferment. Since mason jars are affordable, you can buy as many as you like to ferment many things. You can get them easily online or at your local stores. They come in various sizes, so you have plenty of options to select from. 

Since the jar is a full glass, it lets you check how far your fermentation process has progressed. The final but important reason to select it for fermenting is easy storage.

After the fermentation, you can directly put the jar in the refrigerator. There is no need to transfer the fermented foods to another jar or bowl.

How to Store Moonshine in a Mason Jar?

Do you know which alcoholic beverage has the strongest alcohol in it? It’s Moonshine. You may think, how can you store such strong alcohol inside the mason jar? Well, it’s super simple.

You don’t have to do anything but get the right size mason jar. Pour the Moonshine inside and seal the jar’s mouth with an airtight lid like metal lids. Then proceed on to sealing it with the steps mentioned above.

We suggest storing it somewhere dark where air or light doesn’t come, for example, in kitchen cabinets.


  • How do you seal a mason jar without boiling it?

It’s possible to seal your mason jar without boiling. For that, you must follow the following methods: paraffin wax sealing, kettle sealing, vacuum pack sealing, and inversion canning.

To seal an apple pie moonshine jar, put it in a bowl with some hot water. But do not cover the jar with water; keep the lid a little higher. Now open your lids a bit and keep them right in their place over the jar. It will cause expansion while keeping the alcohol inside unharmed.

  • How long does it take mason jars to seal?

Usually, a mason jar requires an hour to get properly sealed, but sometimes the time can increase depending on the size, what is inside, and several other factors.

Take Away

As flavored alcohol is pretty expensive, many people want to brew their own and store it in mason jars. If you are a flavored alcohol lover, you must know how to seal mason jars with alcohol in them.

Well, you can implememnt two ways to seal the jar perfectly. The first method is to use wax which is pretty available and make your jar untouchable by air. Another method is putting your jar in warm water.

Follow our steps correctly while using the proper ingredients, and you will have yourself some flavored alcohol sealed in a mason jar. Always remember to drink safely.