How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter: A Sharp Guide To Regain Its Original Edge

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Anything that is used frequently loses its original shape and diminishes its function. A pizza cutter stands as an example to this. They are not crafted to be as sharp as other regular knives or cutters. Thus, they tend to be dull and lose their edge after a dozen or two uses. Sometimes it is difficult to grip the pizza cutter. It is because of the wheels and circular-shaped edges.

Do not get bothered on how to sharpen a pizza cutter by yourself. Not that complicated, despite its unique shape. Sharpen your skill with this easy step-by-step tutorial. You will learn how you can bring back the perfect circular shape and sharpness of your pizza cutter.

What are the methods used to sharpen pizza cutter?

In this article, you will learn two methods and the processes on how to sharpen your pizza cutter.

The first method is the use of a wet stone

How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter

It is widely and commonly used to sharpen almost many knives. Thus, since a pizza cutter is a unique type of knife, sharpening it is possible by using a wet stone.

Here are some items you will need to complete the process:

  • Polishing compound
  • Wet stone
  • Gloves

Step 1. Take a hold of the blade and wet it.

Do not let the blade rotate while you sharpen it. Tightly grip the cutter’s center wheel and the blade itself. For your safety, remember to always wear gloves as you start with this step. Wet the blade for better shaving off the edges.

Step 2. Lightly grind the stone against the wet blade.

The proper holding of the blade wheel is an angle of 45 degrees. Find the best angle in the blade you are comfortable with. Apply pressure while sharpening the edge. Sharpen the wheel in and out.

Start grinding the wet blade against the stone while keeping the former always wet. Maintain a balanced pressure as you grip on the wheel, otherwise the results may be uneven.

Step 3: Apply a polishing compound to make your cutter shiny.

We must use a cotton cloth with a polishing compound to make your cutter shinier. It will eliminate all unnecessary scratches during the first two steps.

You can also dismantle the cutter before sharpening or during this step.

Step 4: Test the sharpness of your wheel.

This is the last step in sharpening a pizza cutter. It is important not to miss testing the sharpness of the wheel. It will guarantee whether you have done the process properly.

Before attaching the wheel, apply a paltry amount of lubricant. This will make the cutter glide smoothly along the pizza.

Prior to testing the sharpened cutter, make sure you have thoroughly washed it already. For best results, do not let even a single spot be left unpolished.

The second method: Use of a Diamond Sharpening Stone

Use of a Diamond Sharpening Stone

This tool is more expensive as compared to the traditional wet stone. However, it is the fastest and the most efficient method. It is efficient to sharpen not only pizza cutters but all other types of knives.

Here are some items you will need to complete the process using this method:

Step 1: Detach the parts of the pizza cutter

Some pizza cutters have a handle. If yours has one, you can easily dismantle both the blade and the wheel of the pizza cutter. If you are using a diamond sharpener, dismantling can be the most comfortable way of working on it.

Step 2: Sharpen the blade with a diamond sharpener.

This tool is more comfortable and simpler to use as compared with a wet stone. It’s because it allows you to have a good and smooth grip on the blade.

To get the desired result, sharpen the edges inside and out in a counter-clockwise manner. After which, do it clockwise. Maintain a balanced grip on the angled shape of the cutter as you apply pressure. Do not leave any other spot untouched.

Step 3: Polish the blade well

After completing the second step, wash the blades thoroughly. Cleaning first the blade is essential before reinstalling the dismantled parts. Dry it and use a polishing compound and a cotton cloth to get rid of the scratches.

Again, it is important to lubricate the cutter’s wheel before the actual use to ensure a smooth cut. Applying a lubricant will also prevent your cutter from getting rusty.


Sharpening the pizza cutter with a wet stone or a diamond blade is daunting. Of course, it is more tedious as compared with how you sharpen regular or standard knives. But if you will not sharpen the cutter as needed, and still use it often, it will eventually turn dull. Worse, the pizza cutter will develop rust. Something that you will hate seeing while cutting pizza.

This post will guide you how to regain the sharpness of your pizza cutter’s original edge. Your next journey is to enjoy taking care of your pizza cutter! No matter how many times you use it, you’ll be sure that it won’t ruin your pizza crust. Maintaining the cleanliness and original sharpness of the pizza cutter will spare you from purchasing the same again and again. Thus, save money that you can use for other purposes.

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