How Do You Sharpen Cutco Knives? – Easy Methods

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Do you know what makes a chef’s work pleasing, prompt, and satisfying? – a knife. Well, more precisely, a sharp knife. When you are talking about a sharp knife, Cutco is definitely there.

However, if your Cutco knife gets blunt, making your cooking delight a pathetic pain, you won’t like that. But do you know the way, or asking like many – “how to sharpen Cutco knife?”

To begin, take the knife and put the tip on the slot of the sharpener. Push the blade from back to front. Using moderate force, drag the knife back from base to point 5 to 7 times. Repeat the process for 2-3 strokes using very light pressure. It helps remove some of the burs from the previous step.

However, the detail doesn’t end here. Scroll down to know how to sharpen your Cutco cutlery set knives properly.

How To Sharpen Cutco Knives?

how to sharpen cutco knives

There are a lot of devices and techniques to sharpen knives. You can opt for Cutco knife sharpeners, other electric sharpeners, sharpening stones, and the procedure to sharpen your knife.

Sharpening wayTime required
Cutco knife sharpener1-2 minutes
Other electric knife sharpeners3-4 minutes
Sharpening stone5-10 minutes
Whetstone30 minutes( including the time to sink the stone in water)

But before we start exploring the various ways, a quick note. When using the Cutco sharpener, make sure that the sharpener is sitting on a flat, stable surface.

Now, let’s learn in detail how do you sharpen Cutco knives.

1. Cutco Knife Sharpener

Cutco Knife Sharpener

Cucto knife sharpener is the common tool that most use. You can use the right or left-handed sharpener, so be sure to hold the sharpener in your non-dominant hand with the knife in your dominant hand. Read the instructions below to learn how to use the Cutco knife sharpener.

  • To begin sharpening, place the knife’s heel in the v-slot on the sharpener and tip the knife forward so the point is towards the surface on which the sharpener is sitting. Pull the blade back from heel to tip using medium pressure for five to seven strokes. 
  • Next, repeat the process for two to three strokes using very light pressure; this will help remove some of the burs from the previous step. 
  • Once complete, carefully wipe the knife’s edge to remove any burr present, tip the sharpener over to remove any filings, and wipe your work area with a damp cloth.

2. Other Electronic Sharpeners

Other Electronic Sharpeners

There are other electric sharpeners to sharpen the knife conveniently. Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener is an excellent choice. It’s going to be about 130 dollars approximately. You can find it in a store like Bed Bath & Beyond or even on amazon.

The chef’s choice has different styles that will have different slots. Some have three slots, some chef’s choice variations have two, and some have four. 

In the three-knife slots set-up –

  • the first slot is for running your knife through; if it’s dull or blunt, maybe it has a slight little nick in the blade.
  • slot number 2 is where you might have taken the knife for a bit more refined sharpening.
  • the third slot is to give it a little bit of a hone if you want, and also, this third slot is ideal if you have a serrated knife. It works well. 

The procedure to sharpen knives with an electric sharpener is given below.

  • Because of the slots inside the sharpener, there’s no need to keep an eye on the angle. You just go ahead and take your knife with a basic knife grip and middle ring finger around the hand and thumb and forefinger around the blade and then go ahead and run your knife.
  • If your knife is dull, run it three or four times on each side on slot number one, then move over to slot number two and then to slot number three for a little bit of a hone.
  • If you have several knives, this is ideal and allows you to sharpen the knives very rapidly. If you don’t have many knives at home, you can buy something slightly less expensive.

3. Sharpening Stone

The procedure to sharpen knives with a sharpening stone has some simple steps that everyone should follow to get excellent sharp knives. The process is described below.

  • You should soak dishwasher soap into a soft cloth.
  • Carefully rub the towel that is soaked in soap over the knife’s body. It will grease the blade, which is essential while honing it.
  • Place the honing stone on steady, level ground, such as a tabletop. Throughout the whole sharpening process, ensure to retain the honing stone in the same posture.
  • Set the Cutco blade at a 20-degree tilt or slightly slanted on the sharpening stone. Move the knife in a clockwise direction from the trailing edge to the handles; this will keep the sharpening stone steady. Do the same thing on the other side of the knife.

4. Cutco Sharpening Service

 Blunt knives will not cut properly, and if they are not sharpened, they may reach the point where they will be completely useless. It means you will have difficulty bringing the blade back to its normal sharp state, or you might have to throw it away. 

Blades are made of a different range of materials, but the majority of Cutco cutlery knives are composed of metal or strong stainless steel, both of which are excellent for sharpening. Sharpening your Cutco blades using a sharpening stone is a simple process.

You should sharpen the knife once every three to five years. So, follow the professional instructions to know the perfect way to sharpen the blades without guessing the procedure.

In summary, we can say that these processes’ time requirement also depends on how blunt the knife is.

What Makes A Knife Blunt

Many factors can make a knife blunt.

  • The most common reason a knife becomes dull is a lack of proper care and use.
  • Not sharpening your knife regularly is another cause of dullness.
  • Repeated use is also a major factor. Every time you use your knife, the blade edge bends slightly. Over time, this can lead to a loss of sharpness.
  • Storing your knife improperly can cause the blade to become chipped or nicked.
  • Environmental factors: Humidity and other environmental conditions can also cause your knife to be dull.
  • Using it for tasks it wasn’t meant for, like prying open cans or cutting through bone, can damage the blade and make it dull.

Is It Ok to Sharpen Cutco Knives?

Is It Ok to Sharpen Cutco Knives

Cutco knives are a set of cutlery kitchen knives. It is an American brand that manufactures the best cutlery products. It is very important to sharpen knives, especially these kitchen knife sets. If the knife is sharper, it gets safe to use. 

Most of the time, knives-related accidents happen because the knife slides or slips because of the increased pressure you have to give while using the blunt one. Sharpening knives may be intimidating due to the need to learn to properly use particular angles and pressure points to use sharpening stones and steels.

Also, the $200-$400 price range for premium electric sharpeners is very high and might not be affordable to all. Click here to find some of the best electric knife sharpeners. 

Can You Sharpen Cutco Knives With a Whetstone?

Can You Sharpen Cutco Knives With a Whetstone

A whetstone is one method of sharpening a knife. It may take some experience to get the idea of sharpening a knife with a whetstone, but when you do, you’ll be able to maintain blades sharper. 

It is cost-efficient as well. “Whet” means “sharpen,” though some whetstones need soaking. Consult the instructions supplied by the company.

  • To begin, you need a two-sided whetstone where one side is rough, and another is smooth.  Based on the manufacturer’s standards, various blades need the knife’s edge placed on the stone at a varied angle. In general, the temperature hovers around 22 degrees. Check the label and follow the instructions to get the proper angle.
  • With the rough grit facing up, put the whetstone on a chopping board or tabletop. To protect the stone from slipping, place a moist washcloth or napkin below it. With the rough grit facing up, put the whetstone on a chopping board or tabletop. To protect the stone from slipping, place a moist washcloth or napkin below it.
  • Grab the knife and hold its tip against the stone, with the cutting edge contacting the stone at a 22-degree angle. You also have to keep the blade stable.
  • Slide the blade ahead and over the stone with moderate pressure, cover the knife’s full length, and maintain a consistent 22-degree angle against the stone.
  • Do it 10 times, turn the blade over, and do the same. Switch to the grinding wheel edge of the whetstone and provide each blade side with 10 strokes.

How Do You Sharpen a Cutco Serrated Blade?

A serrated knife, such as a Cutco serrated knife, can cut through difficult materials like meat and bread. Mostly it depends on the model what the size will be, but it is usually between 5′′ and 9′′.

You can sharpen a Cutco serrated blade by following Cutco’s advice. Cutco advises sharpening blades with the Cutco sharpener. You may sharpen your knife with the Cutco knife sharpener. They provide two types of files: one made of ceramic (for honing) and the other with carbide inserts (used for sharpening).


  • How much should I charge for knife sharpening?

On average, a professional knife sharpener charges about $1 per inch. That means if you sharpen a 10-inch chef’s knife, you should charge about $10.  

  • How do you test the sharpness of a knife after sharpening?

To test a knife’s sharpness after sharpening, you need to check the tip of the blade gently. If the blade bites the fingernail, then the knife is sharp. But if the knife deflects or slides, then the knife is still dull.

  • How hard do you press when sharpening a knife?

You should not use high pressure on the knife. The generally accepted theory is that there should be a lighter but firm grip and moderate pressure. You should use 2 to 4 pounds on a knife for the best outcome.

  • What is the easiest knife to sharpen?

Forschner knives are an excellent example of this. They are made of softer stainless steel, making them easier to sharpen, and they cost half the price of a Wustof or Henckels knife. Henkel knives with “ice-hardened” blades are the clearest illustration of hardened knives.

Final Words

Knives are your best buddy as long as they are sufficiently sharp. But, if your Cutco knife gets blunt, it will offer more hinder than help. So, it needs regular sharpening. However, how to sharpen Cutco knife?

You can do the task by applying several methods – Cutco knife sharpener, electric sharpener, sharpening stone, etc. If you don’t want to take the hassle, you can set for Cutco sharpening service. All you need is to follow the correct procedure.

Moreover, use your knife correctly, store it properly, and sharp regularly to keep your blades alive for a long time.

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