Margherita Pizza vs. Cheese Pizza: 5 Distinguishing Differences

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Have you ever found yourself in a place stuck between two pizza options and didn’t know what to order?

Well, it was the most common scenario for me, and the most puzzling duo was Margherita pizza and cheese pizza. I guess this dilemma was because I didn’t know how they differed.

But then I ran to the ground, and here’s what I found about Margherita pizza vs. cheese pizza.

Margherita pizza is an authentic Neapolitan pizza, whereas cheese pizza is an American product. The former is sweet-tangy, containing special tomatoes, moisture cheese, and original Neapolitan flour dough, while cheese pizza is salty-tangy with customizable toppings, cheese, and flour dough.

However, that’s not all the differences between both pizzas. Please continue reading to find out the other things there are to it.

Margherita Pizza Vs. Cheese Pizza: The 5 Major Differences

Margherita Pizza vs. Cheese Pizza

Both Margherita pizza and cheese pizza are loved by everyone, but people often fail to identify the key differences between the both. To your surprise, they are very distinct regarding toppings, taste, dough, etc.

So, let us find out the distinctive features of pizzas.

1. Flour And Crust

The dough is the primary difference between Margherita and cheese pizza.

Margherita pizza is the traditional Neapolitan pizza meant to follow precise rules while making it. After all, it’s made for the Queen, Margherita. Thus, the pizza contains authentic Neapolitan 00 flour with high-quality semolina.

On the other hand, cheese pizza is an American pizza that you can make using any whole wheat flour.

In addition, both pizzas have the option of having both thin and thick crusts. However, the traditional way of making Margherita pizza is using thin crust and a bit of burned base as it is made in a stone oven.

2. Toppings

Margherita pizza contains three specific ingredients cheese, tomatoes, and basil. Besides, tomatoes must be of quality – that is, San Marzano tomatoes.

On the other hand, cheese pizza does not have a set list of toppings that need to be put on. Different places use different toppings; some use olives, whereas others put onions on them.

3. Cheese

Margherita pizza uses a special mozerrella called mozerrella di bufala. It is fresh mozzarella with more liquid than regular mozzarella, giving it a more wet spongy taste with every bite.

In contrast, cheese pizza uses different types of cheese, including mozzarella, parmesan, gouda, ricotta, and American cheese. That’s what gives the cheese pizza its classic salty taste.

4. Taste

Margherita’s pizza tastes a bit sweet and tangy. The most prominent is the flavors of fresh mozzarella. It has those Neapolitan pizza-type burned bubbles flavors.

In contrast, cheese pizza has a more sharp salty taste to it with the slightly tangy and acidic flavors of the pizza sauce.

5. Texture

Margherita pizza is chewy and spongy due to the fresh mozzarella used in it.

On the other hand, cheese pizza is slightly more bready. Margherita pizza is also comparatively moister.

Difference In Cooking Between Margherita pizza And Cheese Pizza

Difference In Cooking Between Margherita pizza And Cheese Pizza

When it comes to cooking both pizzas in the oven, the process is slightly different.

Cheese pizza is usually cooked in the oven, and the temperature and the duration of how long to cook it varies from recipe to recipe and preference to preference. Toppings, amount of toppings, and cheese types also play a big role in constructing the appearance of cheese pizza.

On the contrary, Margherita pizzas are usually made in a stone/wood oven for only 20-30 seconds. The baking method ensures its light and crispy texture, whereas the fresh mozzarella provides its chewy texture.

Margherita pizza can also be cooked in a regular electric oven, but the duration needs to be lower than that of a normal pizza.

Tips On Cooking A Margherita Pizza

Who does not love a delicious Margherita pizza? But sometimes, making a Margherita pizza that tastes amazing may feel a bit hard. So here are some tips and tricks you can use to make the perfect Margherita pizza home.

Proper Stretching Of the Dough

It is essential to stretch the dough properly to get the right texture. We recommend using 00 flour as it gives authentic Italian Margherita pizza the best aroma and taste.

We suggest you keep an internal temperature of 25°C or 77°F. Stretch it methodically to achieve the size of a 9-10 inch diameter.

Seasoning The Dough

This is probably something that is not done in any other pizza; use salt and pepper to taste before putting the sauce. You season the dough to give it that extra unique taste.

Create Your Own Base Sauce

Many pizza experts claim the best Margherita pizza is buying fresh tomatoes and making your own base. Make it according to your taste and spread it across the dough in good amounts.


We suggest using fresh basil leaves alongside the fresh mozzarella. It gives the pizza an even more prominent taste. And to take it to the next level, spread some olive oil on top of it.

Tips On Cooking Cheese Pizza

Tips On Cooking Cheese Pizza

Here are some tips and tricks to make the perfect cheese pizza.

Preparing The Perfect Dough

That is the first and most important aspect of making a fantastic cheese pizza. Most chefs struggle for years to get it right. We suggest chilling the dough for a few hours, then spreading cornmeal, not flour, on the surface before kneading it.

It will make the dough taste better. Then stretch the dough by rotating your hands until it starts to move freely without friction. When it happens, you know you have the perfect dough.

Use A Variety Of Cheese

Cheese is the essential part of a cheese pizza, so use a variety of high-quality cheese to ensure it tastes amazing.

We suggest using a good amount of mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, and Monterrey jack cheese. The combination of these cheeses gives off a fantastic taste.

Cooking It For The Right Duration

As cheese pizza cooks very fast, it is crucial to get the timing right.

We recommend preheating the pizza at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches full temperature, put the pizza in and check every 3 minutes. Do not cook it for more than 10 minutes.

Let It Sit

Most people ruin a cheese pizza but cutting it right out of the oven and making everything messy. Do not do that; let the pizza sit for 2-3 minutes, so the cheese sets in and the crust get its crispy texture. Then cut it with a sharp pizza cutter and get that amazing cheese pull.

Margherita Pizza Vs. Cheese Pizza: Which Is Healthier?

Margherita Pizza Vs. Cheese Pizza Which Is Healthier

Margherita pizza is healthier than a cheese pizza. This pizza has low calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol, making it more nutritious than a cheese pizza.

Margherita is a healthier choice for GERD and diabetic patients than a cheese pizza, as the pizza is also low in carbs and sodium.

However, the nutritional values vary from place to place, which may differ for all areas. Some places may make Margherita unhealthier than cheese. However, when made at home, both pizzas can be pretty healthy.

Lastly, remember, despite the nutritional values saying the pizza is healthy, it may not be the case when eaten in excess. Everything in moderation is healthy.

Margherita Pizza Vs. Cheese Pizza: Nutritional Values

Below is a chart comparing Margherita’s and cheese pizza’s nutritional values.

NutrientsAmount per slice of Cheese PizzaAmount per slice Of Margherita pizza
Total Fat7.8g9g
Saturated Fat3.6g2.1g

Margherita Pizza VS Cheese Pizza: People’s Choice, Which Is Better

Margherita vs. cheese pizza, which one do people prefer? Which is more of a fan favorite? Well, the answer to this question is more challenging than it seems because it depends from region to region.

For example, Margherita pizza is an Italian classic – the national treasure. Everyone there loves it, and most people will choose it over a slice of cheese pizza.

However, if you look at another part of the earth, such as New York City, despite people there loving Margherita pizza, they are somewhat biased towards cheese pizza. It is loved by everyone there; for them, nothing is better than a well-made slice of cheese pizza.


  • Is Margherita’s pizza healthier than regular pizza?

Yes, it is comparatively healthier as it is lower in calories and is an excellent source of nutrients. Alongside that, the pizza is rich in micronutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin C, and B12.

  • Does Margherita pizza have fewer calories than cheese pizza?

Margherita pizza vs. cheese pizza calories: which is healthier?

Well, Margherita pizza is slightly lower in calories than a cheese pizza. Cheese pizza contains 213 calories, and Margherita pizza includes 170.

  • Is authentic Margherita pizza healthy?

Authentic Margherita pizza made with whole grain flour is very healthy as a 4-slice serving contains only 90 calories. However, moderate your pizza portion to stay healthy.


So, Margherita pizza vs. cheese pizza – which is better, and what are the differences?

When it comes to the taste, both are unique; the difference is that Margherita is a bit more sweet and soggy in texture. In contrast, cheese pizza is saltier and less moist.

However, which pizza is better? The answer to that depends from person to person and region to region. Some people like cheese pizza more, and others think there is nothing better than a classic Margherita pizza.