7 Best Mushrooms for Pizza Topping – You Must Know

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Who doesn’t love getting cheesy flavors with pizza? People will never despise pizza no matter where it comes from—restaurant, store, or home.

Furthermore, the topping options allow you to customize your pizza according to your preferences. However, you may want to use the best mushrooms as a pizza topping when it comes to mushroom pizza.

So, here are the 7 best mushrooms for pizza topping.

Button, shiitake, portobello, cremini, truffle, oyster, and morel are 7 popular mushrooms used as pizza toppings. They add the rich-velvety mouthfeel taste with nutty, earthy, and meaty flavors to your pizza. But choose fresh, firm, spotless mushrooms and cook them before topping them into pizzas.

Continue reading to learn more in-depth.

Top 7 best Mushrooms for Pizza Topping

mushrooms for pizza topping

Even though there are almost 50,000 varieties of mushrooms in the world, not all are suitable for pizzas. However, we have gathered 7 most popular mushrooms for pizza among the commonly-used mushrooms.

Let’s start exploring them.

1. Button mushrooms

Button mushrooms have a mild, earthy flavor, which you can add to your pizza topping. This little button-like mushroom is a popular restaurant topping for mushroom pizza as an alternative to meat.

Moreover, the combination of olive oil, garlic, and button mushrooms on your pizza will make it taste delicious.

2. Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms usually give an earthy, buttery, and meaty flavor. Furthermore, it might give your pizza a smoky flavor, which you will most likely enjoy.

This light brown umbrella-shaped mushroom tastes almost like portabella or cremini mushroom, and the cooking process is to button mushroom. However, the stem is inedible, so cut it before cooking.

3. Cremini mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are usually popular in Italian wild mushroom pizza with their smokey and buttery flavor. However, cremini mushrooms are the smokiest mushrooms you can find when it comes to pizza.

These mushrooms have a slightly softer texture that pairs perfectly with cheese, olives, and tomatoes.

4. Portobello mushroom

The earthy, meaty flavor of portobello mushrooms are the most common mushrooms used in pizzas. They add depth to your pizza and offer a versatile flavor that makes you feel amazing.

Portobello mushrooms are firm, juicy, and flavorful, becoming the melty delight combined with cheese, tomatoes, and peppers.

5. Oyster Mushrooms

If you want a seafood-dish mushroom, the oyster mushroom is what you need. The oyster-looking mushrooms provide the perfect balance of sweet, earthy, and umami flavor.

However, before cooking, marinate them with garlic and add them to pizzas to enhance the flavor.

6. Morel Mushroom

Morel mushrooms may add a more woodsy and nutty flavor to your pizza. Therefore, you must try the morel mushroom pizza to enjoy these flavors. However tasty, this mushroom is challenging to find everywhere.

The best part of the morel mushroom is they complement the other pizza toppings without overwhelming the flavor.

7. Truffles

If you are willing to spend a little more money, use truffles on pizza. These earthy and  savory mushrooms indeed add uniqueness in flavor and taste.

Tips To Choose The Best Mushroom For Pizza Topping

The taste of mushroom pizza depends on the quality of the mushrooms. Therefore, when buying mushrooms for pizza, you must exercise extreme caution.

Let’s see a few criteria that you should follow while choosing mushrooms.

  • Pick firm, fresh mushrooms with a smooth appearance. 
  • Make sure they are consistent in their natural colors.
  • Avoid mushrooms with dark spots on their bodies. 
  • Make sure the mushroom surface is dry but not completely dehydrated.
  • Choose mushrooms with an exposed gill and an open veil.
  • The mushroom should smell slightly sweet and earthy.

Can You Put Canned Mushrooms on Pizza?

Can You Put Canned Mushrooms on Pizza

Well, you can definitely use canned mushrooms on your mushroom pizza. Even using canned mushrooms will simplify the cooking process significantly. They are affordable and a convenient way to add meaty alternatives to pizza.

Just drain the brine, rinse them well, chop and cook them and add them to pizza. Easy, isn’t it?

In fact, most restaurants use canned mushrooms to make mushroom pizza.

However, you might be wondering if canned mushrooms can compete with fresh ones in quality. You can add them to your pizza if you do not have time, budget, or other choices. But don’t forget to keep your consumption to a minimum.

Following are the 132 grams of fresh and canned mushrooms nutritional profiles.

Nutrition Canned mushroomsWhite fresh Canadian mushrooms
Fat0 g0 g
Carbs7 g4 g
Dietary fiber3 g1 g
Sodium561 mg7 mg
Sugar3 g2 g
Protein2 g.4 g.

How To Put Mushrooms On Pizza: Raw or Cooked? 

How To Put Mushrooms On Pizza Raw or Cooked 

Well, if you add raw mushrooms to pizza, it won’t be a wise choice. In the oven, dry mushrooms cause a significant amount of water to evaporate into your pizza.

Therefore, to maintain the authentic flavor of mushroom pizza, sauté your mushrooms in olive oil for 5 minutes before adding them to the pizza.

You can add finely chopped herbs and kosher salt to improve the flavor. After completing the sauté, you add mushrooms to your pizza without any worries.

Finally, remember, cook your mushrooms for pizza sparingly.

What Is Mushroom Pizza Made Of?

What Is Mushroom Pizza Made Of

If you want to prepare a perfect mushroom pizza, pay close attention to the dish’s three aspects covered below.  

1. Mushroom pizza base

A mushroom pizza dough in restaurants is made with refined flour, which is very unhealthy. So, in that case, you can choose whole wheat flour to have a healthy pizza crust.

These days, however, you can buy frozen pizza dough at most grocery stores. But if you’re going to make your mushroom pizza, I suggest also attempting to make the pizza dough with whole wheat flour, olive oil, yeast, and hot water.

2. Mushroom Pizza Topping

Pizza toppings usually determine the taste of the pizza. You can make a delicious and healthy mushroom pizza by combining mushrooms, garlic cloves, chicken, feta, spinach, and tomatoes.

After adding the topping ingredients, bake them at the proper temperature.

3. Mushroom pizza sauce

Mushroom pizza goes well with white sauce, which can be made with flour, milk, and butter. However, since the white sauce is high in fat and calories, you should use a little of it on pizza.

What Does Mushroom Taste Like on Pizza?

What Does Mushroom Taste Like on Pizza

Mushrooms can be a healthy substitute for meat on pizza. Although mushrooms cover the entire pizza with a delicious flavor, words cannot adequately describe the flavor.

They have an earthy, nutty, meaty, smoky, and umami flavor. Pizza may taste meaty and satisfying if you combine mushrooms with it.

Therefore, you must try mushroom pizza once to determine whether you will enjoy the flavor. I can bet you that you will become a fan of mushroom pizza.

Toppings That Complement Mushroom Pizza

Toppings That Complement Mushroom Pizza

If you’re going to make your mushroom pizza at home, you may wonder what ingredients can make mushroom pizza more delicious. For your convenience, we’ve discussed them below.

1. Chicken

Including chicken in your mushroom pizza is unquestionably a healthy choice, as chicken is a fantastic source of protein.

Furthermore, it may enhance the taste of the pizza.

2. Feta cheese

Without cheese, pizza can’t be complete.

However, cheese is naturally high in calories and fat, so it isn’t at all a healthy choice. Feta cheese can therefore be added to your pizza because it has fewer calories and fat than other cheeses.

3. Garlic

Pizza with mushrooms and garlic can be an excellent combination. Additionally, it has been linked to several health advantages, including a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol reduction.

5. Spinach

Well, spinach goes well with mushroom pizza and has several benefits. However, you can omit it if you don’t like adding spinach to your pizza.   

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes always go well as a pizza topping. Consequently, you can include them on your pizza with mushrooms. 


  • Can you add raw mushrooms to pizza?

You can’t add raw mushrooms to your pizza, as the raw mushrooms get dried easily at high temperatures. Additionally, due to the high water content of the mushrooms, water evaporates from your pizza in the oven’s high heat.

  • Is adding mushrooms to pizza healthy?

Despite being delicious, mushrooms provide a healthy boost that protects your body against several cancers with their rich antioxidant content.  

Final Thoughts

Mushroom pizza is a popular pizza that is topped with mushrooms. But not all mushrooms are used in pizza. Therefore, if you’re making mushroom pizza, you must be certain about choosing your mushrooms.