Let’s Explore the Truth of New Haven-Style Pizza Dough

new haven style pizza dough recipe

Yesterday I visited my aunt, who loves experimenting with pizza. This time, she made a pizza with New Haven-style pizza dough for me, which was so tempting. Well, hearing me, you may wonder: what is New Haven-style pizza dough? New Haven-style pizza dough is thin and crisp, cooked quickly at a high temperature of roughly … Read more

“X” Facts About Toledo Style Pizza You Must Know

toledo style pizza

Arranging a pizza party for a celebration is always my favorite – and this time, it’s my dream job. So, it demands something special – a striking and tasty pizza. And that’s when my friend Toledo-style pizza. But what is Toledo-style pizza? In short, Toledo-style pizza is a mashup of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, frequently baked … Read more

Can Swiss Cheese Replace Mozzarella From Pizzas?

Are you bored of using mozzarella cheese on pizza? Why don’t you try something new – after all, you have plenty of cheese in the market. Perhaps Swiss cheese? But you might want to know if mozzarella vs. Swiss differ to make the right choice for the dish. Mozzarella and Swiss cheese are very similar … Read more

Honey on Pizza: The Sweet and Salty Honey-Cheesy Pie

Honey On Pizza

Hey! Would you like to enjoy trying out new pizza flavors? How about a honey-topped pizza? Well, you heard me right – you can put honey on pizza. You can add honey to both your pizza dough and toppings. Honey improves the rheology, extensibility, and hygroscopic properties of pizza dough, making it more fluid, elastic, … Read more

Let’s Explore Why There Is So Much Salt in Pizza Dough!

salt for pizza dough

“Make pizza, not war.” Well, do you know that making pizza dough typically involves using a lot of salt? It may have puzzled you, prompting the question: why so much salt in pizza dough?  Salt adds taste to the pizza. When making pizza dough, salt tightens and strengthens the gluten strands, helps to hold the … Read more

Manitoba Flour in the Pizza Dough! Is It Possible?

manitoba flour pizza

Do you know that the most important part of a pizza is the crust, the quality of which is dependent on the pizza dough?  Well, to the extent of almost 80%, the quality of the dough determines whether your pizza will be perfect or not. Yes, if you make the best dough, your pizza will … Read more

Pizza Rossa- An Unusual Pizza Recipe for You

Pizza Rossa

Romans are famous for many things: the city, the language, and the pizza. However, Italy is not limited to a Margherita only; there have been a lot of new creations. For instance, pizza Rossa. The sauce-on-bread look may raise doubt about the taste and flavor of traditional pizza, but this unique pizza is rich, tasty, … Read more

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