Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio- All You Might Ask About It!

Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio

Our anniversary is near, and I plan to surprise my boyfriend with his favorite dish – venison summer sausage. I am all set with the ingredients and equipment; however, I am toning and froing with one – how much pork should I use?  So, what’s the correct calculation – “the venison summer sausage pork ratio?”  … Read more

Smoke Before or After Sous Vide: Which Way Is Better?

smoke before or after sous vide

French for “under vacuum,” sous vide is a culinary style that involves food being kept in airtight bags and bathing it in water at a high temperature. Smoking meat or seafood is the method of hanging it in a smoker while cooking it slowly and at a high temperature.  So, combining these two extraordinary culinary … Read more

What Are the Sausage Casing Alternatives?

Sausage Casings Alternatives

The inner layer of the farm animals like cows, sheep, or pigs’ intestines are typically used to make sausage casing. You might have an allergy to these animals, or this might seem unclean and unsafe to eat. Because germs and bacteria can be left if it is not properly cleaned. In that case, one should … Read more

How to Store Sausage Casings – Easy Guide

How to Store Sausage Casings 

Are you scared that your sausage casings will go bad? Well, if you know the tricks of storing sausage casings properly, you would be surprised how long you can store them.  So, here comes the million-dollar question – how to store sausage casings? You can store sausage casings in various ways, depending on the casing … Read more

Using Liquid Smoke in Sous Vide – Your Complete Guide!

Sous Vide Liquid Smoke

Sous Vide – with a french name like this, you already know that this will give you some mouth-watering food. However, can it help you get the delicious smoky BBQ flavor in your meat or fish? Well, you can achieve this using a wonder item – liquid smoke. However, what is liquid smoke, and how … Read more

Sausage Turned Grey in Freezer- Should I Eat This?

sausage turned grey in freezer

You might have kept sausages in your freezer, and suddenly you noticed they had turned grey. Most probably, many questions are flying in your mind right now. You must be thinking, why has the sausage turned grey in freezer? Sausage turns grey in the freezer for a chemical reaction called oxidation. Since oxidation occurs when … Read more

Things to Consider When Searching Best Margherita Pizza Near Me

best margherita pizza near me

Pizza is Italy’s representative to the world when the topic is related to extraordinary food. Devouring a delicious slice of pizza seems like a spicy Italian dream. There are tons of different types of pizza to order, but Margherita pizza stands alone because of its taste, craft, and severity. What is Margherita Pizza? Margherita pizza … Read more

Gluten Free Frozen Pizza [5 Factors You Can’t Ignore]

gluten free frozen pizza

Local grocery stores or restaurants now keep a separate section for gluten-free pizza options alongside delicious pizza. The term ‘gluten,’ let alone ‘gluten-free food,’ may sometimes sound perplexing. However, it has become a common phrase in food in online recipes or restaurant menus. If you want to know more about gluten-free pizza, gluten-free frozen pizza, … Read more

Is Calzone a Pizza: Calzone vs Pizza Comparison

Is Calzone A Pizza

If you are a pizza lover, then it is inevitable that you will like the taste of calzones as well. Pizza and calzone are both made of a lot of similar ingredients. They both originate in Naples, Italy. If you see a calzone, you may think it is a half-folded pizza, although they are a … Read more

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