High Fat Mozzarella Cheese: Make Sense or Just a Myth?

high fat mozzarella cheese

Pizza is a classic favorite for people of all ages. It’s perfect to have at dinner or lunch or as a snack. However, it’s often considered unhealthy since different kinds of cheese have a considerable amount of harmful saturated fat. Among several kinds of cheese, we often love to consume mozzarella. So does high-fat mozzarella … Read more

Provolina Pizza: Everything You Need to Learn

provolina pizza

The world loves Italian-style pizza. It may look simple but tastes excellent. There are various Italian pizzas, including Margherita pizza, Provolina pizza, Diavola pizza, etc. So, what is a Provolina pizza? A Provolina pizza is the same as pizzas like Marinara pizza, Diavola pizza, and Margherita pizza. It has the same base ingredients: dough, basil … Read more

Can Vinegar Become a Game-Changing Ingredient for Pizzas?

vinegar on pizza

Food is always up for experimentation. Even with the recipe for an authentic Italian pizza, you might want to try something new: sometimes change is good. What about adding vinegar to pizza? Something out of the blue, but vinegar brings a lot of interesting additions to the pizza. The sour taste might bother you, but … Read more

Are Pizza Rolls Fridge-Friendly to Last Longer

Can You Keep Pizza Rolls In The Fridge

Pizza rolls belong to those popular snacks that we can munch on without stopping. But this doesn’t always mean that the entire packet or serving will be gone at once. What are you going to do with the leftovers, then? Share among friends and neighbors? If you have a fridge at home, why not keep … Read more

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