Best Honing Steel Products Of 2022

A honing steel, also known as a sharpening stick, rod, or steel as well as chef’s steel and butcher’s steel is a steel/ceramic/diamond-coated rod which realigns the edges of blades. When looking for honing steel for sale, you should know the things outlined below in order to get the absolute best honing steel you can … Read more

The Best Japanese Water Stones For Your Needs

The Japanese water stone (also known as the Japanese waterstone or whetstone) is a type of sharpening stone (from Japan) that you can use to sharpen your knives and blades by applying water on its surface first prior to stroking the blade over it. In regards to finding the best Japanese water stones available, here’s … Read more

How to Test a Knife for Sharpness in 7 Quick Ways

As someone who wasn’t used in the kitchen, it took me a while to realize just how much difference a sharp knife makes. After getting my first whetstone, I no longer let my knives go dull and damaged. Always making sure to sharpen and hone them lets me have an excellent cutting experience. At the … Read more

How to Sharpen a Convex Edge?

Even though the key reason for a blade to exist is to cut, not all blades are created equal. More to the point, they don’t uniformly cut the same way. There’s nuance to every cut they make. This ensures that one blade might be suitable to certain jobs while another blade should be used on … Read more

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