Quick Tips on How to Sharpen Henckel Knives Like a Pro

Was there ever a time when you had the worst cooking experience? All because your knives were old, damaged and dull. I had experienced it, and it is most frustrating. Although my Henckel knives were great, I know their blades will dull if not properly maintained. With that, I learned how to sharpen Henckel knives … Read more

Best Honing Steel Products Of 2022

A honing steel, also known as a sharpening stick, rod, or steel as well as chef’s steel and butcher’s steel is a steel/ceramic/diamond-coated rod which realigns the edges of blades. When looking for honing steel for sale, you should know the things outlined below in order to get the absolute best honing steel you can … Read more

The Best Japanese Water Stones For Your Needs

The Japanese water stone (also known as the Japanese waterstone or whetstone) is a type of sharpening stone (from Japan) that you can use to sharpen your knives and blades by applying water on its surface first prior to stroking the blade over it. In regards to finding the best Japanese water stones available, here’s … Read more

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