Papa Murphy’s Pizzas – Everything About This Famous Pizza Brand

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Since it isn’t really a pizza restaurant, Papa Murphy’s is not the same as traditional pizzerias, such as California Pizza Kitchen or Marco’s Pizza.

This take-and-bake pizza franchise possesses more than 1000 outlets throughout Canada and the US. All of these branches are well-known for the various levels of crusts.

If you’re curious about this unique pizza supplier, our post is for you. We’ll spill the beans a little bit: thin, fresh, original pan and stuffed crust pizzas are how we would describe it.

Now, let’s delve into everything about Papa Murphy’s pizzas, from their history, interesting facts to the best-sellers and not-so-good items on the menu.

Papa Murphy’s Pizzas Overview

Papa Murphy’s Pizzas
A well-loved pizza brand

Papa Murphy’s is among those fast-food restaurant chains changing how customers approach pizzerias.

Usually, when reaching out to a pizza store, you’ll order, sit (or stand), and wait, which is a traditional route with no real problem there.

However, this take-and-bake company has alone changed the game using many ways. Yes, the take-and-bake system, its main characteristic, contributes a significant part to its innovative development.

At a Papa store, you don’t place an order to eat. You place an order to take it home and bake it yourself.

That’s why Papa Murphy’s pizzas are a lot cheaper than other regular pizzerias, which puts it at a considerable advantage on the market.

Also, the take-and-bake operating system allows the company to offer food to no- or low-income people with EBT or food stamps – a humanitarian feature that not many pizzerias can show off about.

Generally, take-and-bake is a new concept where sellers prepare the pizza when buyers order, ensuring fresh sauce and toppings. The only thing is that customers have to bake it at home.

In a word, it’s somehow the same as buying frozen pizzas at the supermarket, but this time your food is 100% safe, fresh with no preservatives or additives.

Interesting Facts About Papa Murphy’s

  • You can customize your pie.

Do you wish to split your pie into quarters? Or do you want a half with no sauce or no cheese? No problem. Do you want to add some toppings or sauce on one side? Feel free to ask the chef.

The restaurant is always willing to meet your demands. No matter what your requests are, they’ll hand out exactly the pie you want.

  • Their pizzas are fresh.

If you have a chance, discover behind the counter when reaching out to a local outlet. You’ll be happily surprised to know that all their cooking materials and dough are 100% fresh and made in-house every day.

They grate the cheese freshly every morning and chop vegetables on site daily. So, we call it fresh (and delicious!) pizza.

  • Pink sauce

A secret item on this brand’s menu is the pink sauce – a blend of its exclusive white and red sauce. Bet you’ll be nuts about it. Its flavor is unique, and the taste is finger-licking. We highly recommend requesting it for your next pizza.

  • Three Crust Options

Apart from the latest gluten-free crust, the company also offers three various crust options. If you’re crabbing a family-sized or large pie, choose the thin crust.

It’s like a thin cracker that serves all the desirable flavor you’re addicted to with much fewer calories.

The most common selection is still the original classic crust in all Papa’s pizzas of all sizes. But if you’re chasing something new, “Fresh Pan” is a perfect option.

For this thick and buttery crust, you can opt for large-sized pies. You should try this amazing thing at least once.

What Are The Best Menu Items?

That said, it’s undeniable that this eatery’s pizzas are any foodie’s dream. Herb Chicken Mediterranean, Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Tuscan Chicken with Sausage are some particular saucy items.

So, there’s no need to discuss the deliciousness of its food.

We’ll choose the best and the not-so-good dishes on its menu based on experts’ nutritional criteria. In other words, you’ll know which are the most and least healthy items on the brand’s menu.


One slice contains two portions of protein, helping with rebuilding and repairing muscles. With 319 calories only, a Hawaiian slice fits nicely into your daily diet.

The restaurant uses Canadian bacon instead of standard bacon for this food, providing a bit more protein and a leaner substitute.

But it’s critical to note that sodium of 780 mg is still deemed relatively high. However, you will face that problem with most dishes at this restaurant.

The Herb Chicken Mediterranean

This pie is an exclusive delicacy combining olive oil, garlic, feta, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, zesty herbs, and herb chicken on top of a thin artisan crust.

This dish is always in great demand and among the best sellers of all time. Its juicy but healthy toppings appeal to a lot of pizza lovers.

The words “tasty,” “healthy,” and “pizza” barely go together, particularly for junk food. But this time, they remarkably do.

Italian Salad

If you’re craving a fresh salad, this one is a potential selection. Though it has a slightly high-fat content, you’re consuming veggies, antioxidants, the fiber of six grams, and protein of 13 grams.

The protein + fat combo will make you satisfied.

You may find the taste a bit weird, but low calories, lower sodium, and trans fat are what you’re paying for.

Plus, this salad will be a brilliant choice for those seeking to control their carb consumption since it contains no more than 15 gr of carbs while providing some boosting fiber and all those veggies.

What Are The Not-So-Good Menu Items?

The fact that Papa Murphy’s menu items are any foodie’s dream does not necessarily mean they’re healthy things. Indeed, more often than not, junk food is far from favorable for your health.

Bacon Cheeseburger

It’s no surprise this one comes first on the list. Typically, whenever fast-casual restaurants combine meats in one dish, that recipe is high in sodium for sure.

A large slice of bacon cheeseburger contains a vast amount of saturated fat, sodium, and total fat. With sodium of more than 1300 mg, you’re halfway there eating one slice solely.

As little as possible, saturated fat should be present in your food since it causes high cholesterol and links to colossal cardiovascular diseases. Should you pursue a heart-healthy nutrition program, this item is a big “no-no.”

5-Meat Stuffed Pizza

Whenever the eatery combines multiple slices of meat in one dish, the recipe is surely high in fat and sodium. This one is no exception.

Large size includes Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, ground beef, pepperoni, and crispy bacon, containing significant sodium and fat. Please remember that it comes in two thick layers!

Final Thoughts

Pizza is never a bad idea for a quick, bon-appetit meal. If you prefer to bake your own dough, Papa Murphy’s pizzas are the top suggestion for you.

Consider your diet, personal preference, and, most importantly, the nutritional factors when placing an order. Though it’s junk food, it’s not always unhealthy!