Pizza Crisper vs. Pizza Pan: Which One Is Better?

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Are you a thick-crust or thin-crust pizza lover? If you are looking for a pizza, you should know two variations of pizzas: pizza pan and pizza crisper.

So what’s the difference between Pizza Crisper vs. Pizza Pan?

Pizza Crispers have holes that spread heat faster, making the crust crispier. In contrast, pizza pans have no holes that heighten the heat, making the crust less crispy and more doughy. A pizza pan is suitable for homemade or fresh pizza, whereas a pizza crisper is perfect for thin or frozen pizza.

This article will guide you to get the correct pizza pan according to your preference. So keep reading till the end.

Pizza Crisper: Why Do You Need It? 

A pizza crisper is a must if you like having thin-crust pizza. It’s essential not because it makes a crispier crust but because it can cook a pizza evenly. Such a pizza pan is also known as a perforated pizza pan. 

Also, this pan is the best option for cooking thin crust pizza because its specialty is making crusts more crispy, and thin pizza with soft crust is indeed a bad idea.

Pizza Pan: Why Do You Need It? 

Thick-crust pizzas are more likely to taste like soft bread. Such a pie with a crispier bottom will not taste good. Hence, a thicker crust pizza pan will do the best job as its primary job is raising the crust to make it soft.

Compared to a pizza crisper, this pan does not have holes, so the heat distributed is comparatively less. But it can be cooked for a short time. The heat goes through the metallic layer of the pan, heating the dough enough to be well-cooked but not crispy.

Pizza Crisper vs. Pizza Pan: An Elaborate Discussion

A pizza crisper is slightly different from a pizza pan regarding its looks and how it works. Below we have briefly discussed the differences between the two pans for cooking pizza.

ParametersPizza CrisperPizza Pan
MakeAluminum Or Carbon SteelCast Iron With A Thick Base
Heat DistributionFaster And Even Heat Distribution.Slowly Heats Up, Spreading Temperature For Longer.
HolesMultiple Small Holes On The Surface.No Holes On The Surface.
Surface Thickness0.45mm to 1.6mm0.45mm to 1.6mm
CrustThin Crispier Pizza Crust.Thick Crust Soft Pizza.
OutcomeCrispy Crust Pizza As The Moisture Evaporates From The Crisper Holes.Softer, Doughier, Thick Pizza Due To The Build-Up of Heat And Moisture
Cooking TimeLess Time-Consuming For Fast-Moving Temperature.More Time Than Crisper Due To The Slow Heat Transportation.
CleaningHard To Clean For The Residue And Crumbs Stuck On The Crisper’s Holes And Surface.Easy To Clean In The Dishwasher.
Suitable PizzasNeapolitan PizzaNew York Style PizzaChicago Style PizzaDetroit-Style Pizza

Now let’s explore the detailed differences between pizza crisper and pizza pan.

Pizza Crisper vs. Pizza Pan

The difference in Appearance

There is a vast difference between a pizza pan and a pizza crisper’s appearance. While a Pizza Pan has no holes under it, a Pizza Crisper has. This appearance does the primary job of changing the texture of the crust.

Difference In The Pans Thickness

The thickness of the pizza crisper and pizza pan’s thickness depends on the brand you purchase. However, generally, the thickness ranges from 0.45mm to 1.6mm.

The Difference In Forming Pizza’s Crust 

The pizza crisper’s holes at the bottom do the trick to make a pizza crust crispier. It allows the heat to spread evenly and fast, which makes any thin-crust pizza crisper.

If you’re planning to make pizza at home, the better option is to use a pizza pan (that does not have holes) because it can make the pizza dough rise.

Besides, not having holes will not make the crust that crispy but soft. Hence, a pizza pan is best if you prefer your pizza crust to be less crisp.

Difference In Cooking Duration And Temperature

Here is a chart showing the difference in the time required to cook a pizza in these pans and the temperature you should set to get the perfect crust.

 Pizza CrisperPizza Pan
Duration15-25 Minutes10-15 Minutes
Temperature375-425 Degrees Fahrenheit450-500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Which is Better For Crispy Crust Pizza: Pizza Crisper Or Pizza Pan? 

Which is Better For Crispy Crust Pizza Pizza Crisper Or Pizza Pan 

Usually, most people like to have their pizza crust to be crispy. If you are one of them, you should know which pans will work better to make a crispier crust. It’s, of course, a pizza crisper.

However, here we need to understand something.

A thick-crust pizza generally doesn’t tend to get crispier than a thin-crust pizza. Hence, you not only have to use a perforated pan to get the right crisp, but your pizza crust should also be thin.

Although it’s possible to make a thick-crust pizza’s bottom enough crispy, you will need to add more oil and bake it longer.

What Are The Ideal Pizzas For Pizza Crisper And Pizza Pan?

Both are excellent pans, depending on your preference, but certain pizzas need to be made using either of these pans.

Here are the best pizzas to make with both of them.

1. Using Pizza Crisper

Using Pizza Crisper

Here are some best pizzas to make using a pizza crisper.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

This is one of the most classic and best pizzas to make using a pizza crisper. The pizza is known for its thin crust and strong basil-olive oil taste.

2. New York Style Pizza

Another fan favorite when it comes to pizza is New York Style Pizza. This pizza is known for its cheesy, soft top and thin, crispy crust. An absolute delight to have and easy to make in a pizza crisper if you follow the duration we gave above.

3. Hawaiian Pizza:

Hawaiian pizza is a favorite for all pineapple-on-pizza lovers. It takes only 15 minutes to cook in a pizza crisper, but the pizza will leave a long-lasting heavenly taste in your mouth despite its short cooking duration.

2. Using Pizza Pan

Using Pizza Pan

Here are some best pizzas to make using a pizza pan.

1. Chicago Style Pizza

This ever-famous pizza is known for being a bit doughy and bready. A perfect pizza to make using a pizza pan that tastes delicious.

2. Detroit-Style Pizza

This meat-filled pizza is another great dish to make using a pizza pan. Known for its near-fried chewy texture, it’s a delight to have while being easy to make in a pizza pan.

3. Greek Pizza

Greek pizzas are as classic as its gets when it comes to pan pizzas. Using a variety of toppings, it is easy to make in a pizza pan that will give you a thick and chewy crust with a deep-fried bottom.

Pizza Stone Vs Pizza Pan And Pizza Crisper

Alongside the pizza crisper and pizza pan, there is another option for baking a perfect pizza: the pizza stone. So in between these three, which can cook the best pizza with a crispier crust? If you think it is a pizza crisper, then you are wrong. 

Pizza stone does a better job of making the crust much crispier, whether thin or thick-crust pizza. It’s because its stone can absorb more heat than a pizza pan and crisper.

It allows the heat to spread fast through the dough, makes the crust crunchier, and cools the bottom nicely.

Benefits Of Using A Pizza Stone

Other than a pizza crisper and pan, a pizza stone is the next best alternative for cooking the perfect pizza. Here are some benefits of using a pizza stone.

  • Pizza stones are known for absorbing the moisture that ensures pizza is not soggy.
  • It also helps pizzas develop a crispy base. It means your pizza will be crispy at the bottom but fluffy and doughy at the top.
  • Pizza stones cook pizza perfectly because it distributes heat evenly and retains a lot of the heat. It allows the pizza not to get overcooked or burned.
  • It is the best way to make authentic Italian-styled pizza.


  • Do you need a pizza crisper? 

A pizza crisper is a must if you often eat frozen or thin-crust pizza. It will ensure the pizza is equally cooked while making the crust crunchier than a pizza pan can.

  • How do you use a pizza pan and crisper?

Using both a pizza and a crisper is super simple. You have to put them on a heat producer, brush a bit of oil on the surface, and let them cook the pizza.

  • What is the best surface to cook pizza at home? 

A pizza stone is considered the best surface to cook an authentic pizza at home because the stone not only allows the heat to circulate quicker through the pizza but also absorbs moisture and makes the crust crispier than a pizza crisper.

Final Words

Pizza is a global demand, and nowadays, people love making pizza at home. Some even love to store many frozen pizzas in their refrigerator. But do you know that different crust requires different cooking tools?

There are two significant pans for baking, one is Pizza Crisper, and another is Pizza. But which is better: Pizza Crisper vs. Pizza Pan?

If you often make pizza yourself and don’t require your pie to get much crunchy, a pizza pan is suitable because it makes the crust less crispy and raises the dough. But if you like a crunchier crust or mostly eat frozen pizza, the Pizza Crisper is what you need. It will make the bottom look browny, the crust feels crispier, and bake the toppings well.