Provolina Pizza: Everything You Need to Learn

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The world loves Italian-style pizza. It may look simple but tastes excellent. There are various Italian pizzas, including Margherita pizza, Provolina pizza, Diavola pizza, etc. So, what is a Provolina pizza?

A Provolina pizza is the same as pizzas like Marinara pizza, Diavola pizza, and Margherita pizza. It has the same base ingredients: dough, basil leaf, and tomato sauce as other pizzas. The key difference is the Provola/ Provolone cheese. It makes the pizza taste sweeter and sharper. 

This article will help you learn everything you should learn about this specific pizza, including its easy-to-follow recipe and other essential information. So keep reading to get a good concept of the Provolina pizza.

What is Provolina Pizza?

What is Provolina Pizza

Provolina Pizza is famously known as pizza con la Provola. It’s one of the authentic Italian pizzas. It’s more similar to Margarita Pizza.

There is only one difference between these two, in Margherita pizza, you need to use mozzarella cheese, and in Provola pizza, you must use Provolone cheese alongside mozzarella. 

This prominent cheese is sweeter and harder than Mozzarella and was first made in South Italy. One can use Provola cheese alone or with Mozzarella. However, to get the authentic taste of Provolina Pizza, the best is to put Provola cheese as the topping.

How Many Types of Provolina Pizza Are There?

There are two types of Provolina Pizza depending on the two kinds of cheese. One is Provolone Piccante and another is Provolone Dolce. 

While Piccante lasts longer than Dolce. While the piccante can add a dryer texture to the pizza, dolce adds a creamier texture. 

Piccante tastes sweet and sharp, but dolce tastes sweeter. Generally, Provolone Dolce is more popular for use as the topping.

How to Make Provolina Pizza?

How to Make Provolina Pizza

Generally, a Provolina pizza has the same recipe as a Margherita pizza. Below are the Ingredients and steps for making a Provolina pizza.


1.    Pizza dough

2.    Tomato sauce

3.    Oregano

4.    Provola cheese

5.    Mozzarella cheese

[Note: Instead of basil leaf, you can also add oregano and a few more preferred toppings]

Steps to Make Provolina Pizza

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most authentic Italian Provolina pizza.

Step 1. Cutting Mozzarella Cheese

First, cut your mozzarella cheese into chunks.

Step 2. Softening Mozzarella Chunks

You need to soften the hard chunks of mozzarella cheese and put them into a water bowl. This way, the cheese will melt easier.

Step 3. Spreading Tomato Sauce 

Get your pizza base and spread the pre-cooked tomato sauce. 

Step 4. Adding Mozzarella Cheese

Take out the Mozzarella cheese and spread them on the dough.

Step 5. Adding Provolone/ Provola Cheese

Sprinkle some grated Provolone/ Provola cheese all over the pizza. 

Step 6. Add on Oregano

Now, add oregano according to taste.

Step 7. Placing Pizza in Oven

Before placing the pizza in your oven, preheat it to 230 degrees Celsius for ten minutes. After preheating, bake the pizza for another 15-20 minutes. When finished, enjoy your meal. 

Provolina Pizza Nutritional Values

In the table below, we added the nutritional facts about Provolina Pizza. 

NutrientAmount Per Slice
Total Fat6%
Total Carbs0%

How Healthy is Provolina Pizza?

How Healthy is Provolina Pizza

Generally, pizzas are not considered healthy, especially when you add lots of toppings. But Provolina pizza won’t be unhealthy if you consume them in moderation. Also, if you’re slim, it will not be a big deal to have some Provolina pizza once in a while.

A moderate amount of Provola and Mozzarella cheese on your pizza can help you get probiotics, calcium, and other essential nutrients.

Also, the pure tomato sauce (if homemade) and basil leaf will provide your body with the necessary minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Also, the pizza dough will give you the carbs and calories you need.

How Unhealthy is Provolina Pizza?

Provolone cheese is the primary ingredient of Provolina Pizza.

Every 1 ounce of Provolone cheese has 7.55 grams of total fat. Hence, eating a lot of Provola cheese can increase your risk of getting heart disease and getting obese.

So it’s better to add Mozzarella cheese and lesser Provola cheese since Mozzarella has fewer calories and fat. So you need to be aware of consuming too much of it.

Who Should Avoid Provolina Pizza?

Are you a heart patient, or are you on a diet? Then you must avoid consuming Provolina pizza too often. Although it tastes better than most cheese pizzas, it also does more harm to our bodies.

Cheese has a high amount of saturated fat, which can eventually lead a person to a heart attack if consumed often or daily. It can also increase blood sugar levels and the chance of getting a stroke.

Since Provola cheese provides more fat than other cheese, it will not be a good idea to add it to your regular diet. If you want to continue your journey of losing weight, then eat Provolina Pizza occasionally.

Pizzas Similar to Provolina Pizza

Pizzas Similar to Provolina Pizza

Some pizzas have many similarities and fewer dissimilarities than Provolina pizza. Below we have mentioned the similar pizzas to Provolina and their differences.

1. Margherita Pizza

The base of Margherita pizza and Provolina are completely the same. There is only one difference, and that is the cheese.

While for Margherita, one has to use Mozzarella cheese, and for Provolone pizza, one needs to use Provola/ Provolone cheese. Both the pizza’s base ingredients are pure tomato sauce and basil leaf. 

2. Marinara Pizza 

Marinara Pizza is also the same as Provolina. The only difference is the sauce. For this pizza, you must prepare a “Marinara sauce.” To make the sauce, you must cook tomato sauce with fried minced garlic, basil leaf, salt, and some sugar. 

3. Diavola Pizza

Diavola pizza tastes spicier. While all the basic Ingredients for this particular pizza are the same as Provolina, the main difference is adding spices. 

To make a diavola pizza, you need pizza dough, tomato sauce, fresh basil, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, chili peppers, and hot and spicy salami. 

The last two mentioned ingredients are what bring the spiciness to Diavola pizza.


  • Is provolone cheese good for pizza?

When it comes to taste, provolone cheese is the best pick for its sweet taste and semi-hard texture. But when it comes to health, it’s not a good pick because it has more fat than most other cheese, which can cause many health issues, especially if a person has obesity. 

  • Which is better in pizza, provolone or Mozzarella? 

The classic Mozzarella tastes better on pizza because it not only tastes good but also provides lower calories than provolone. On the other hand, provolone tastes better than Mozzarella but can cause health problems being a cheese with more saturated fat. So it’s wise to use less of the former. 

  • What is the difference between provolone and mozzarella cheese? 

The key differences between provolone and mozzarella cheese are in texture and taste. While the mozzarella cheese gets smooth and soft after melted, provolone cheese gets semi-hard. 

Furthermore, mozzarella cheese tastes mild, but provolone tastes sharp. One can get a sweeter and tangier taste simultaneously with provolone cheese.  

Final Words 

These days, pizza is more prominent than other fast food items. The main reason for its quick gaining fame is several varieties.

While there are slight changes in the ingredients and making processes, the taste changes dramatically. 

One such pizza is Provolina pizza. It’s simple to make and requires almost similar elements to Diavola, Margherita, and Marinara pizza. 

However, a must-have component is Provolone/ Provola cheese. It is made from cow or nanny goat’s milk. The cheese brings the key change to the taste by adding a sweeter flavor.