Can You Sous Vide Beyond Burger? If Yes, Then How?

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If you are a vegan, fast food like Beyond Burgers can satisfy you. But what is the method of cooking this type of burger – only using a pan or grill? But can you sous vide Beyond Burger?

Yes, it might sound odd to use the sous vide process for making Beyond Burgers. But you can surely make it happen. In fact, sous vide makes Beyond Burgers more tinder and juicy than cooking them on a pan or grill.

You might think of this method, but maybe you wondered if this is possible? Will it be okay if you do that? Yes, that is why we wrote this article, to answer all of your questions. So, to know more, read the article attentively and get rid of all of your confusion.

What Exactly Is A Beyond Burger? 

What Exactly Is A Beyond Burger 

Whenever someone hears about the veggie burger, the first thing they think is that it is tasteless and gross as it has no meat in the patties.

And this is absolutely wrong. The researchers have given a real thought after it, and they made it so tasty and juicy, just like the meat. Even a non-veg person can fall in love with this ‘Beyond Burger.’

So, how does the veggie patty give meat flavor and texture? What ingredients are used? Is it healthy?

Rice protein, pea protein, coconut butter, coconut oil, pressed canola oil, dried yeast, and some other ingredients are also used to make a veggie patty that will give flavor and texture like meat.

Ingredients Purpose
Rice and Pea proteinHaving enough protein like meat in the patty
Natural flavors Making meaty flavor
Dried YeastMaking meaty flavor
Refined Coconut oil, Pressed Canola oilAdding some fat to the patty
Coconut butterAdding texture like meat
Beet juice extractCreating look like real meat
Vitamins B3, B6, B12Adding more nutrition value

Can You Sous Vide Beyond Burger? Why Sous Vide a Beyond Burger?

Sous Vide Beyond Burger

Any food can be cooked by sous vide method, so why not Beyond Burgers? You can sous vide Beyond Burgers. It works perfectly.

In the sous vide cooking method, a vacuum-sealed bag is required to create the food environment that you can cook for an exact time and at an exact temperature. So, when you cook Beyond Burger in the sous vide method, you can cook your burger in high heat and low pressure. And this offers more delicious and healthier alternatives.

If you grill a Beyond Burger in the usual way, it will taste great, but whenever you sous vide Beyond Burger, you’ll get a taste really on a different level. After sous vide Beyond Burger, you just need to give it a final touch on a pan or grill.

It will increase the taste, tenderness, juiciness, and texture compared to a ‘Beyond Burger’, which is only cooked on a pan or grill.

And to get a more delicious burger, you need to try sous vide Beyond Burger. We can bet that you’ll love the result. 

How to Make a Sous Vide Beyond Burger

Now you know that sous vide Beyond Burger can make the taste of the Beyond Burger great. But do you have any confusion about the sous vide method? Like, how to sous vide a Beyond Burger? 

We are here to help. Just follow our guidelines to make the Beyond Burger tastier. 

  1. First comes seasoning. Salt, garlic powder, and pepper are needed for seasoning the patties. 
  2. Get a vacuum-sealed bag and keep the patties in it. Sous vide them at 165°F for 1.5 to 2 hours.
  3. The next step is caramelizing onions. In a heated pan, cook some diced onions with olive oil until they take a rich brown color. In this step, you must keep the heat low and saute the onions slowly. 
  4. When the onions are done, the next step is toasting the buns. In a heated pan, just toast the sides of the buns. It will offer you an amazing flavor.
  5. Then heat the pan again, add some olive oil, and roast the sous vide ‘Beyond Burger.’ For each side, searing it for 1 minute will do enough.
  6. The final step is assembling the burger. Toasted buns, roasted sous vide Beyond Burger patty, some cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, and add some sauce if you like. Your burger is ready to enjoy.

Is Beyond Burgers Healthy?

Can You Sous Vide Beyond Burger If Yes, Then How

You may ask about Beyond Burger – is it healthy? What are the nutrition facts of a Beyond Burger?

Let’s go through an explained comparison between the veggie and beef patty.

  • Calories and Fat

There are 270 calories and 20g of fat per four-ounce Beyond Burger patty. In contrast, there are 287 calories and 23g of fat per four-ounce beef burger patty.

So, veggies do not have remarkably low calories and fat. If you think that a veggie patty will save some calories and fat, you’ll be disappointed.

  • Sodium and Carbohydrates

There are 380mg sodium and 5g of carbohydrates per four-ounce ‘Beyond Burger’ patty. In comparison, there are 75mg sodium and 0g carbohydrates per four-ounce beef burger patty.

However, sodium is a necessary mineral; still, more sodium than a certain amount can cause diseases like high blood pressure.

We consume too much sodium and carbohydrates in our daily diet, so we should keep these in small portions. In this case, again, choosing a veggie burger for health consciousness is no help.

  • Protein and Fiber

There are 20g of proteins and 3g of fiber per four-ounce Beyond Burger. In contrast, there are 19g protein and 0g fiber per four-ounce beef burger patty.

So the Beyond Burger has a bit more protein and fiber. Fiber is great in your daily diet. So in this section, Beyond Burger patty wins.

After the comparison, now we know that it is challenging to state which one is healthier. We will instead say, go for what you like. If you are a vegetarian, the comparison isn’t necessary for you.

What’s The Difference Between Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger?

We already know about Beyond Burger; now, let’s talk about the Impossible Burger. The impossible burger is the same as the Beyond Burger, which has replaced all of its value of proteins, fat, and taste and texture with vegetable alternatives.

Let’s see the difference between a Beyond Burger and an Impossible Burger:

Nutrition Beyond Burger (40z, 133g)Impossible Burger (40z, 133g)
Saturated fat5g8g

The above chart shows that the differences between these two veggie patties are no big deals. So, you can just take whatever tastes good to you. 

Why Does Beyond Burger Need To Be Cooked To 165?

Why Does Beyond Burger Need To Be Cooked To 165

If you undercook the Beyond Burger, it may taste gross. If you do not cook it at a high temperature, there is a chance that the inside of the patty will be left raw. Even if the outside may look cooked perfectly, they are raw.

Though there is no real meat within the ‘Beyond Burger’ patties, it still needs to be cooked properly at a high temperature. Because the patties have high protein and they should not be eaten raw. It might create food poisoning. 

Therefore, ‘Beyond Burgers’ needs to be cooked at a certain temperature. And 165 is the perfect temperature to cook Beyond Burgers.


  • Can you sous vide impossible burgers?

Yes, you can sous vide your impossible burger as same you can use it for regular burgers and Beyond Burgers. Sous vide your impossible burger can offer you more deliciousness and tenderness. It’s a good way to cook your burgers.

  • Can you eat Beyond Burger Raw?

You should not eat Beyond Burger raw. It may cause food poisoning. In that case, diarrhea and nausea are the most common symptom of food poisoning. The patties are processed to be cooked. So, it needs to be cooked.

Then again, raw Beyond Burger patties will taste gross. If you do not want to experience an awful taste, you must avoid eating raw Beyond Burgers. 

  • What temperature do you cook Beyond Burger at?

The Beyond Burger patties should cook at a proper internal temperature though there is no real meat. Many veggie ingredients are used in this type of patties, which are difficult to digest raw. So you should cook them properly; otherwise, you might get food poisoning.

You should cook the Beyond Burgers at 165℉ temperature. This temperature will help to cook the burger patties perfectly.

Take Away

That is all about “can you sous vide Beyond Burger?” Yes, you can. Thus, you can make your Beyond Burgers more tinder, flavorful, and juicy.

So, go get a Beyond Burger, sous vide it, and enjoy the food.

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