Stone Deck Oven Pizza: The Key Equipment for a Perfect Pizza

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There are different ovens to cook pizza, but is there a special kind of oven that can help you get a crunchier crust? Yes, there is, and it’s called a stone deck oven. 

A stone deck oven pizza tastes delectable. The pizza bakes faster with a well-charred crust outside and airy inside. Hence it feels more mouthwatering than pizzas made on pans or home ovens. It can provide heat to the pizza stone up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the primary reason for a well-baked pizza.

But before trying a stone deck pizza, you should know how to use it, maintain it, and more. Here’s everything about a stone deck oven for pizza. 

Why Use a Stone Deck Oven for Cooking Pizza?

Stone Deck Oven Pizza

Usually, people who already have an oven may wonder why they should use a stone deck oven when their home oven can also bake pizzas. Here’s the deal, a pizza stone with a stone deck oven will give you a crispier puffier crust.

If a pizza is not crunchier from the outside and soft from the inside, it doesn’t taste the best. You can get this taste by using a ceramic pizza stone or other good-quality stone. It distributes heat symmetrically, and you get the perfectly crunchy pizza surface as an output. 

Does a Stone Deck Oven Pizza Taste Better?

Stone deck ovens can undoubtedly make a pizza taste better because they can bring a little yet noticeable difference in a pizza. A stone deck oven pizza tastes different from a wood-fired or pan pizza. The first noticeable difference is the crust. 

The ceramic pizza stone can puff up the crust if preheated well. But it will also ensure that the crust is crunchier than most other pizzas. It happens for the burst of heat it provides.

Since the pizza stone can clasp more temperature and spread evenly, excess water from the dough is drawn out. So you will get a crispier crust, and the dough is still soft and airy inside, which tastes immense. 

How to Use a Pizza Stone in a Deck Oven? 

How to Use a Pizza Stone in a Deck Oven 

You don’t have to buy an additional stone for a deck oven because it already comes with pizza stones. The stone of a deck oven can make the crust of a pizza crunchier than a pan or an oven without a stone. 

If your oven is not stone deck one, you can purchase a pizza stone the size of your oven. To use it, simply put the stone on the bottom rack of the oven to heat it quickly. 

Preheat the pizza stone for at least an hour to 500 or 525 degrees until it’s ready to bake any pizza. 

Will Pizza Dough Stick to Your Deck Oven’s Pizza Stone? 

Several beginner deck oven users make a common mistake in which their pizza crust sticks to the stone. The outcome is terrifying. Is there a solution to the problem? Of course, there is.

Your pizza dough is sticking to the pizza stone for only a reason, and that is not preheating it. The primary rule of using a pizza stone is to preheat it for a required time. The dough’s moisture will stick to the pizza if the stone’s surface is cool. 

When the stone is preheated, it immediately evaporates excess water from the dough. Hence the dough doesn’t stick, and the crust gets crispy. 

Perks of Using a Stone Deck Oven for Baking Pizza 

There are benefits of using a stone deck oven for making pizza. 

  • You can cook them faster if you’re in a hurry and need to attend to guests with pizzas. A stone deck oven will give you the advantage of baking pizza faster than usual. 
  • Perfect pizza requires high heat to bake well. A stone deck can provide high heat up to 900 degrees F, whereas a regular home oven can reach 600 degrees F max.
  • Another perk of a stone deck oven is that it’s super hot surface can bring out unnecessary moisture from the pizza dough, thus giving the crust a crunchier than a pizza baked in an oven without stone. So a deck pizza comes with a finer taste. 

What Stone is Used for Stone Deck Oven? 

Whether it’s a double-deck stone pizza oven, stone deck oven, or one-deck oven, the time comes when we need to replace our old pizza stone with a new one. In that situation, it’s normal for anyone to get confused about which stone they should purchase for their deck/ stone deck oven. 

There are different materials for pizza stones. However, three other materials make pizza stones considered the best. 

  • The first best option is clay-made stone. It’s better at absorbing excess moisture to offer a crispier crust. 
  • A cordierite-made pizza stone is the second best because it can resist high heat and ensures no crack in your pizza crust. 
  • The third best is ceramic-made stone. If preheated, it will provide you with an accurately crunchy crust with no cracks.

How to Clean a Deck Oven After Baking Pizza? 

How to Clean a Deck Oven After Baking Pizza 

You should maintain a stone deck oven well. Many people don’t know the right way to clean the deck oven. Here are effortless steps you can follow to preserve your stone deck oven. 

Step 1. Removing Excess Debris 

The first thing you have to do is take a spatula or peeler. With one of them, scratch carefully on each pizza stone surface to remove all debris. 

Step 2. Wiping Out Debris 

Take a clean cloth and wipe both sides of the stone. This way, you can remove external waste and prepare your stone for deep cleansing. 

Step 3. Deep Cleansing 

To deep clean, the pizza stone, take a bowl of clean water and add some baking soda because it can work like a scrubber. Mix it well to make the solution. 

Take a clean damp cloth and clean any stain on the stone with the solution. After removing stains, you can clean them with cold water. After one side is cleaned and dried, you can clean the other, repeating the same process. 

Step 4. Cleaning The Internal Part 

Once done cleaning the pizza stone, it’s time to remove dirt from the internal part of your deck oven. You can use warm soapy water and a paper towel to clean it up. 

Remember to leave no soapy water inside. After removing the filth and stain, clean it twice or thrice to clear up the soap solution. You can clean the outer part of the stone deck oven the same way with the same solution.

[Note: Never Oil your pizza stone or clean it with soapy water. Because if you do, the stone will have a smell of the oil or soap] 


  • Is a deck oven good for pizza? 

Stone deck ovens are better than home ovens for baking a pizza. Because a deck oven can offer up to 900°F temperature and a home oven offers from 500°F to 600°F. The high heat ensures that a pizza is cooked fast and gets a better texture. 

  • How long does it take to cook a pizza in a deck oven?

A deck oven can cook pizzas quicker than other methods. It takes less than 10 minutes to bake your pizza. 

  • Is 500 degrees too hot for a pizza stone? 

500 degrees is not too hot for a pizza stone. A pizza stone requires a high amount of heat; the more heat you provide, the better for the stone. Deck ovens can provide up to 900 degrees and are considered a perfect temperature for preheating a pizza stone. 

  • Is ceramic stone better for pizza? 

Ceramic is an excellent option for cooking pizza, but it’s not the best selection. According to experts, cordierite stone can bake pizzas better. 

Final Words 

We all love to get that crispness of the crust of a pizza when taking bites. Most of you may have tried to follow a few tips to make your pizza crust get that similar crisp we find in restaurant pizzas. 

There’s no progress, right? You don’t cook stone deck oven pizza. A stone deck oven is critical to get a crunchier crust. Most restaurants bake pizza Inside a stone deck oven to cook it swiftly and make the crust crispier. 

This way, the pizza tastes different and better. So, if you want to get praised by your friends and family by inviting them to eat crispy pizza, start baking it with a stone deck oven soon.