Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio- All You Might Ask About It!

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Our anniversary is near, and I plan to surprise my boyfriend with his favorite dish – venison summer sausage. I am all set with the ingredients and equipment; however, I am toning and froing with one – how much pork should I use?

 So, what’s the correct calculation – “the venison summer sausage pork ratio?” 

The ideal ratio of venison to pork is 2:1. That means adding one portion of pork to every 2 portions of venison. This safe ratio will keep the flavor balanced. The best cuts to mix with venison are pork shoulders and hinds. To make venison snack sticks, you should use a 7:3 ratio of venison to pork.

To know about all these in detail, just go through this article!

Nutritional Fact Of Venison Summer Sausage (For a Serving Size of 2 oz or 56g)
Calories 138
Total Fat 9.6g
Cholesterol 55mg
Protein 12g
Sodium 700mg
Carbohydrates 2g

Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio- An Appropriate Calculation

Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio

Venison is a good source of protein. It contains low saturated fat, a good heam iron, a high amount of zinc, and a source of different types of Vitamin B.     

Summer sausage made with venison can be a difficult but rewarding process. You would like everything to be flawless, but you’re not sure how much pork to use properly.

If you add under or over, your sausage will be either dry or too greasy. As a result, it’s critical to discover an appropriate ratio that appeals to everyone’s preferences. So you might be wondering, “What is the ratio of pork to venison for sausage?”

The ideal ratio of venison-to-pork is 2:1. That is, for every two portions of venison, add one portion of pork. There’s no need to be concerned over such a proportion; it’s a safe bet. This proportion will prevent the pork’s flavor from overpowering the venison’s flavor.

After mixing this mixture, take a bite and check whether you’re satisfied. Try to figure out whether the venison summer sausage is leaner or fatter.

Then, unless you prefer a fattier sausage, add more pork; if you want a thinner sausage, add less pork.

What Kind of Pork Do You Mix with Venison Sausage?

What Kind of Pork Do You Mix with Venison Sausage

You might be curious about the perfect type of pork to use in the venison sausage. The best pork for the venison sausage is the meat with extra fat. 

The pig is a source of versatile cuts of meat. You can have pork belly, bacon, ham, pork ribs, shoulder, and many more. And such options may be enough to make you confused.

But keep in mind that not all cuts contain the same level of fat.

The reason why venison sausage needs extra fat is that deer meat is very lean. Which means it lacks fat. And if you made a summer sausage entirely out of venison flesh, you’d get a very dry meat product. 

That is why the ideal kind of pork meat is shoulders or hinds. You might also pick pork belly if you are willing to taste more pork than venison. On the other hand, you must avoid using pork tenderloin as it is the leanest form of meat from a pig. 

However, the issue is still there: “How much pork do you mix with venison summer sausage?”

As you already know, the ideal ratio of venison to pork is 2:1. So you can add 2.5 pounds of pork to 5 pounds of venison. It is your most secure and balanced bet.

How much Pork Do You Mix with Venison for Snack Sticks?

How much Pork Do You Mix with Venison for Snack Sticks

Deer meat or venison is suitable for making delicious sausages, and you can also make different types of snacks. One such item is venison snack sticks. 

As you already know, venison lacks lat, resulting in a dry texture. That is why you need to add external fat into venison to make the meals more delicious. 

But the amount of pork required in snack sticks is not the same as the venison summer sausages. For snack sticks, you need to follow a 7:3 ratio of venison to pork. That means you need 30g of pork for every 70g of venison in order to make the snack sticks.

This ratio will ensure the snack sticks’ juiciness and ensure the pork flavor does not dominate the venison flavor. But if you want to have a dominant pork flavor in your snack sticks, you can change the ratio according to your taste.    

What Are The Five Benefits of Eating Venison?

What Are The Five Benefits of Eating Venison

You might not be a regular consumer of venison. And because of this, you also might be unaware of the benefits of eating venison.

Although venison is slightly less common meat, it has plenty of health benefits. Let’s explore the top five advantages of eating venison.

1. Good Source of Protein

There are about 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of venison, which is a good serving size. Because it contains all or the majority of essential amino acids that human organs cannot create on their own, venison is indeed a complete protein.

Protein isn’t simply for bodybuilding and large muscles, as you would think. The relevance of protein goes above growth and repair. For instance, preserving your immune system, producing hormones, and assisting in creating vital enzymes.

2. Low Saturated Fat

You should reduce your saturated fat intake as one of your diet’s goals. Red meats usually have a high amount of saturated fat, harming your health. 

But unlike the common red meat like beef, venison has a lower saturated fat count. Thus, venison will make room for other types of fats, which will benefit your health.  

3. Excellent Source of Heam Iron

Iron deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency in many countries. Contrary to other plant-based sources, venison is a superior source of haem iron.

Haem iron is more suitable for human bodies as our bodies can absorb it efficiently. Including a little amount of venison will help you fight iron deficiency for an extended period.

4. High in Zinc

One of the best sources of zinc, along with oysters, is venison. Approximately 32% of daily zinc intake can be sourced from 100g of venison.

Zinc is a very essential nutrient for us. This nutrient improves our immune system as well as maintains healthy skin.

5. Wide Array of Vitamin B 

There are eight types of vitamin B that you have. And venison contains two of the most crucial vitamin Bs out there, B6 and B12. 

These vitamins are essential for brain health apart from other things. Deficiency can thus cause depression and cause depressive-like symptoms. 

B vitamins, in general, are crucial for energy production and can affect anything from your hair to your digestion.


  • How much Pork Fat Do I Add to A Venison Burger?

Venison is an extremely lean type of meat. Although it is taboo for hunters to add fat to venison, it is a necessity for others to do so. 

Due to the extreme leanness of venison, deer burger patties frequently come out overly dry and rough. For venison burger meat, it is strongly advised to go for a ratio of 80% lean to 20% fat from pork.

You might go above this ratio if you are okay with the dominant flavor of pork in your venison burger.

  • How many Times Should You Grind Venison?

You must grind venison at least twice. Venison is more flavorful when you grind the meat and form them into different shapes.

Grinding makes the meat more flavorful and makes it easier to cook. Although it is crucial to grind the meat twice, most individuals only do it once.

The additional grinding will more effectively release the protein inside the meat that prevents the strands from falling apart on the grill.

  • Is It Healthy to Eat Venison Every Day?

Yes.  None of the red meats is as high in protein as venison. That benefits your body since it encourages the development of muscles.

It’s also excellent for your health because foods that are higher in protein help to satisfy your appetite. In other words, eating venison will make you feel content for longer.

Additionally, because it isn’t raised on farms, venison isn’t as contaminated with steroids and antibiotics as some modern beef.

Venison also has less fat as well as cholesterol, adding to its long list of health advantages. It’s also abundant in B vitamins, iron, and phosphorus, among other nutrients.


Your venison sausage might taste horrible if you don’t maintain a proper ratio of venison to pork. 

And not knowing which type of pork to use with venison might also affect the taste. So, it’s crucial to know the accurate venison summer sausage pork ratio.

You can prioritize your taste and change the ratio, but for tasting the perfect venison sausage, 2:1 ratio is ideal. The safest proportion of meat mixture helps you keep the flavor balanced and beautiful.

However, always try to be careful while making venison sausages as a simple mistake might ruin the taste for everyone.