What Part Of The Cow Is Brisket? Explained!

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Do you know which part of the beef you eat every day is located? It is part of the beef brisket. 

So, what part of the cow is brisket, and why is it so soft and delicious? The following article will help you answer this question. Stay tuned to the article’s end to learn more exciting things about beef brisket!

What Part Of The Cow Is Brisket?

Beef brisket is the cut of meat from the chest area of ​​a cow. 

It includes superficial pectoral muscles and deep pectoral muscles. 

The amount will have a lot of connective tissue and fat. As a result, it helps to create a rich flavor for dishes made from the beef breast.

Currently, the discarded breast can be sold as a whole. But the vast majority of you will divide the platform into 2 main parts: the straight part and the pointed part. 

It will help users choose the meat that best suits their dish because not every position of the beef breast can be processed into the same container.

To determine the position of the sternum, you can observe and identify it with the naked eye. Specifically, the breast will be right above its front legs when you look directly at the cow. The front is the area between the front legs, called the breast or thorax.

In addition, in cattle that do not have a collarbone to support their body weight, the pectoral muscles are very well developed and help keep the front half of an animal weighing up to 1400 pounds on the ground. The supporting power holds up to 60% of the cow’s body weight. So it needs thick and supple muscles.

what part of a cow is the brisket

Three Cuts of a Beef Brisket

To prepare meat dishes from beef brisket, you can separate them into 3 different positions to choose the most suitable part for the container. In addition, it also helps with defrosting when your steaks are frozen.

So, how can you divide the 3 parts of the beef breast most reasonably?

Full Packer

Full Packer is a form of cutting the entire breast. In particular, this meat will include 2 other sets of muscles, the flat muscles and the point muscles. A layer of fat separates them with a weight of 8 to 20 pounds. This fat can be trimmed to ¼ to 1 inch.

The Flat

The Flat is the main meat of the beef breast. 

It is located on the inner side of the cow against the ribs, which is very good for human health. Because it is lean meat, the fat content is shallow. Therefore, this meat is now available for many dishes: corned beef and pasta.

The Point

The Point is the meat that is outside the fee on the leg. It also has many different names:

  • Fat end
  • Second
  • Point
  • Triangular cut

This meat is rich and often available in grilled beef dishes. Its taste and sweetness will surely make you feel exciting and delicious. However, this dish is usually not for children and the elderly.

Where to Buy Brisket Online

A supermarket is always a place where you can buy everything: Old bagels, frozen chicken, or beef brisket. However, to purchase fresh beef brisket, you will not be able to buy it here. It would help if you went directly to the markets, the unit that provides fresh ground beef. Here are 2 famous areas that you can refer to.

Snake River Farms

Wagyu hybrid beef is meat raised in the temperate Pacific Northwest climate. Here, the beef brisket will have a very eye-catching natural marble color and a unique flavor you can recognize as soon as you enjoy them.

Also, Snake River Farms’ golden washers are their most premium meat. It possesses quite a large amount of fat, and you can process it into many different dishes. The flavor of spices and the natural sweetness of the meat pieces will surely help the eater have a great meal.

Porter Road

With Porter Road, there are 2 types of beef brisket available: 

  • Packer brisket 
  • Whole Brisket

On average, each steak will weigh between 133.5 and 144.5 pounds. This difference comes from the fact that the supplier is different. In terms of taste, both of these beef briskets is very tasty. They certainly won’t let you down. 

Although the steaks at Porter Road are frozen, their freezing times are low. Therefore, the pieces of meat still retain their freshness and sweetness. 

The Many Ways to Bring Out the Best in Brisket 

The Many Ways to Bring Out the Best in Brisket 

How to have the best beef brisket? Currently, talented chefs have created a lot of dishes made from the beef breast. It’s great for all of us. 

To create these dishes, we can apply many different grilling and inhibiting beef breasts. 

In it, there are 3 inhibition methods that you won’t be able to ignore:

Brisket in the Smoker

It will probably take about ½ to 1 hour per pound of beef brisket at 250 degrees F. To prepare the sauce. Smoke the dish continuously until the meat is cooked, and you can feel the aroma of the essence. At this point, cut the breast correctly to enjoy this dish’s excellent taste.

Brisket in the Oven Cooking

Beef breast using a grill is one of the most commonly applied methods today. The ingredients you need to prepare are carrots and onions. It would help if you chose a good quality grill to ensure the dish’s flavor.

To roast beef brisket, you need to estimate the exact time for the number of pounds you have. 

Specifically, with about 2 to 4 pounds, it will take you about 2 to 3 hours for the main baking job. The ideal heat level for you to do is 325 degrees F. 

Once the internal temperature has reached 135 degrees F, you need to heat the liquid inside to 170 degrees F within 15 minutes.

Brisket the Sous Vide Way

Brisket the Sous Vide Way

Brisket the Sous Vide Way is one of the great methods for you. You need to heat a water bath at 131 to 133 degrees F for 2 to 3 days. 

At that time, the collagen part will melt into gelatin. This process will help create a soft-baked dish, bringing the diners a feeling of enjoyment and deliciousness.

After the seasoning process, you will need to put the beef brisket in a thick plastic bag and vacuum them. Next, seal the package into a sous vide pot filled with water over low heat. 

This process will help to cook the meat, turning your beef brisket into a beautiful pink color. After the meat is soft and evenly pink, you can eat it right in the pot. 

Before eating, put it on the dry pan inside for a few minutes to dry the meat. It will appear a characteristic aroma that you can hardly resist. Also, prepare a favorite sauce that will make you a lot more delicious.

Pro Tip

Here are some pro tips on beef brisket that you won’t want to miss while preparing and storing this dish:

  • can refrigerate beef brisket for up to 5 days before cooking
  • Your meat can be frozen for up to 1 year.
  • The best way to defrost is to cool for 24 hours.
  • Let stand 20 minutes before serving
  • To serve the best hot beef brisket, you must keep it at about 140 degrees F.
  • Leave for no more than 2 hours at room temperature.
  • Cook for 2 to 3 hours at 160 degrees F. With smoked beef brisket, it can go up to 203 degrees F.
  • If you’re serving it cold, keep it at 40 degrees F
  • You can control it cold up to 4 days after cooking
  • You can freeze meat up to 3 months after cooking

How To Trim A Brisket?

  • Get The Right Knife
  • Carve Fat At The Point
  • Carve 1/4 Fat
  • Remove Meat At Opposite End Of Point
  • Remove Fat On Long Side
  • Flip Brisket Over
  • Check It Over

How To Choose The Best Brisket?

To choose the best beef brisket, you can rely on the following 5 criteria:

  • Meat Grade
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Type Of Beef
  • Fat


Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question: What part of the cow is brisket?

This piece of meat is said to be the best ingredient in the cow. It is an ingredient in many famous dishes made from beef. However, not every beef brisket will be delicious and wonderful. It would help if you chose the right beef breast so that your dish is most attractive to the people who enjoy it.