Who Invented Pizza? All Things You Need To Know

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Please pause for a while the next moment you bite into a pizza and think to yourself, “Who invented Pizza?” Romans, Greeks, or Italians?

There is a long history of pizza. Many people believe that pizza was first born in Naples, Italy for the working class. Are there any interesting things?

Not only Italians or Greeks, but many people also contributed to the invention and distribution of this famous cuisine. Let’s find out in detail the answer through the article below!

Who Is The Inventor Of Pizzas?

who invented pizza
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Pizza can appear in the city of Naples of Italy. In the 17th century, poor Neapolitans ate tortillas with varied toppings such as cheese, tomatoes, oil, garlic, and anchovies.

However, the creation of pizzas cannot be attributed to a single person or civilization. Many people were instrumental in the invention and distribution of this famous cuisine.

Around 7000 years ago, the Sardinians baked bread, the foundation of pizzas. Later on, the Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and others archeological and literary evidence of flatbreads cooked with oil, herbs, vegetables, and even cheese as toppings.

According to legend, Persian troops may have even cooked flatbreads on their covers. Although they did not consume the bread, Brits in Shakespeare’s day ate the food from large pieces of bread rather than porcelain plates.

In the 18th century, Italians took a chance with the pizza market, selling it to the United States at the end of the decade, where it expanded once again.

The original Margherita Pizza is supposed to have been invented by Raffaele Esposito in 1890. Although it is a hoax, this food was trendy in Naples, Italy.

In the 1940s, Ric Ricardo is said to have invented deep-dish pizzas in the United States, and in 1945, Ira Nevin created the first gas-fired pizzas oven.

In the late 1990s, Kraft invented the first self-raising pie, and Dominos, formerly Dominik’s, was one of the first pizza delivery companies.

When Were Pizzas Invented?

According to legend, the first pizza was developed as street food in ancient Greek and Roman periods. However, it was more like a pancake than the pizzas of today.

From outside the Colosseum in Rome, pizza ovens may be seen. Street food sellers fueled the hungry masses heading to games and athletic events, much as they do today.

Thousands of Europeans fled their country to pursue work in the late nineteenth century. These folks came to the United States mainly to work in factories.

They arrived in burgeoning cities like Boston, New York, and Chicago in the hopes of escaping starvation, job shortages, and soaring taxes in their homelands.

The masses, including Neapolitans, tried to recreate themselves in the breeding land of chances. They carried their culinary traditions, especially pizzas, with them.

It did not take too long for non-Italians to be seduced by these exotic flavors, and one of the first known pizza establishments, G. Lombardi’s, debuted in Manhattan in 1905. Lombardi’s.

Previously, Italian-Americans prepared the meal in their own homes and sold it without permission. Across the early twentieth century, the number of pizzerias rapidly increased, with establishments in New Haven and Brooklyn.

Pizza traveled west with American-Italians as they migrated away from the East.  Thanks to people in the United States who were willing to share, the dish eventually spread over the world after WWII.

Where Did Pizzas Originate?

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Many people believe that Italy is the place where pizzas were first developed. However, the response is false whether the Neapolitans or the Greeks invented this delectable pie.

Remember that just before Italy’s unification, Naples was a separate territory. As a result, the correct answer is Naples.

In several areas, today’s American pizza varies from the Italian version. Thinner crusts are cooked till light, golden light brown.

These pies contain less cheese and sauce, and basil is the featured ingredient, providing the right sweet-savory balance.

Difference Between American And Italian Pizzas

It is reasonable to say that today’s modern pizza is quite different from the Italian flatbreads from whence it evolved. But, like with everything that comes from multiple cultures, it is all about working together.

Pepperoni, America’s favorite topping, is not available in Italy. The crust of Italian pie is generally relatively thin, the sauces are more of a puree than a slow-cooked liquid, and the toppings are diverse.

The Bottom Line: Who invented Pizza?

American pizzas contain more toppings and a wider variety of options than Italian pizzas. Who invented pizza? When someone asks, brag a little about your newfound expertise. You could even start a heated dispute; however, we can all agree that this famous cuisine is a celebratory feast.