Who Makes Magic Chef Microwaves? – History of Magic Chef Microwaves

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Small and compact kitchen appliances are a smart addition to your kitchen. And when it’s smartness, Magic Chef appliances are top-notch.

Magic Chef is a well-known affordable household appliances manufacturer worldwide, especially among middle-class society and students. From the beginning of their journey, the Magic Chef has been owned by such different corporations that a common question arises by most people, who makes magic chef microwaves?

Since 2010, the MCA corporation has owned the brand Magic Chef and eventually started making magic chef microwaves. The brand has a great history of producing household appliances, in addition to microwaves, which are compact, high-quality, and cost-effective.

In this article, we have covered the manufacturer of the Magic Chef microwaves and everything about them. So, why wait; go through the article to know more.

Here is a list of the top 5 Magic Chef Microwaves that can make your kitchen sleek, smart, and stunning.

Magic Chef Microwaves ModelCapacityWhy You should But It
Magic Chef MCM1611ST Countertop Microwave1.6 Cu. Ft.Auto cook menus, built-in child safety lock, 6 preprogrammed 1-touch cooking, glass turntable.
Magic Chef MCM990ST Countertop Microwave0.9 Cu. Ft.Auto cook menus, auto defrost menus, kitchen timer, child safety lock, 8 preprogrammed cooking.
Magic Chef MCCM910ST Commercial Microwave0.9 Cu. Ft.10 programmable buttons, multistage cooking, ceramic cabinet floor
Magic Chef MCM1110B Countertop Microwave1.1 Cu. Ft.digital touch, led display, 10 power levels.
Magic Chef MCM1110ST Countertop Microwave1.1 cu-ft.Electronic controls with led display, digital touch interface, 10 power levels.

Who Makes Magic Chef Microwave?

Who Makes Magic Chef Microwave

To simply put, MCA Corporation manufactures Magic Chef microwave ovens. In addition, the company makes several appliances, including compact refrigerators, washers and dryers, compact microwaves, and beverage coolers.

The Magic Chef microwave ovens were invented in the late nineties and quickly became popular. With various models available and affordability, it is favored by most families, students, singles, or couples, especially those who still cook traditional meals.

These microwaves come with great features. However, multi-stage and sensor cooking are two of the many features that make Magic Chef microwaves purchase-worthy. They are durable, easy to use, less-power-consumer, and can cook diverse, delicious meals. In addition, they often include a rotating glass turntable that helps even heating and cooking.

Where Is Magic Chef Microwave made?

Where Is Magic Chef Microwave made

The Magic Chef microwaves are manufactured in China.  However, most components, manufacturing, and customer service centers are in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Including building materials like cabinets, doors, sinks, outdoor girls, and, of course, home appliances, the company produces a variety of goods.

These devices are optimized for optimal kitchen efficiency and performance. It is an incredible deal for any family, regardless of its size. So, magic chef microwaves can be used for any cuisine preparation.

The Manufacturer Of The Magic Chef Microwaves

The Manufacturer Of The Magic Chef Microwaves

For over four decades, MC Appliance Corporation has been manufacturing household appliances. MCA corporation started licensing microwaves in 1996. In 2010, MC Appliance introduced its first countertop microwave as the MCA corporation purchased the brand magic chef from whirlpool.

They provide a wide variety of goods that add style, convenience, and value to your cooking experience. They have also recently entered the customer appliance sector with their top quality Summit Appliances and Bold Makers appliances.

The Magic Chef brand is revitalized in marketing initiatives, product development, and consumer engagement. It is founded on the tenets of “everyday dependability,” “easy everything,” and “accessible customer service.” In simpler terms, the Magic Chef brand is dedicated to producing convenient and dependable products.

Is Magic Chef A Good Brand Microwave?

Is Magic Chef A Good Brand Microwave

It is human nature that we do not value affordable products. So you may wonder, is magic chef a good brand microwave? The answer is yes. Magic chef is a good brand of microwave, and they have a long, rich history in this business.

Magic chef is mainly celebrated for its consistent performance and excellent value. They have been providing comprehensive solutions for kitchens for decades.

You can save significant time and money with a magic chef microwave. Magic chef microwaves are reliable and fast for cooking any cuisine. It provides excellent service at an affordable price.

The microwave is easy to clean and has many helpful features like quiet operation, rotating turntables, and cooking charts. The rotating turntables make sure they are even cooking.

Some products of magic chef microwaves have 1000 watts of power which can shorten your cooking time.

Does Magic Chef Still Exist?

The business of these microwaves has been running for over three decades. This company was the 249th among the largest industries in the nation. They used to sell to Maytag. In 2006 the Whirlpool Corporation acquired the sector. And after only four years, in 2010, the brand, Magic Chef was purchased by MCA Corporation.

So, if you ask, does magic chef still exist? Then the answer is obviously yes. Since 2010, MCA Corporation has been the manufacturer of Magic Chef microwaves. And Magic Chef microwaves still live with their unyielding reputations.

How Many Types Of Microwaves are Available in Magic Chef Microwaves?

How Many Types Of Microwaves are Available in Magic Chef Microwaves

You can get three main types of microwaves available in magic chef. They are the Countertop, Built-in, and Over-the-range.

These three types of microwaves have their distinct features. But among them, the countertop microwaves are the most popular ones.

Talking PointCountertop MicrowavesOver-the-Range MicrowavesBuilt-in Microwaves
Where to placeYou can ascend it on a counter.You can set it into walls or cabinets.You have to install it in the cabinet or wall.
Capacity0.9 to 1.61.7 to 2.02 to 4
Where to getTo buy the product, Click HereTo buy the product, Click HereTo buy the product, Click Here.

Troubleshooting of Magic Chef Microwaves

Troubleshooting of Magic Chef Microwaves

In case you need some common troubleshoots of Magic Chef microwaves, this section will help you.

1. Microwave Not Heating

If you face a problem with the microwave not heating, check the setting, such as the timer, or is it happening for low power, etc.

Check your microwave with a glass of water by switching it on/off. If it is not heating up, there might be issues with the high-voltage diode, door frame switches, or the microwave’s magnetron. The microwave’s magnetron generates or provides heat for the microwave.

If there is a problem with a high-voltage diode, you should check it out by an expert if you are not a professional. If the magnetron is not working, maybe you should replace the magnetron.

2. Microwave Light Bulb Not Working

Check whether the bulb has burned out. Try to adjust the positioning of the bulb in the socket or just replace the bulb.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, maybe the socket is burned out. Replace the socket and see if this resolves the issue or not. If not, you should go to a professional.

3. Microwave Turntable Not Turning

If your microwave turntable is not turning, examine the microwave glass tray to see whether it has any splits or cracks or if the carousel has any stuck food. Clear the whole oven and start over again.

There are some things you can consider:

  • Do not use uneven or large-shaped dishes. They can affect the turntable system of your microwave.
  • This problem might happen because of some temporary mechanical malfunction. So, plug out the microwave from the power source and give it a rest. Then plug it again, which will reset the turntable system of your microwave.
  • Read the owner’s manual and see if everything is ok or not.

If these mentioned steps do not resolve the issue, it happens because of your broken turntable. Replacing them is the only solution.

4. Microwave Buttons Not Working

If your microwave’s controller is not working, first of all, make sure whether your microwave is plugged in or not. If it is plugged in, you should plug it out and check if it has any burning scar or exposed wires. If you find any unusual marks or exposed wires, replace the plug.

Purchasing Tips

If you want to buy a microwave, consider some essential points beforehand. These include-

  • Measuring your space to decide which one will fit your space correctly.
  • Make sure that your wall can take the weight.
  • In a smaller kitchen microwave with maximum wattage is a better choice. It will fit your space and spare enough space to cook properly.
  • Check the power capacity.
  • Budget.
  • Additional features.


  • What’s the rating on a Magic Chef?

According to the customer reviews, 57% of people rated magic chef 5-star. 13% of people rated it 4-star, and 14% rated magic chef 3-star.

Less than 2% of people rated magic chef 2-star and 1 star.

Electrical products depend on your luck, how long they will last, and whether there will be any problem. So if you don’t have a stroke of bad luck, it is sure that you are also going to rate it five stars after using the magic chef microwave.

  • How long should a microwave last?

An average microwave typically lasts for more than six to seven years. But with heavy use and low maintenance, it will last even less than six years.

For a big family, four to five years is average for a microwave to stay as they heavily use it and become more dependent on microwaves.

So how long it will last depends on your usage and maintenance system.

  • Is it cheaper to repair or replace a microwave?

If you use an expensive model with many unique features or a countertop microwave, you should fix it. Because going for a replacement for the same level of the model will be so expensive.

Microwaves with high-end models cost more than five hundred to one thousand dollars. So, it will be far cheaper to repair them than replace them.

But if you have a basic microwave model that only costs around $60, it isn’t worth repairing. Replace them with a better one.


Magic Chef microwave is a good brand, and it can provide you with many features at an affordable price. However, it has been owned by so many corporations that the question, “who makes Magic Chef Microwaves” comes frequently. Since 2010, the MCA corporation has run the brand, providing high-quality, easy-to-use microwaves.

If you are still in a dilemma about buying it or not, trust me, you can go for the Magic Chef microwave without any doubt.

Therefore, pick your preferred one and start cooking your favorite meal to enjoy with your family.

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