Who Makes Rachael Ray Cookware? – All You Need to Know

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Pots and pans: a kitchen is no kitchen without them. The clanging of pots and pans makes your kitchen lively, happening, and productive. And when it comes to quality pots and pans, Rachael Ray cookware is well-known worldwide.

Rachael Ray has varieties of designs available in the market. But the most common question about this cookware brand is, Who makes Rachael Ray cookware?

The Meyer Corporation makes the Rachael Ray cookware. The company was established in 1971: now, they own many quality cookware brands. The Rachel Rays are an entry point brand – hard-anodized aluminum and sturdy porcelain enamel made with nonstick interiors – sleek, stylish, and convenient.

This article has covered every detail of Rachael Ray cookware and their owner manufacturer company Meyer Company. So, go through the article for detailed information. 

Who Makes Rachael Ray Cookware

Who Makes Rachael Ray Cookware

Rachael Ray Cookware is manufactured by Meyer Company. Meyer Company is one of the famous Meyer Group Limited divisions, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong. This well-known father company does not only foster Rachael Ray but also for several other brands.

You can divide the products of Rachael Ray cookware into several sections or types, including-

  • Stainless steel,
  • Hard-Anodized,
  • Porcelain Enamel.

The products of Rachael Ray are the best seller of cookware. And why would it not be? Their product is affordable, having different price ranges depending on the convenience. They are appropriate for daily usage, more durable, uniquely designed, and efficient. 

Is Rachael Ray A Good Brand For Cookware?

Is Rachael Ray A Good Brand For Cookware

There is no doubt that Rachael Ray is a good brand for cookware. They are affordable, have varieties of designs, are extremely durable, and are smart-looking. Not only these, but they are also mighty when it comes to conducting the heat. 

As they have a nonstick coating that allows you to cook food even with a lower oil. And if you think about durability, performance, and convenience, Rachael Ray’s products are the best for you. So, obviously, you can state that Rachael Ray is a good brand for cookware.

Here are 5 products of the Rachel Ray brand that will prove to be the perfect cookware.

Top 5 products of Rachael RayWhy should you try them
Rachael Ray – 87630 Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans SetThis cookware is durable, fast to heat, dishwasher safe, and durable coating. 
Rachael Ray Brights Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set with Glass LidsThis cookware has superior and long-lasting technology. Oven-safe to 350 degrees.
Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set This cookware is durable, smart-looking, and easier to clean. Oven-safe to 350 degrees.
Rachael Ray Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Set / Fry Pan Set / Hard Anodized Skillet SetThis cookware offers fast and even heating. Oven and dishwasher-safe.
Rachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Pan SetThis cookware is perfect as a good baking set. Roasting pan with easy cleaning and durability.

Is Rachael Ray Made In The USA?

Is Rachael Ray Made In The USA

Yes, most kitchen appliances like pots, pans, and knives are manufactured in the USA. However, its hard-anodized cookware is made in China under the Meyer Company Ltd.

But, it does not matter much which country manufactures the products because the company has strict inspections in every production stage.  

Rachael products are also manufactured in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand. Their manufacturing process is well led; this is why they dare to provide a lifetime warranty related to the manufacturing errors.

About The Manufacturer

Actually, the Meyer Corporation existed even before 1971. It was firstly founded in 194. But at that time, the company was not established enough. So the second owner of the company Stanley K Cheng is considered the company’s founding member. 

For over the decades, the Meyer Company has been manufacturing kitchen appliances. It is the second-largest kitchenware manufacturing company in the USA and a well-known brand worldwide. So now it is more like a global kitchenware manufacturing company.

It supplies its product to more than 75 countries. In today’s world, Meyer Corporation is celebrated as one of the greatest kitchenware companies in the world. 

Types of Rachael Ray Cookware

Types of Rachael Ray Cookware

As we have already discussed before, there are several types of Rachael Ray Cookware. Now let’s get a piece of detailed information about them. So, let’s get started

  • Nonstick Hard-Anodized

If you’re thinking about buying new kitchenware, get nonstick hard-anodized kitchenware. Because they provide an advanced and nonstick coating that is diamond-infused, you can rest assured that it will not fade or warp.

They are also very durable as the diamond-infused coating lasts 10 times longer than the PFOA nonstick coating. 

  • Hard-Anodized Aluminum

This cookware is helpful for fast and even cooking because it offers fast heating and reduces uneven hot spots. That helps the food be cooked properly and burned at some spots. But the pans and pots are not suitable for induction. 

  • Cast-Iron

This material has been used for decades to make cookware. It helps to distribute the heat properly and evenly. These pots are good-looking, durable, and dishwasher and oven safe.

But while cooking on the cast iron material, make sure you are using enough oil. Otherwise, your food might stick to the pan as it is unsuitable for extremely high temperatures. 

  • Enamel On Steel

Do you like classic things? Then this is for you. Pan, which is made of this material, has a surface made of hard glass. And it has resistance against scratching and is also nonporous. So yes, it is so easy to clean the pan, and it is also smart enough to decorate your modern kitchen. Great, right?

What Is Better: T Fal or Rachael Ray’s Cookware?

T Fal is another quality cookware manufacturing brand that you can buy at an affordable price.  But there is no way it can beat Rachael Ray’s cookware. 

The material quality of Rachael Ray is better than T Fal. Also, the manufacturing process matters. Though in some cases, the popularity score of T Fal is greater than Rachael Ray’s. But, overall, it is the Rachael Ray which is better.

As an example, let’s talk about the T Fal interior. The pots and pans have surfaces with PFOA coating, while Rachael’s hard-anodized kitchenwares have Diamond-reinforced coating. It lasts longer, and you can clean it easily. Also, it is scratch-resistance. 

Tips To Clean Rachael Ray Cookware

Having Rachel Ray products in your kitchen is excellent. However, if you don’t care and clean them correctly, they can cross you. Therefore, let’s see how you can clean your Rachael Ray cookware effectively.

  • While washing your cookware, use a mild dishwasher and water. 
  • Do not use a dishwasher with harsh chemicals.
  • Before starting the cleaning, make sure your cookware is cool.
  • Do not use a metal scrubber; it can cause scratches on the surface.
  • Use a soft sponge and hot water to remove the remaining food on the surface.
  • Our recommended way is to use hands to wash nonstick cookware, not a harsh scrubber.

Common Problems of Cookwares With Solutions

Common Problems of Cookwares With Solutions

If you face some problems with your cookware, before running to the shop, try to solve it if you can. And we are here to help. Let’s see the common problem that you can face,

  • Discolored Stainless Cookware

If you see any discoloration in your cookware, it can be the surplus of the manufacturing process. Wash it with soap and warm water. After drying the cookware, you can rub some oil and see if it is gone or not. 

And to protect your cookware from discoloration, try to cook on low to medium heat. Hash chemical of the dishwasher can also cause discoloration. So avoid them.

  • Odd Odor

Sometimes, you may smell an odd odor from your cookware after storing it for a long time. If this happens, rub some oil and bake it at 430-350 degrees for one hour.

After removing it, let it cool and then clean it with soap water. 

  • Sticking Food

If you notice that food is sticking in your nonstick cookware, it is not a manufacturing problem. Only unusual cooking methods can cause this. So to prevent the problem, use stainless steel-made pans or pots. High temperature is bad for your cookware’s health. So keep that in your mind.

Do not use metal-made spoons for cooking food in your stainless steel cookware. If your pan has been scratched, it is normal that food will stick to the pan.


  • How Safe Is Rachael Ray’s Cookware?

Using Rachael Ray’s Cookware is 100% safe. They are not toxic and also oven safe. They can undergo high temperatures and still provide you with safe and healthy food. So, no worries. You can buy a set of Rachael Ray’s cookware without any doubt.

  • What is Rachael Ray’s warranty on cookware?

Depending on the collections, Rachael Ray provides different warranties. 

Such as, in the case of the stainless steel cookware, it offers a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, there is a limited warranty for hand-anodized and aluminum cookware. If the cookware fails to meet your expectations, there is also an offer to replace it.

  • Why should I buy Rachael Ray cookware?

There are several reasons to buy Rachael Ray cookware, such as

  1. If you want smart-looking, lightweight cookware for your kitchen.
  2. If you want quality cookware at an affordable price range.
  3. If you want cookware that will help you to cook faster.
  4. If you want cookware that will allow perfectly even cooking. 

Final Words

If you are still considering “Who makes Rachael Ray Cookware?” it’s The Meyer Corporation. The Meyer Corporation fosters several cookware brands, providing quality cooking pots and pans. The Rachel Rays products are convenient, durable, safe, less scratchy, and stylish.

Therefore, why don’t you add these dynamic pots and pans to your kitchen?

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